Green Story so far

An evolving editorial and pictorial history of the club since its formation in 1930

Acknowledgements: Paul E Carter, Derek West

[All contributions from the press and former players and supporters are welcome]

Please be patient with the development of this section as everybody at Bromley Green FC works for the love of the game  and sometimes we run out of hours in the day!

Introduction by The Honorary Patron of Bromley Green FC

(First written in 2010)

D Homewood 2007It was my intention some time ago to put together a mixture of facts, anecdotes and pictures with a view to publishing a book celebrating the life and fluctuating fortunes of our club; which has for decades proudly carried the mantle of the leading amateur football organisation in the borough. This does not of course mean that we always top every league – but rather that tradition, a fascinating history, our ethos and ‘social conscience’ sets us apart from the rest. Whilst I have not had the time to prepare such a tome for print, the milestone of 80 years since formation should not be allowed to pass without some attempt to recall and rejoice at the many achievements and diverse characters that have shaped our club during those eight decades. The ‘story’ will be updated and added to regularly.  Bromley Green Football Club is a family club built on loyalty and stability, epitomised by the fact that it has only ever had two Patrons. It has been my honour to be at the head of this club for many years now following the death of my predecessor Bill Mickelborough. Many local household names (Stafford, Mummery, Kelly, Holloway, Stanley, Brenchley, Donald, and more recently Mackett, Cook, Kingwell, Perk, McQuillan, Milton to name but a few and I apologise for those omitted) are synonymous with Bromley Green. But it is a man who suffered with a bad heart, who insisted on travelling to all our games and, even as an elderly man, on joining us abroad on tours, that I begin with. A man who liked a fag, who taught me that the grass is not greener elsewhere and that what we have is worth fighting to preserve.  At the beginning of the 1970s this club was on its knees and one man saved it. By 1985 we had became the only club in the area ever to win the senior section of the Kent Cup … a record that stands to this day. If football really wants to apply the word ‘respect’, then let’s recognise those that have earned the accolade. Bill Mickelborough is one of those. He is the reason we have a club to this day and he symbolises the underlying sense of duty to our heritage that explains why I will never leave Bromley Green. Current trends suggest few agree with me but I believe that whilst people will come and go, a club is for life. It is only fitting therefore that this story begins with Bill who, over prodigious amounts of tea brewed by his wife Kath, instilled within me a love of a club that for many of us has been an important factor throughout our lives. I hope you enjoy the journey and any former players, officers or supporters who have pictures, stories or facts to share – please get in touch with myself or Derek West. Thank you. Dave Homewood.

Bill Mickelborough

(First written in 2010)

