Saturday First Match Reports 2013-14

Match date: 3 May 2014
Kent County League Premier Division
Tudor Sports 0-4 Bromley Green
Report by Mickey Doyle
We went to Tudor with a full squad. We had couple of changes to the squad. We knew if we won today we could pull Tudor back into our sights and into the relegation battle.
The game started really well for us. We played some nice football and tested there defence a few times. After 15mins we had a spell of 15mins where we stuck them under real pressure and everyone watching from BG knew it was vital to get a goal in this period. We did when M.O’Gormley Whipped in a free kick for Adam Phillips to head against the bar. Mani reacted quickest and scored with a nice diving header. This woke Tudor up a little but they decided to go down the road of intimidation route. They started to get in our faces and make the game scrappy as hell for the last 15mins. I worked in their favour really as we lost that pressure football I’ve been trying to enforce since I’ve come in as manager. Did we lose our bottle, no I think the lads just stepped off and didn’t know how to go about it. We rode that period out.
Half Time 1-0 up
We regrouped and started the 2nd half lively again. Back pressuring the ball and ensuring Tudor had no time to play. When we got on the ball we really played some nice stuff which allowed Mitch to be slipped through 1 on 1 with the keeper. The young forward showed some great composure to lift the around him in the net. We started to get excited and the game got a little stretch so we ensured Ezio sat just in front of the back 4. Chances were made with Reece Hagger coming off for Mickey Doyle and Mani who was having a great game coming off (protect me from the lumps they were trying to take out of him) for the young Luke Burdon.  Within moments of Luke arrival of the bench he was found rushing 1 on 1 with keeper and he just slipped the ball underneath him to put us 3-0 up. Tudor chanced shape and were trying to go long but the defensive line stood firm. The game was rounded off when Adam Phillips found space just inside Tudor box and fired his shoot across the keeper into the far post.
Good win! The whole squad were great. Now can we follow this up and really build a case to stay clear of the drop zone.
MoM – Ezio Murtore – Great performance in the centre of the park. Done all the dirty work with good effect, so the others could go and play.

Match date: 29 April 2014
Kent County League Premier Division
Bromley Green 1-2 APM
Report by Mickey Doyle
Our first evening game and it showed, people running late from work and other commitments, means the preparation for the game is never good, as we need to be in the right mind-set so we can win this battle for survival.
Game started really scrappy and it was like watching a game of tennis. Then the breakthrough came for us when a back pass was missed judged by the APM keeper who swung and missed, Allowed Dan Cornell to tap home into an empty net. My thought was push on, but the game went scrappy.  We spent the rest of the game just going through the motions. Thinking, hoping wishing maybe lady luck would just keep on our side and we can ride it out. But it’s not the case in this league as with about 10 mins left of the 1st half APM scored through a scrappy goal. We had many chances to clear but didn’t.
2nd half started and we just didn’t get going. They scored with 10mins to go, a header from a free kick that should never of been given.
I was really disappointed from this result as we have been progressing slowly but we were moving forward and I thought the penny was finally dropping on what I want and how I want it. Me and Matt had a long chat and discussed everything but 1 thing is for sure we know it’s coming as we have seen it in spells.
Squad –  M.Burt, M.Dalby, R.Lawrie, R.Hagger, M.Harris, M.Forster (S.Bradley) A.Phillips, D.Scorer (M.O’Gormley), E.Awuni, D.Cornell (J.Kalungiadi), M.Mannell Subs – S.Bradley, M.O’Gormley, J.Kalungiadi
MoM –  M.Dalby – Had the best game I’ve ever seen him have.  Improving all the time and 1 of the only 1’s who can say they had a good game.

