Tuesday 4 January 2022

Birthday greetings today to Lisa Smith and ‘Old Boy’ Scott McRobert

As far as I know, external training resumes tonight. Please check with Shane if you have any doubts. Please refer to the 2022 Events & Fixtures page.

Message from Alex: Executive Committee meeting today at 6.30pm

Tuesday 4.30pm Academies

Age 5 – 6 years (at 1 Sept 2021)

We are at Repton on the outside court tonight (and then we move to Waterside on Saturday @1pm)

Repton Connect Community Centre, Repton Avenue TN23 3RX

Coaches Wayne and Andrew

Bring suitable footwear – and friends!

Any problems, please email dhomewood@yahoo.com


Extra training on Wednesday: Under 18s you have an extra session on Wednesday evening at 7pm after Peter at Waterside. Please bring footwear suitable for the MUGA.

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