Bill Mickelborough

Four decades ago Bromley Green had served notice to quit the Ashford & District Saturday Football League through lack of proper changing facilities and, more pertinently, a dearth of players. But Bill would not give in and, with the encouragement of the then League Secretary, Arthur Buzzell, set about keeping the club alive. Bill worked at the REME and I am sure they realised they were major ‘sponsors’ of much of the material that led to us erecting our own clubhouse. In those days Bob Mummery, John Kelly, Roger Sim, Tommy Stafford and Don Fraser were prominent in the groundwork, with Tony Marshall playing and managing [he used to drive all over Kent to get players – true!] Tony also had this ‘arrangement’ with Ashford Town that whoever they left out he would pick them up at Essella Park and they would come and play for the Green to keep sharp. We had a variety of decent lads – but goodness knows where they were from or what their names were! I can’t remember all the names of our local players but in addition to the aforementioned there was Jimmy Luck, Johnny Earl, Dave Lockyer, Paul King, Vic Stanley, Mick Wilson, Bernie Brazil; and Jack Stafford filled in occasionally by this time – I think Bill Knell had joined Ashford Town by now to go on their committee … I’ll add to this list as they come to mind. But we survived and in a couple of years we had a very committed manager, Peter Maynard, who organised things and that really was the start of the surge to continuous success. Joining us later were Chris Dorsett (then Chris Bull), Andy Cloke, Peter Millen, Kerry King, Mick Leonard, Dicky Holtum; plus Gary Holloway and Mark Stanley were coming onto the scene. Una and Peter Knott were about to become part of the Green ‘family’. Richard Beaugie, of Manor Farm where we also played (along with Sugar Loaf and a field in the middle of nowhere between Kingsnorth and Bromley Green Road, owned I think by Mr Greenstreet…his son played from what I can recall … (Ed: see Peter Stanley’s added comment below), and local businessman Peter Stutchbury were senior officers of the club at the time and supported us off the field through some lean times. Roger’s wife Gay used to collect the 100 Club money on the milk round [they owned the Three Greens Dairy along the main road] and virtually all of the local community made their small contribution. Anyway, Bill masterminded the saving of Bromley Green FC with his beg, steal and borrow policies (well, we had little money!) and he rarely missed a game until ill-health slowed him down a little. All trophies (including the in-vogue wooden fruit bowls) were hand-crafted out of wood with a little help from a lathe – rustic, yes, and their material cost was zilch –  but they were made and donated with passion and their inherent value was immeasurable.  Like so many memories from our experiences in football, indeed life, it is these simple, symbolic contributions that, when we reflect back, still mean so much. I can still see Bill now shovelling sand into the penalty areas out of a wheelbarrow at Carters Field to ensure games went ahead [the pitch surrounded by ploughed furrows by the way … later to become notorious as a sheep grazing field!] Bill was a character: sometimes laconic and critical of lazy buggers, he liked to roll his own fags, despite having more than one heart attack; drove an old Morris with those orangy-coloured indicators that jerk out of the side of the vehicle and always believed in doing a job properly first time round. Bill instilled in all of us a sense of loyalty and it is no exaggeration to claim that his influence permeates the club ethos to this day. In his latter years, he came on trips abroad and joined in the fun; he loved the twinning arrangement with Alfons Giere and SV Munster and he lived long enough to just see the good times taking shape. Bill Mickelborough passed away suddenly early in November 1984 and all Green teams obeyed a minutes silence in his honour. He left a wife Kath and son Stephen and it is hoped they will be able to attend the 80th Anniversary Dinner to present the Clubman of the Year Award named after Bill. I am sure many of you reading this have memories of Bill – please do get in touch.

Formed in 1930, the Green still hold the distinction of being the only club in the area to win the coveted senior section of the Kent Junior Cup (in 1985). Another proud achievement is that the club were the last ever winners of the old Kent Amateur League before reorganisation when they became a founder member of the Kent County League. At the end of the 2011-2012 season we were crowned as Premier Division champions of the Kent County League. In addition, the club has also twice reached the final of the Kent Sunday Premier Cup, the only major honour that has so far proved elusive; while on the youth front, the club has represented England on a number of occasions at home and abroad and actually won the Under 14 International Youth Tournament in what was then West Germany.

The club has known both good and bad times; during the war years having links with Leyton Orient and Arsenal, while being on the brink of extinction in 1970. In fact, notice to withdraw our only team had been submitted to the local Ashford Saturday League with a lack of players, half a kit and no money! However, ‘out of the ashes’ as they say, and the rest is history as a thriving youth policy laid the foundations not solely for unprecedented success at the club’s spiritual home, Carters Field, but also the confidence to overcome many obstacles, including planning/finance, to stabilise and attempt to recapture former glories at our present Waterside venue.

As partners in the Waterside Project with Sure Start, the Salvation Army and the SWAN Community Hall group, the club’s Executive had no choice but to change direction and adopt a more community approach. The stark fact is that development of Waterside to meet our long-held aspirations of Kent League football will not happen for many reasons. Ground sharing is not really the answer although we had discussions with Folkestone Invicta and indeed enjoyed a season at Homelands. However, we have not given up on a new ground to complement our work in South Willesborough and Newtown; plus we have widened participation, now fielding ten youth teams, in addition to senior football, and four teams in the Kent Disability Football League (Bromley Green Valiants). The club will bounce back in senior football, preferring to build from within. Until recently, we had a thriving Girls squad and went on to win the Kent Cup, reaching the final two years in succession … but sadly they drifted apart. Hopefully, we will be able to start up another Girls side in the near future … as with most clubs these days, it is finding someone suitable to run them. [Ed: updated December 2015]


As the club enters its 80th year Irene Stafford, assistant secretary of Bromley Green FC in the 1950s, sends her memories and best wishes from Sydney, Australia   

The mothers had to wash the gear … this was a working class area … I would like to congratulate the club for going from strength to strength and hope it will continue   

Irene writes:   

To Bromley Green Soccer Club, past memories   

Listed is a tribute to the enthusiasm of the inhabitants of Bromley Green in 1952 when it was decided to reform the football club, which had lapsed during the war.   