Match date: 26 April 2014
Kent County League Premier Division
Erith 147 1-0 Bromley Green
Report by Mickey Doyle
Missing a fair few we went to Erith with 10 plus me. We even had Ezio who is injured on the bench to give us cover just in case of an extreme emergency. This is not ideal as traveling to these places with just 11 really should not happen and will be addressed in the off season as we need rules/ guidelines to follow so the 1st team never end up in this situation again.
The game started and we was controlling the game well having some nice chances and on the half an hour mark Mani danced his way through a crowd of players with some superb skill but could not finish what was the golden opportunity we needed to take to put us in front.  But as the norm is this season Erith scored from what was really there only real sight on goal. The Erith keeper launched a long ball forward. Ross and Matt Harris Half cleared but the Erith Winger picked up the pieces to slot home from 22yds out.
Half time 1 – 0 Down
The Second half started just like the 1st we us really pulling the strings but we just could not find that end product in the final 3rd. Erith were happy to take the 1-0 and the game just fizzled out towards the end with Bromley Green only Huffing and Puffing and nothing to show for it.
We have played these guys twice and both times I feel we should of got something out of the games but I’m left wondering why do we always have nothing to show. “Goals mean points and points mean prizes”. My wife tells me every Saturday evening and I guess she is right.
MoM – Dane Rolling – Played very well covering my arse in the centre of the park.

Match date: 21 April 2014
Kent County League Premier Division
Bromley Green 2-0 Bredhurst Juniors
Mickey Doyle reports from Waterside
With more forced changes and disruption to the squad we played this early kick off on a lovely Bank Holiday morning. Changes were made from the Saturday. The squad were told to go back to basics, do the simple things right and well, and we can take points off anyone.
We started brightly and we were the team to settle quickest. We started to take care of the football, and passed it around to move the Bredhurst boys about with no real effect until 10mins in and the midfield 3 started to drive us forward. Getting the ball to Mani & Joe’s feet or in behind the full back. We also started to find Mitch more and more as the half went on in the right areas where he can cause problems.  Chances were coming with Mitch, Mani and Joe forcing the keeper to make saves. Adams and Stanley both went close from range in this 30min period. The only threat was us getting caught out through a long ball which their player was winning a good percentage of and we were not in shape to react to the rebound. We went up another gear and had 2/3 real good chances with 1 of them being the move of the game, where Mani and Joe combined well and a knife through butter cut through the Bredhurst defence through good interchanging play and dribbling got Mani through on goal for him to slide the ball the wrong side of the post. With a few minutes of the half to play we win a corner for Stanley to pick out Mitch to head home. Pleased, not just for the team but for Mitch to get his reward after working hard for the last few games.
Half time 1-0 up.
With the second half starting a little slower and us more relaxed we started to move the ball better but without the purpose of the 1st half. Maybe it was due to Bredhurst stepping up or us relaxing but we started to find Joe and Mani more and more as the half went on and with great play down the right and a bit of a scramble Stanley found Joe, who slotted the ball home to put us 2-0 up. The game went on and we started to get a little stretched so changes were made with 25mins to go with Dalby coming on for Ezio, who has been struggling with a hamstring problem and Luke Burdon coming on for Stanley. Formation changed and with it being end to end more chances were coming our way. Mani providing some really good work down the right decided to shoot instead of laying the ball square for Luke or Mitch to stroke home. Another Mani turning his man driving at the defence just need to release Luke a little early and he would have been through on goal. The game got sloppy and we made some wrong decisions in the last 10 but with the amount of football some of these lads have played I can’t blame too much.
Today, we did the basics very well. We got our shape early, pressed together and worked as a unit. We passed the ball and we attacked with purpose. So well done and the attitude was good after all the football these lads have played over Easter.
Lads well done. First Home win! Get in.
Squad –  M.Burt, E.Murtore (M.Dalby) , R.Lawrie, M.Harris, J.Hurst, E.Stanley (L.Burdon), A.Phillips, D.Rollings, E. Awuni, J.Kalungiadi, M.Mannell.  Subs –M.Dalby, L.Burdon, M.Doyle(unused)

