Tuesday 1 March 2022 with McDonalds

People are contacting me about indoor training at the North this week and next. I hear through the grapevine that the hall is being used for exams. Sorry for any confusion but we can only publish information that we are given. Next season, I suggest we find a different indoor hall. I am not in charge of booking venues btw. DH

Birthday greetings today to Michelle Christian

Sponsors of three youth teams next season

Thank you to those who attended the Football Strategy Planning meeting last night – lots of sharing of ideas and opinions expressed

Under 11 McDonalds: visit to McDonalds High Street this evening. Arrive just before 6pm please.

I have had no official notice but at last night’s meeting the feeling was that the North School hall is not available for training for two weeks. Clarification from Shane – apologies for any confusion.

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