Ted Mills asked Mr Mann (of the brewery fame) who owned Manor Farm if we could use a field of his. He agreed and rented the field to us for 1 Pound per year. The original dressing shed was located and moved to the ground opposite the Post Office along the Ashford Road.   

We had a ground and shed but little else. Bob Stafford volunteered to visit a dozen or so fans each Sunday during the summer to collect half a shilling from each one for the equipment needed. He had little time to himself as he worked in London during the week arriving home on Saturday mornings. Everyone whom he collected from wanted to chat so it took most of Sunday.   

The committee was W Doidge (chairman), Bert Hebott (treasurer), Ted Mills, Mr Young, Ern Cryer, Bob Stafford (secretary and captain), Irene Stafford (assistant secretary). I apologise if I have left anyone out, it was a long time ago.   

Fees for 5 shillings to belong to the club (yearly) and 1 shilling to play.   

Since Manor Farm was a working farm the cows wandered over the ground during the week, you can image the state of the players after the game. At one time to save money I made the corner flags, only to see the cattle happily chewing them during a match.   

The only refreshments the teams had was a cup of tea I made in a room of the Post Office after the game.   

It was hard work with hardly any transport and not many telephones either. Bob’s money that he collected over a period of four months paid off and obviously helped place the club in a firm footing.   

And lastly to mention that the mothers had to wash their gear without the help of washing machines. This was a working class area, and bicycles being the main transport.   

I would like to congratulate the club for going from strength to strength and hope it will continue.   

Inset Jack Stafford. Left to right: Tom Stafford, George Stafford, Bob Stafford, Bill Stafford


The Carters Field 5-a-side Trophy was for many years a major fixture in the summer months for teams from all over the place to come and enjoy and compete. Mostly the sides were from around Kent, but one year we had our twin club SV Munster over from what was then West Germany. The competition originally started out as a midweek bit of fun involving the Green and local sides in the evenings as it was more productive than training for pre-season – with of course a beer afterwards! But it grew into a two-day event with the youth sections playing on a Sunday after the seniors tournament the previous day. At its height it drew large crowds with  presentation ceremonies, a marquee and a group at Carters Field in the evening. It piddled down one year … but I can still see Bill Mickelborough standing at the gate, drenched through in his famous mac,  collecting the £2 off each car as the evening contingent arrived to join the party [they were queuing down Bromley Green Road in torrential rain to come into a sheep field – an amazing sight]. Everybody had a great time despite the weather. I can’t recall who actually won the trophy that year but in a way it didn’t really matter as all sides stayed and made a night of it. To be honest, some years, especially when it was hot, things could get a bit tasty late on the  Saturday and a few would be the worse for wear due to a little too much amber nectar!

In its heyday, huge crowds flocked to the CFT weekend

Many people worked hard over the years to keep the tournament going after we left the spiritual home; but with the best will in the world, it just wasn’t the same at the Stour Centre or Swinford Manor. Looking back, the club was fortunate to have such people as Trevor Carter and Mick Lindsey (who organised the referees) to help put on such a show. There are many photos related to The Carters Field Trophy and in time the intention is to upload them. For now, what about this one below … note the referees were ‘normal’ in those days … none of this tea lark at the break … a McEwans does the trick. Who can you recognise?


Carters Field Trophy tickets

From Derek [11.2.2010] Can we put this on the website I know the records will change.
I am still after history especially league tables can anyone help with info please?
Bromley Green Records
This is what I have found so far but anyone can tell me different.
Record win
Season 1974/75 Bromley Green 26 Willesborough Wanderers 3
Record defeats
Bromley Green 0 Hamstreet 12
Kennington 12 Bromley Green 0
Bromley Green 0 New Romney 12
Record goalscorer
Les Farrant 57
Les scored 7 once and 6 twice this season.
I have not researched half of the history yet!


