80th anniversary

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80th Anniversary dinner and awards list

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Bromley Green FC 80th Anniversary Presentation Dinner

Friday 25 June 2010


Framed memento from the KCL photo by Paul Carter

Seating Plan

Table number Guests No.
Table 1 Dave Homewood, Chris Dorsett, Jane Dorsett, Stan Donald, Cyril Windiate, Wendy Windiate, Geoff Stanborough, Jane Stanborough, Pat Speakman, Alan Speakman, Terry Perk, Paul Carter 12
Table 2 Ian Mace, Ingrid, Trent Thomas, Jacqui, Phil Wedge, Allison,  Una Knott, Deborah Knott, Simon Knott, Simon’s guest 10
Table 3 Lee Bloxham, Tej Tulachan, Joe Milton, James Barham, Louise, Ryan Norman, Kenny Hallett, Ryan Fitzgerald, Joe Mifsud, Jenny 10
Table 4 Des Bacon, Ryan Holloway, Chris Watson, Alvin Gigg, Peter Ewbank, Sharon, Richard Fitzgerald, Alan Miller, Chris Houps, Nicky Bacon 10
Table 5 Mickey Doyle, Ian Douglas, Nicola, Dave Smith, Maxine, Sara, Paul Plumridge, Tina, Sandra, Ian Holloway 10
Table 6 Matt Wedge, Anne, Paul Trice, Mrs Trice, Mark Waters, Karen, Gary Holloway, Nicola, Helen, Matt Stanley 10
Table 7 Lee Gilham, Helen, Steve Mailey, Ivor Groves, Vanessa, Mark Smith, Karen Greenfield, Robbie Greenfield, Becky, Chloe 10
Table 8 Pat Law, Charlie, Jason Thomas, Tony Gawler, Mrs Gawler, Derek Prior, Mrs Prior, Trevor Strand, Kevan Strand, Alison Strand 10
Table 9 Lee Williams, Fiona, Daryll Lindridge, Vicky, Jill Hinton, Shawn Dadd, Mark Bennett, Steve Wilson, Julie 9
Table 10 Paul Allan, Katie Lee, Tom Head, Sophie, Martyn Dalby, Jamie Hurst, Gary Skillett, Lynn, Sean, Cass 10
Table 11 Craig Smith, Christina, Tom Poyner, Sophie, Charlie Clark, Kerrie, Danny Valler, Mark Day, Jamie Allen, Dave Andrews 10
Table 12 Ricky Milton, Lee Milton, Kelly, Angie, Glenn Mackett, Kirstie, Glenn Snr, Josie, Grandad, Grandma 10
Table 14 Matt Hadlum, Shaun Curry, Kerry, Bill Sheppard, Tommy Lockett, Lauren, Alan Webster, Ashley, Tracey, Lloyd Bradbery 10
Table 15 Liam Smith, Adel, Ryan Smith, Becky, Stephanie, Adam Mercer, Jack Stafford, Mabs, Reg Underdown, Sid Beal 10
No Table 13!    

4xCurry: Joe Milton, Shawn Dadd, Matt Wedge, Ryan Smith

3xBurger: Ricky Milton, Kenny Hallett, Robbie Greenfield

2xChicken: Sandra, Allison

2xVegetarian: Angie, Adel

Please scroll down to make sense of my eclectic snippets!

Ward  councillor David Smith officially kicked off our 2010 anniversary year at the Green-v-Rep game on 19 May 2010.

Veterans Game with Kennington Sunday 11 April 2010 (coordinator Trevor Strand)

Game with Kent County League rep side Wednesday 19 May 2010 (coordinatory Dave Smith)

Awards Night/Dinner at Ashford International Hotel Friday 25 June 2010 (coordinator Dave Homewood) this is a sell-out and strictly by invitation only

There are more special events lined up and full details will be published here shortly…

One thought on “80th anniversary

  1. any vet of over 40 who has played for the green you are more than welcome to come and pull the famous shirt back on be it for 5mins or the 90 its a charity game roll on roll off , weather permiting a BBQ after ko is at 1.00 meet at the ground 12.00 not heared that in a long time , its against a webbo select 11 look forward to seeing as many as possible


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