Friday 29 October 2021

Update Friday evening: Grant and Martyn will be making early morning ground inspections and outcomes will firstly be published on this website and our Facebook site

Winter training venues are published below

Clubhouse is not open to the public today … but I am open from 9am for garment bag collections

Opens Saturday 8am with Halloween Party in the evening

The weather forecast is not too good so please keep an eye on the home page for updates

Reminder that team sheets should be up on the noticeboard by Thursday evening


Any issues, please contact Shane Cowley 07980786421

U5 Academy (Wayne) Tuesday Repton 4.30pm

U6 Academy (Dave) Tuesday Repton 4.30

U7/U8 Development (Alan/Jamie) Thursday Repton 4.30pm

U8 MILCOL (Joe) Wednesday Repton 4.30pm

U9 Hurricanes (Peter) Wednesday Waterside MUGA 6pm

U9 RKH (Matt M) to be confirmed

U9 DVS (Dean) Tuesday Repton 6pm

U10 EKYL (Tony/Marc) to be confirmed

U10 Colts (Ricky/Marc) Tuesday North indoors 6pm*

U10 Tigers (Wayne) Thursday Kingswood 6pm

U11 McDonalds (Damion/Daniel) Repton Wednesday 6pm

U11 Hurricanes (David) Tuesday North 7pm*

U12 JJ Gym (Martyn) WednesdayNorth 7pm*

U12 DVS (Dean) Tuesday Repton 7pm

U12 Girls Emeralds (Simon) Thursday North 6pm*

U13 Junior Valiants (Elaine) Thursday Waterside MUGA 5.30pm

U13 GWS (Chris) Wednesday Repton 7pm

U14 Girls Sapphires (Ray) Waterside on grass Saturday 2pm

U14 EKYL (Ryan/Jamie) Thursday Repton 6pm

U14 Utilitas (Timmy) Wednesday North 6pm*

U15 Skoda Caffyns Wednesday North 6pm

U16 Skoda Caffyns Wednesday North 6pm

U18 TMS (Neil/Patrick) Wednesday Kingswood 7pm

Seniors (Ian, Alex, Brian, Will) Wednesday Pitchside 6.45pm

Seniors (Richie) Wednesday Pitchside 6.45pm

Senior Ladies (Alex B) Thursday Waterside MUGA 6.30pm

* denotes North indoors which is not available for the first two weeks

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