The first ever photo of The Green. The kit was replicated in 2010 to mark the club’s 80th anniversary.


Contribution from Jack Stafford [Dec 2011] with memorabilia from Alan Daly

Alan Daly played for Bromley Green FC in the 1950s. Alan’s mother was first cousin to Fulham centre forward Arthur Stevens’s wife. Fulham were the first division winners [today’s equivalent of the Premiership] and Arthur played alongside such greats as England skipper Johnny Haynes, the indefatigable Jimmy Hill and future World Cup winner George Cohen. Amongst memorabilia provided by Alan is the programme for Fulham v Manchester United in an FA Cup semi final replay at Highbury.

Arthur was a guest at Bromley Green’s first annual dinner dance on Saturday 12 May 1956. I was in Cyprus at the time doing National Service with the 16 Independent Parachute Brigade.


3.12.2011 Jack, Alan, John and Bob watch the reserves win 6-3

Below is variety of bits and pieces that Alan and Jack wish to share with readers … anyone who remembers Alan, or has their own memories, please do come and visit us or at least get in touch

The line-up including Arthur Stevens
Programme cover from 1957-58


First annual dinner and dance menu


First annual dinner and dance

 A long time ago … do you recognise the stars of yesteryear?

Alan Daly fourth from left, back row


Arthur Stevens (centre) reading paper at the Saracens Head


The signed Fulham FC photo


BGFC membership cards for 1953, 1954 and 1955


The 1960s

1968 Two cuttings from the Tuesday Express 15 October kindly supplied by Steve Mailey’s father

1969.05.11 Charity line-up Kingsnorth Youth Club v Ashford Town played opposite the Farm Stores on the main road. Back: Tony Crumbie, Alan Burden, Dave Homewood, Graham Crumbie, Jimmy Barker, Dave McNally. Front: David Hover, David Jenkins, Peter Messenger, Micky Lukehurst, Terry Watson, Anthony Jenkins
1969.05.11 Charity line-up Kingsnorth Youth Club v Ashford Town played opposite the Farm Stores on the main road. Back: Tony Crumbie, Alan Burden, Dave Homewood, Graham Crumbie, Jimmy Barker, Dave McNally. Front: David Hover, David Jenkins, Peter Messenger, Micky Lukehurst, Terry Watson, Anthony Jenkins

From Manor Farm 11 May 1969: Kingsnorth YC v Ashford Town

Ashford back row: R Gorham, J Hamblin, R Kemp, D Hills, H Cochrane, D Crush, R Adams, J Adams, R Laverick, J Stringer and ref D Morley
Ashford back row: R Gorham, J Hamblin, R Kemp, D Hills, H Cochrane, D Crush, R Adams, J Adams, I Plant, R Laverick, J Stringer and ref D Morley

The 1970s


x … please be patient … going as quick as I can!

The 1980s

1988 September. Saturday Reserves. Back: John Webster, Mark Giles, Jimmy White (sponsor), Mark Stanley, Michael Lee, Paul Soutan, Peter Intrieri; Front: Nicky Uttley, Mark Smith, Mark Day, Julian Back, Lee McRobert, Paddy Harmer, Trevor Strand
10 September 1988. Bromley Green Reserves 3-1 v Saints (M Giles, T Strand, J Webster) in the Kent County League Premier Division. Back: John Webster, Mark Giles, Jimmy White (sponsor), Mark Stanley, Michael Lee, Paul Soutan, Peter Intrieri; Front: Nicky Uttley, Mark Smith, Mark Day, Julian Back, Lee McRobert, Paddy Harmer, Trevor Strand.

The 1990s





Press cutting December 2015

December 2016 Ashley Webster 300 senior appearances Kentish Express
December 2016 Ashley Webster 300 senior appearances Kentish Express



In the 1970s we had a close relationship with SAYC … recognise any of these?

