Friday 30 July 2021

Its that time of year when players are on holiday, and it is time to ensure all the paperwork is done for registration.

Your coaches will be asking all the parents to confirm there details and going through all the necessary paperwork to ensure your child is signed up for the next season. those moving up to Competitive football next season please ensure that you have change your standing orders at the bank as you have moved ion the next payment level.

If you require more information speak to your teams coach or Dave Homewood.

Good luck to all teams playing in friendlies this weekend!!!

For those that like to play on line fantasy sports, there has been a Sky Sports Super6 league set up.

League name is : Bromley Green

The league code is: LAJWS5

Also there has been set up a league on the Premier Leagues fantasy website. Please click on the link belowto goto their website:

League Name is: Bromley Green

The League code is: 7asqe7

Please join in and have a little bit of fun!!!

In the next week there will be a separate page with all these details on!!

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