6 new clubs seeking election

2 clubs to be re-elected

PREMIER DIVISION (9) Albion; Aldington; Ashford Genclik; Egerton; Market Hotel; Mersham Sports; Shadoxhurst; Tenterden; Troggs   DIVISION ONE (11) Ashford United Thirds; Bromley Green; Burton Grove; Charing Sunday; Cheriton; Folkestone United; Hythe Athletic; Lydd Town Sunday; Park Farm Rangers;Red Heathens; Stanhope & Beaver Rangers  
DIVISION TWO (12) Appledore; Ashford Spartans; Balance Bar; Biddenden; Brewmaster High Halden; Folkestone Pirates; Fox Sunday; Lolzors; Park Inn; Pilgrims Sunday; Saltwood; Stanhope & Beaver Rangers Reserves  DIVISION THREE (12) Ashford Dynamo; Ashford Wanderers; Bromley Green Reserves; Charing Sunday Reserves; Egerton Reserves; Folkestone United Reserves; Hythe Green; Mersham Sports Reserves; Park Farm Folkestone; Radnor Park Rovers; Shadoxhurst Reserves; Singleton Barn
  • Bottom team from each of the Premier Division, Division One and Division Two relegated.
  • Bottom two teams in Division Three seeking re-election.
  • Top-three teams in Division One promoted to the Premier Division. 
  • Champions of Division Two (Tenterden) placed into Premier Division due to league restructure. Further three teams promoted to Division One.
  • Champions of Division Three (Lydd Town) placed into Division One due to league restructure. Further three teams promoted to Division Two.
  • Six new teams seeking election split evenly across Division Two and Division Three.

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