Thursday 5 August 2021

Match Report

below is a match reports from Timmy in relation to the friendly the Sunday Seniors had on Wednesday evening:

Sunday seniors 5 Canterbury Red Star 1

We played a very good Canterbury side and after 20 mins we was 1 nil down but we dug and produced an absolute quality performance and went on to win 5-1 well done lads play like that every week and we won’t have much trouble in the league




There is some kit available to be picked up from the club house, please see list below:

5-6 T Shirt

083 Theo Denny

668 Charlie Geering

676 Aaoron Mongondo

7-8 T-Shirt

626 Barney Milton

632 Buddy Barham

633 Damien Saunders

645 Oliver Mika

644 Oliver Javorska

430 Archie Mansfield

12-13 T-Shirt

591 Tilly Fisher

602 Noah Mitchell

409 Ruby Lambourne

14-15 Blue T-Shirt

046 Yasis Limbu

128 George Mortimer

619 Oskar Lee

674 Ethan Mongondo

XL Youth T-Shirt

588 Billy Jo Daniels

617 Alfie Gramson

Small Adult T-Shirt

136 Kieran Black

Large Adult T-Shirt

149 Orlando Cako

XXL Jacket

666 Damien Truelove


464 Catalind Oldfield

662 Nathan Hill

668 Charlie Geering

669 James Lester

409 Ruby Lambourne

672 Bobby Jack Daniels

235 Jamie Little John


669 James Lester

139 Matthew Lewis

149 Orlando Caka

296 Micky Mabb

662 Nathan Hill

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