Monday, Monday …


One of our valued new sponsors – Triple S Lift Services Ltd

Leah-Ann has two kits to be collected please if anyone has time [and petrol!] They are Michelle Webb Childminding and the Triple S kits. The kits are to be brought to the clubhouse and not opened – they will be distributed when all existing team/club kits are returned to Dave Homewood by parents. If you are able to collect, please email and copy in Alternatively, please call Leah-Ann on 07828 918404 to arrange pick-up. Note she is driving a lot on Tuesday, so be patient please!

Happy birthday on Monday to Lee and Lillie


Butlins, Bognor

Message from Sarah …need consent forms in now please

or ring Wayne on 07488247078

Thank you Sarah

Another great win by U16s Skoda Caffyns 5-0 against Staplehurst Monaches with goals from Brentley, Tom, Ollie, Jacob and Alex. Superb performance considering the weather. Player of the match went to Brentley who was chosen by the Staplehurst manager.

Brentley PoM against Staplehurst and Buck
Action from Staplehurst

Brentley on the attack

PoM last week … Zak Locke

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