Match date: 19 April 2014
Kent County League Premier Division
Stansfield 3-0 Bromley Green
Report by Mickey Doyle
The preparation for this game was not good as we were let down and with the injury list growing and people enjoying the Easter weekend away from football showed, with us only taking 12 to what is always a hard game.
Game started and we were in control creating a few chances which were not taken and then on the half an hour mark we conceded. Nothing really could have been done with the forward picking up the ball, turning and curling it into the top corner. We then lost all shape and the heads dropped. This led to them getting another before the break. From a corner with us not picking up or reacting to the rebound and them nodding home. Half time 2-0
The second half was much more even but with us trying to push and them a little off the gas and controlling the game nothing really happened apart from a few chances coming their way. They finally made it 3-0 when they broke and beat Matt Burt at his near post.
We forget this one as we know we can do better and move on.  We just need to go back to the basics, which I’ve been trying to install into the team since my arrival. Some is my fault, some is the attitude of the players but attitude reflects leadership, so I must work out what is going wrong and change things to get back where we were improving.
Squad –  M.Burt, E.Murtore, M Doyle, M Harris, R. Lawrie, S.Ahmetaj, A. Phillips (M.Dalby), E.Awuni, S.Bradley , D.Davis, M.Mannell. Sub – M.Dalby
MoM – M.Harris – Played well in the centre back role.

Match date: 12April 2014
Kent County League Premier Division
Bromley Green 0-2 Fleetdown United
Mickey Doyle reports from Homelands
This game was our opportunity to drag Fleetdown Utd back into the mix for the battle for survival. But it never happened.
All I’m saying on this game is that we were poor, the officials were very, very poor … and we lost.
Enough said!
MoM – No-one for us but maybe the Referee.

Match date: 29 March 2014
Kent County League Premier Division
Hildenborough Athletic 0–1 Bromley Green
Report by Mickey Doyle
With more forced changes and disruption to the squad we travelled to Hildenborough with 11 men plus myself, not ideal when you are playing last season’s champions. With windy conditions and the pitch not in a very good shape due to the amount of water it has had on it over the past few months. It did not suit the way we like to play football but it’s the hand you have been dealt, so the lads were told how we should approach this.
Hildenborough won the toss and defended the wind. I think they had a game plan to use the wind as they started with a 4-5-1 formation. The game started at such a pace it was like watching a tennis match but once we started to get the ball down we showed some good stuff on a really difficult surface.  We created some half chances with Jordan Tomsett flashing one over the bar and the keeper making some standard saves. Hildenborough were just playing it long and trying to find a way to keep it all square in the conditions. Ezio, Paul, Ross and Matt had little to worry about in the opening 30mins but a little spell of pressure came from Hildenborough through a few corners and free kicks which we dealt with. We then found Mitch on the half turn driving at their goal and he took his shoot early which caught the keeper out and rippled the net to all of our delight.
Halftime 1-0 up.
With the wind now against us, it was time to see how much the lads have grown under my and Matt’s leadership. Hildenborough changed shape and went for us but we stood up and battled and wanted to grind this one out. As pure football was always going to take second place on this pitch we were being pushed back but the back four showed great leadership and kept pushing back up the pitch. Hildenborough came close a couple of times from corners with Burty tipping one over and we scrambled 2 off the line. We created a number of chances in the second half with the returning Mani and Scott giving their respective fullbacks nightmares all game. We just could not find that second but we dug deep and held on for the win.
Today was about togetherness. The way we just helped and covered for each other was great to see. We took a chance and we found a way to get over the line. This was not one of better games since I’ve took over but the lads are starting to get to grips with each other and understand that if Plan A doesn’t work we have to go to Plan B or C and do whatever it takes to get the points.
Great shift by all the lads well done.
Squad –  M.Burt, E.Muratore, P.Mabb, R.Lawrie, M.Harris, S.Ahmetaj, A.Phillips, E. Awuni, J.Tomsett, S.Bradley, M.Mannell (M.Doyle) Subs – M.Doyle

