[updated] Into the weekend …

Ground inspection 8am: all home games are ON

Harvey Prior … happy birthday on Saturday to a perfect example of a loyal youngster! Have a great day mate. Greetings also to Hayley Phelan. Caroline Grace and Terri McCrory.

For what is on and off, please refer to the 2022 Events & Fixtures page

6pm Friday … the 11-a-side pitches … further inspection 8am Saturday

Please collect from the clubhouse

089 Brooklyn Hadlow [bag]

485 Noah Moxham [bag]

528 Ravi Rai [rucksack]

561 Albi Fox [t-shirt]

562 Oliver Denney [rucksack]

563 Oscar Wait [rucksack]

1546 Harvey Beaney [rucksack]

664 Eshan Sapkota [bag]

674 Ethan

Mangondo [rucksack and t-shirt]

676 Aaron Mangondo [rucksack]

747 Kenzie Tippett [jacket and t-shirt]

923 Pablo Mira [bag and jacket]

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