Tuesday 14 September 2021

Birthday wishes to Reece Chapman.

Their are still items of kit waiting to be collected in the Clubhouse. List is below:

Items ready for collection from clubhouse. (13/9/21)

678 Evie Partridge. Rucksack and Green Jacket

679 Charlie Partridge. Rucksack

940 Michael Drylan. Rucksack

636 Harrison Wynter. Bag and Green Jacket

563 Oscar Wait. Bag

046 Aayan Pandey. Bag

062 Raphael Kwarteng. Bag

065 George Sharp. Bag

067 Sean Wood. Bag

084 Leo May. Bag

089 Brooklyn Hadley. Bag

500 Tommy Newberry. Bag, T-Shirt and Polo, Green Jacket  (Age 6)

070 Ethan Simmons. Bag

668 Charlie Geering.T shirt and Rucksack

676 Aaoron Mongondo. T Shirt

645 Oliver Mika. T Shirt

644 Oliver Javorska. T Shirt

602 Noah Mitchell. T Shirt

128 George Mortimer. T Shirt

619 Oskar Lee.T Shirt

674 Ethan Mongondo. T shirt

104 Luke Cooper. Blue Polo (Senior)

474 Ben Hatcher. Blue T-Shirt and Green Jacket(Juniors)

476 Freddie Churchman Green Jacket (Peter)

651 Tyler Parson. Holdall

333 Kai Jones. Green Jacket and Holdall  (under 18’s)

296 Micky Mabb. Holdall

364 George Barton. Green Jacket

913 Aiden Harding Green Jacket

045 Joe Clark. Bag

083 Theo Denney. Rucksack

674 Ethan Mongondo. Rucksack

676 Aaron Mongondo. Rucksack

677 Daniel McKay. Rucksack

1529 Elliot Dixon. Rucksack

663 Krish Bhandari. Med Rucksack

664 Eshan Sapkota. Holdall

Also the FA have issued an open letter to the Football Community about Referees:

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