MoM – The Whole Squad – Showed real Character in difficult conditions

Match date: 22March 2014
Kent County League Premier Division
Bromley Green 0–2 Erith 147
Report by Mickey Doyle
So today we saw that it doesn’t matter how many chances you create –  it’s all about if you take them or not.
With a slight reshuffle from last week were feeling upbeat after last Saturday but the Green’s unlucky spell continued early with Adam Phillips tried hard to shake off a knock from the Metrogas game but was unable to play. We started the game very brightly but Dale Davis early to a hamstring injury. He was replaced by Mitch and we started to cause Erith a few problems with chances falling to Mitch, Joe, Matt Foster and Jordan Tomsett. After 20mins with us firmly controlling the game we also lost Jordan Tomsett who pulled up with an injury. His replacement, Scott Bradley, made an impact from the off and squared the ball wonderfully for the on rushing Matt Foster who’s shoot was well struck but just at the keeper. Then Ship latched on to a ball and was bundled over in the box, penalty surely, but the Ref gave nothing. As is our current luck, Erith broke away and their forward who had been well marshalled by Josh and Ross created a yard and tried his luck from 25+ yards out and he found the top corner beating the helpless Matt Burt.

Halftime 0-1

Second half started with us a little shaken from going behind. We started to push again with Scott forcing a good high save from the keeper from an 18 yard effort. Joe had a go but this time the keeper saved low to his right. We created a few more half chances but nothing really happening. The game started to get a bit scrappy but we all thought we was back in the game when Ross Lawrie climbed well from a Corner and powered his header towards goal but the keeper matched Ross’s efforts and saved. The Killer blow came when a silly free kick was given away and Erith whipped in a good ball for their forward to head home via a post. The game fizzed out with not much happening apart from the Ref coming off injured.

Today we all learnt a lesson on taking out chances. We can top all the stats:- shots on target, possession, corners etc. but the only one that matters is the score line. We played well, did everything right but we need to find that missing piece of the puzzle, Goals. It will come we are creating chances, we are doing a lot of the right things, the team has improved so much and I believe we are moving forward.

All in all a good effort by the lads, everything is improving we just need some lady luck. We will come out of this as a better group.

Squad –  M.Burt, E.Muratore, J.Long, R.Lawrie, D.Scorer, S.Ahmetaj, J.Bertram, M.Forster, J.Kalungiadi (K.Shrimpton), J.Tomsett (S.Bradley), D.Davis (M.Mannell) Subs – M.Mannell, S.Bradley, K.Shrimpton, A.Phillips(Unused)

MoM – Jason Bertram – Solid full debut. Did all the dirty work to good effect and hardly gave the ball away.


Match date: 15 March 2014

Bromley Green 0–0 Metrogas


With points needed and the pressure starting to bubble under the surface, we walked into this David vs Goliath clash knowing that if we play with the application we have been trying to drill into the squad for the last 2 months, we will could come away with something.

Matt, Steve and I had been talking all week about how we were going to play this game and every time we got settled on something a spanner was thrown into the works. Withdrawals through injury, work commitments or us just not being happy with it. So it came down to a case of what felt right on the day. After going through everything, the warm up was good and we really looked for the 1st time a proper unit.

The game began uneventfully until we started to get Jordan Tomsett and Joe Kalungiadi on the Ball, 1 v 1 running at their opposite number. We then started to show some more belief and began to get the balls in the right areas, to allow the forwards to play. And we did play, first we had a few chances from free kicks in dangerous area’s won by great inter play by Joe, Jordan, Mitch, Matt, Ship and Adam. Then we had a golden chance with Joe beating his man, trying to thread a ball through, that was cut out and Jordan Tomsett coming of his flank, picking up the loose ball and beating the keeper with a chip. But the underside of the bar saved Metrogas, with the rebound coming to nothing. Metrogas had a couple of half chances be nothing more during the half.

