Wednesday 2 February 2022 with RKH

Clubhouse open 7am – 10.15am and 4pm – 7pm

Happy birthday today to Guy Farmer, Caz Prior, Thomas Mason and Michelle Thornby

Members with club items ready for collection

65George Sharp  
70 Ethan Simmons 661 Ollie Russell 
84 Leon May 664 Eshan Sapkota 
89 Brooklyn Hadley 667 Charlie Newbery 
104 Luke Couper 671 Kieran Hawkins 
124 Harvey Bean 674 Ethan Mongondo 
219 Ethan Rogers 676 Aaron Mongondo 
296 Mickey Mabb 678 Evie Partridge 
333 Kai Jones 679 Charlie Partridge
476 Freddie Churchman 703 Erika Demcenko 
485 Noah Moxham 704 Rokas Demcenko 
495 Austin Woodward 707 Michael Herbert 
500 Tommy Newbery 708 Liam Wratten 
517 Axel Kabu/Kabaski 709 Harry Churchley
528 Ravi Raj 907 Austin Lawrence 
562 OllieDenny 913 Aiden Harding 
563 Oscar Wait   
566 Louis Adengunle 923 Pablo Mira 
581 Dominic Dinsey 927 Ryan Lester 
617 Alfie Gramson 933 Charlie Barber 
618 Tyler Chinnery 937 Luke Harcourt 
619 Oscar Lee 940 Michae Dryland 
632 Buddy Barham 1272 Joshua Jeffrey
647 Junior Gray-Horwood  
653 George Hart  
Standing orders must be up to date prior to collection
Sponsors of an excited U9 group

RKH ready to go on Saturday … have fun everyone!

A game against our neighbours and friends from Park Farm Rangers for the new RKH Under 9s this Saturday. Please meet in the clubhouse 10am as a few club policies require clarification and some parents may have forms to sign. Have fun!

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