Wednesday 19 January 2022

Happy birthday today to Oscar Barnas and Sid Beal

Also, respectful memories today as it would have been the birthday of the legendary Ken Holloway. Ken finished his successful career at the Green in his fifties and is the oldest player ever to play in a cup final for the club (at Essella Park). Hothfield, Energen (RHM) were amongst his previous clubs and I have this enduring memory of him carrying in a barrel of McEwans! Long gone, Old School, but never forgotten.

Clubhouse will be open today from 4pm with DH for meeting with Will. Penny and Damion will lock up after Peter’s training [Damion training 5-6 and Peter training 6-7]. Free snacks for both squads when they finish their sessions – parents do come in and chat while the children are training. I also have McDonalds vouchers for your PoMs.

Training as normal this evening at Waterside and external venues – if in doubt, please refer to the 2022 Events & Fixtures page

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