Halftime 0-0

Halftime advice amounted to asking the players for more of the same. We were on top but we knew that the next 15mins, would have to be the biggest we’ve had from this group, as Metrogas were going to come out fired up. They were, their Skipper, who for some strange reason was sub, came off the bench and lifted their energy levels. They did start getting there foot in the game but the lads held strong, regrouped, organised and slowly started to get back into the game. Their chance of the game, came when a free kick was given away about 30 yards out and the Metrogas player hit a thunderbolt towards the top corner, but Matt Burt pulled out a great save to just tip it onto the bar. With Metrogas pushing on, Matt Foster, Joe and Jordan found more space which we started to use to good effect.  Jordan then pulled up with a strain so Kieran Shrimpton was introduced. A few moments later another change was needed, with the impressive Matt Harris also going down so Ezio was called upon. Ship and Adam got hold of the game again and started to win more and more second balls. The youngsters started to drive the team forward which resulted in a few half chances. We then struck the post after Adam controlled a high clearance and volleyed. It felt like an age everyone just stood still, even the keeper, but it struck the post and went wide. We made the final chance with Scott coming on for Joe and within moments the winger was slipped through but a miss-control allowed the scrambling defence recover, but the young winger still fired a curling shoot wide. Then a free kick from the left, whipped in with venom saw Mitch misjudge his header and the keeper gathering with ease.

A point from a team which deserve to be top from what I have seen in the last couple of years, so I was happy but anyone who saw the game knows we deserved all three points. We set a benchmark this week and we desire that amount of effort week in week out.

Well done lads and you deserved the applause at the end.

A Final word thanks for everyone who took time out to watch the game, as it was nice to see a good crowd. Thanks for your support.

Squad –  M.Burt, J.Thomas, D.Scorer, R.Lawrie, M.Harris (E.Muratore), S.Ahmetaj, A.Phillips, M.Forster, J.Kalungiadi (S.Bradley), J.Tomsett (K.Shrimpton), M.Mannell Subs – E.Muratore, S.Bradley, K.Shrimpton, M.Doyle(Unused)

MoM – The Whole Squad deserves this but if I had to choose one it would be Ship. We witnessed a boy become a man on the field today – An Outstanding performance in the centre of the Park.



Bromley Green 1 – 4 Sheppey & Sheerness Utd

Homelands 08/03/2014


Warm-up Completed and we unfortunately loss Scott Bradley to a foot injury. But the lads were in good sprit. Lovely Day for Football and Banter bounding around, this is just the buzz we want to see from this lot.

The Game started at some pace and when I mean some pace it was 100mph stuff which benefitted the away side. They play to their strengths and play to them very well. This caused us a few problems with a new back line in place. Credit as to be paid, we dealt with them for 30mins and created a couple of chances ourselves through Ship and Mitch. Then the game changed with Matt Burt normally with a safe pair of hands, dropped a catch from a cross which fell to their player less than 6 yards out with the goal at his mercy. We then had a spell where we were out of shape and we went 2-0 down through another mistake, when we had an easy chance to clear but a mix up allowed their winger in to square the ball for the forward to stroke home. 2-0 down at half time.

Some words were said and then we fired up the lads. This seemed to work as we managed to create a little more and pushed a few men forward. This lead to Mitch preforming a timely run in behind, which he was founded by a nicely weighted ball and our young forward showed some composure and slotted home. We were on top and it was our time but we just could not find another. Everything was happening until the final ball but credit to Sheepy, as they were organised and defended well. Then a couple of borderline off side decisions went the way of the away side and we found ourselves 4-1 down. We did have a flurry at the end when Matt Foster had a volley cleared off the line and a couple of shoots well blocked.

Credit to Sheppy Well Organised and a lot of pace when attacking, I’m sure they will be fighting to the last at the top.

We played ok, worked hard and we have some real positives to take out of it. We just need to cut out these little errors and find some luck. It’s slowly gelling and we are getting there through this tough rebuilding process.