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  1. Will do Ashley
    Let us know how you are getting on
    Are you playing football these days?
    Dave H


  2. Thanks for a great piece Irene
    Some people say History does not matter … but they are wrong, it does … it is what gives us a sense of identity
    Hope all of the Green contingent is well in Aussieland
    Good Ashes series!
    Dave H


    1. Dear Dave,thank you for posting my aunts letter.It means a great deal,particularly to her.We enjoyed our time at your awards night in 2009,and it placed a smile on my dads face,as well as my uncle Jack,but it is with much sadness I inform you that my father George Stafford passed away on the 31/7/2011.He alw
      ays spoke of his time playing football with Bromley Green.We are keen readers of your site,may your club flourish.Kerry Cooper(nee Stafford)


  3. This is a great addition to the site. I look forward to hearing more about our club’s history and it’s great to hear directly form those involved too.


  4. the young gentleman in the center with the short shorts is that a current team manager by any chance ???????


  5. Correct Stan. We also see Trevor Carter, Steve Mailey and Tommy Caine. Apart from Stan, who knows who it is, can anyone identify the referee under the towel?


  6. Hello Dave, Two points of interest (maybe!). Mr Greenstreets son Graham (Graeme?) did indeed play for the Green (Centre Half).
    The origin of the first ever goalposts erected at Carters field was a back garden in Hornash Lane,
    with timber probably provided by Bill ! My(our) father Vic cut, fitted, painted the posts in readiness for transportation to the ground. They were of the now obsolete “square post” design.


  7. Good to hear from you Peter. Hope you are well. Can just remember Graham playing but sadly all club records from those days are not available. Our researcher Derek is doing his best to fill the gaps. Do hope you are able to join us for the Presentation Night [25 June]…I am trying to get all the ‘old boys’ there. Regards DH


  8. What happened to my mates Phil Swinnard and Bob (Its Yours) Watson from the year we first won a place in the Kent Amateur League. I remember we beat Hothfield in the last game at Carters field in the Ashford and district league.


  9. do you have any pictures of john Mickelborough who played at monor farm in the 1950 s for Bromley green I used to watch the matches then.


    1. Dear Audrey
      Would love to hear from you
      Any stories, pictures, anecdotes about players, who were the players you remember; things that would add to the picture of the club that we are constantly building
      Do get in touch Audrey and tell us anything you can remember about the club
      Dave Homewood (Patron)


  10. goog to see picture of John Mickelborough on the Alan Daly photo . Front row bottom right. thank you a. c.


  11. Hello Dave, Love re-visiting to keep myself updated with all things Green but was amazed to see the photo of the game against Brabourne (Tuesday Express, Oct 15. 1968). Do you recognise the little fella in the duffle coat behind the goal ?? I do !!


    1. Good to hear from you Pete … hope you are keeping well mate … about time you made an appearance in a Vets game!


  12. Just found this site! My dad Ken Wilson played for Bromley Green when they reformed in the 1950’s, he then went on to play for Shadoxhurst and Woodchurch. He has a team photo taken at that time which i will try and find!


  13. Hi Dave
    Great to hear your still going strong. I remember you picking us up for matches back in 1984-1986. I used to borrow my dads lawn mower to mow around the club house! Will never forget the trip to Weymouth – we must have been about 15 – Me (Jamie king) Gary Holmes, Rob Eighteen, Mark Samsom, Paul Hirst and Paul Rich. Never seen men drink so much McEwans larger. First lesson on how to chat the girls up in the caravan club house! I remember you saying that there was no way we where getting a sign written minibus, which I thought strange. Then I realised why as we all mooned out of the windows droving back home. Those were the days. All the best.


    1. Great to hear from you Jamie … yes the Green rolls on! What are you up to these days … pop in for a chat any time … always welcome … and yes brilliant group even though they drove me to the edge sometimes. Don’t know what you mean about McEwans!


  14. I played for Bromley Green in the 80s/90s, the youngster in goal, and given the recent news, feel right to mention what great guy Mark Stanley was. Through no real fault of his own, carried this burden for most of his life, a great guy, along with many other people at this club.
    Neil Knight


  15. Am I the oldest ex player at 71, played in the season 1963/64, Dave Roberts


    1. No Dave you are still a young Green! Jack Stafford, in his eighties, still comes to support us and there are quite a few more still around. Pop and see us some time if you are living in the area.


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