Friday 17 June 2022

Clubhouse open 6am – 10am if anyone. needs to discuss matters – DH

067 Sean Wood: your club bag is in the store room – please collect next time you are at the club

Birthday greetings today to Harley White, Renny Perkins, Ryan Holloway and Jeff Barling

Executive Committee roles for the coming season [agreed after the AGM]

Chairman Alex Hebbes

Vice Chairman/Treasurer Shane Cowley

General Secretary/Minutes Secretary Lisa Copham

Registration Secretary/Welfare Officer Maria Black

Promoter/Youth Officer/Website and Social Media Editor/Youth Forum/Recruitment Officer Dave Homewood

Disciplinary Officer Ian Mace

Fixtures and Referees Secretary Wayne Humphrys

Kit Officer Leah-Ann Mooney

Bar Supervisor Stephanie Hone

Grounds and Pitch Supervisor Damion Truelove

Buildings Maintenance Supervisor Timmy Russell/Buck Matthews

Youth League Meetings Rep ADYL Timmy Russell; EKYL Tony Nelson

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