Thanks to everyone who braced the rare sunshine to support us

Team – M. Burt, J. Thomas, J. Long, P.Mabb, M.Harris, R.Lawrie, A.Phillips, D.Davis (J.Burtrum), S.Ahmetaj (J.Hurst), M.Foster, M.Mannell Subs – J.Burtrum, J.Hurst, S.Bradley (Unused)

MoM – Matt Forster – Great energy levels

Match date: 1 March 2014
Weald of Kent Charity Cup
Staplehurst 5–1 Bromley Green
Report from Swadelands by Mickey Doyle
With a late kick off and on a 3G surface we did not adapt to, Bromley Green got a lesson on long ball, aggressive football. The atmosphere and warm-up lacked that sharpness and bubble from last week and I do believe the late kick off had something to do with it.
In the game we looked disorganised, lacked communication and missed someone who would grab the game & the team by the scuff of the neck and shake some life into it. We allowed Staplehurst play their long ball and win the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd subsequent challenges and before we knew it we were 4-0 down and the half time whistle went.
After the break we managed to shake some life into the team and we started to put our foot in, pass the ball and we did get a goal through the returning Dan Cornell who was slipped through 1 on 1, he rounded the keeper and slotted home. We battled on looking for more and changes were made but they managed to add a 5th late on through some more, sloppy defending.
I take responsibility for the loss as I should have done more homework and set the team up different and it was a learning curve for me & Matt. We are new to this, trying to build our own squad and it will come in time.
Time is running out for this year but I believe that we can get it right. I also believe we have what it takes to upset the front runners this year.
As much as I love this cup, given the situation we are in, maybe it’s a distraction we do not need with games piling up and staying up in the Premier is the number one aim. The lads know my views and they know what we have to do.
Bad day at the office for all, we have to do better but I learnt a lot from the game. We go again and it will have to be harder than before.

Match date: 22 February 2014
Kent County League Premier Division
Bromley Green 0–0 Farnborough OB Guild
By Mickey Doyle
After a long wait we finally had a game on, thanks mainly to Steve, the grounds man at Homelands. He deserves some praise for preparing as good a surface as you could wish for, given the recent weather. The squad, including a few fresh faces were keen to get started and impress in what felt like a restarted season.
The game started at pace with the ball was bouncing around from team to team and no one actually managing to get a foothold in the game. Half chances fell to both sides as our defence, lead by new signing Josh Long, stood firm and calm. Close to the half an hour mark midfielder Adam Phillips was giving a master class in how to control a game. His display of ball winning, vision, tricks and range of passing was one I’ve not seen for a long time. Adam’s hard work was now providing Dan Scorer & Ship the opportunity to start showing what they can do. This 15 min of pure pressure lead to us, having 3 or 4 really good chances. The first coming from Jordan Tomsett, another new face, who showed his full back a clean set of heels, cut inside and within a yard flashed his shot just wide of the post. Then Tomsett and Thomas combined well down the right flank delivering a square ball fizzed across for Mitch to side foot home but, unfortunately, the flag was up. The next move down the left came from good work from Matt Harris and Scott Bradley, he found Dan Scorer who produced a lovely piece of skill, got his head up and delivered a pinpoint ball which Mitch volleyed over from close range.
The second half started in a similar fashion but our runs lacked timing and this resulted in numerous, avoidable offside decisions being given against our players. When we finally broke through we were not composed and squandered a couple of golden chances. One in particular saw Jason Thomas run free and blazed his shot out of the ground when a bit of composure would of seen him either slot it home or square it for Mitch to walk it into the net… The lack of football soon  started to show, as would be expected following such a long layoff due to the recent weather and a couple of half chance were made from Matt Harris’s Long throw.
Farnborough made the game very scrappy with some big tackles and blatant fouls. The opposition had a golden chance to steal the points when their winger stole through and was one on one with Matt Burt. Burty showed great technique and stayed big for as long as possible and made a great save. The Farnborough manager turned to us and said “That would have been daylight Robbery!”
With ten minutes to go Mitch broke through and latched on to a lovely through ball and proceeded to beat the keeper…. but not the post. The ball rebounded back into the box resulting in a scramble but Farnborough managed to clear. We knew at that point it was not going to be our day!
Although we view this as two points dropped, we also realise that on another day we could have had 6 or 7 goals. We have to keep together and look at it as 1 point gained with more to come, as long as we continue to show the attitude, fight and heart we produced when things get tough.
A final word for the football we played, it was good stuff, attacked with pace and defended with a team mentality and purpose which was very pleasing.
MoM – Adam Phillips – Completely Outstanding display
Team – M. Burt, J.Thomas, J.Long (Capt.), R.Lawrie, M.Harris, A.Phillips, D.Scorer (J.Hurst), S.Ahmetaj, S.Bradley (M.Forster), J.Tompsett (E.Muratore), M.Mannell Subs – E.Muratore, J.Hurst, M.Forster, R.Hagger (Unused Sub)

