Friday 1 October 2021

Firstly, my thanks to Steve Sutton for all his website help – as seems the case in modern times, time is of the essence. DH

Amongst the birthday wishes for today are my dear friend Peter Stanley and the slightly younger Jon Beeching!

Matches off (so far) due to fuel problems are Sunday firsts v old friends Fox Sunday and Grants U15 Skoda Caffyns away game on Saturday at Herne Bay in the Faversham League..

Saturday is Reunion Day for the Old Boys … please feel free to come and share a memory or ten! I simply don’t have contact details for the vast majority of you these days. Any time from 1pm – all welcome and please spread the word.

U14 EKYL squad to meet 12.30pm at the club on Sunday for the trip to face Cheriton United: Harvey, James, Connor, Josh, Charlie Bryant, Rieyaan, Harrison, Preston (cpt), Jamie, Tony, Ben, Charlie Barber, Danny-Lee, Derren, MJ. Any parent with fuel issues, please let me know by Saturday day time.

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