Match date: 11 January 2014
Kent County League Premier Division
Chipstead 6-3 Bromley Green
Report by Guido Bulla
I wanted to give you some very good news but unfortunately I can’t.
Today we played 20 minutes of super football, the boys played a fantastic possession football with 2-3 touch on the ball and we managed to go 2-0 up. I saw the football I and Dave want them to play.
After that amazing display they all relaxed and by the end of the first half we were 3-2 down; to cut a long story short we lost 6-3 … I just can’t believe how we managed to do that, normally a team winning 2-0 up after 20 minutes, you would expect to score 3 more goals before the end of the first half.
From my modest point of view we are improving game after game but it will take a long while before we can perform as a real football team, we need another 4/5 quality players in order to make a decent team, the future looks bright as there are a few good players in the Under 15 (e.g. Kieron and few others) and the Under 16 (e.g. Tyler).
I only hope that the Senior team is not relegated, the aim and main target for this year is that of avoiding relegation and then build on the team for next year.
We spoke with the team and told them that it is of paramount importance that they come to training regularly every Tuesday and they all seem to agree except some of them. This is the only way to continue and build our football style and assess and rectify the mistakes that we do during games … to give away a 2-0 lead is a psychological issue due to the lack of confidence.

Match date: 16 November 2013
Bromley Green 0-1 New Romney
A cut and thrust cup tie at Waterside was settled with a second half penalty as both teams squandered gilt-edge chances to have wrapped things up early on. Once again, manager Dave Andrews was forced into shuffling his squad at late notice with withdrawals for work commitments and personal reasons and the need for a settled side is clearly evident if confidence is to be instilled for the fight to climb the table. Matt Burt was called into early action in the Green goal while at the other end Mitch Mannell and Matt Forster on another day would surely have scored. Little flowing football was in evidence on a pitch that has been too wet to roll but there were positives for the home camp with the performances of man of the match Shqipron Ahmetaj and Ross Lawrie returning after injury. Good luck to Tony Hunter and the Blues in the next round.

Match date: 2 November 2013
Kent County League Premier Division
Bromley Green 0-2 Stansfeld O&B Club
Report by Dave Homewood
Dark skies, accompanied by a second half downpour, coincided with a turning point in this hard-fought league game at Homelands as the Londoners took the lead with a far post header from a corner. For long spells the Green had looked the more polished side but Stansfeld are an uncompromising bunch and not averse to following through with their tackles. Consequently, flowing football was at a premium and the match, close but not particularly entertaining, will not stay long in the memory. After squandering early chances, the home team, showing plenty of commitment after dismal recent displays, had appeared capable of recording a much-needed victory but as injuries forced changes the shape went and number two for the visitors was always going to be enough.
After two weeks of looking at the same opposition, next Saturday we welcome Erith 147 to Homelands.

Match date: 26 October 2013
Kent Inter Regional Challenge Cup
Bromley Green 0-4 Stansfeld O&B Club
Report by Graham Avis
Due to Ashford United playing at Homelands, Bromley Green firsts returned to Waterside for the visit of Stansfeld O&B Club for this Kent Inter Regional Challenge Cup match. The cup provided a welcome change for the Green as they looked to get back to winning ways after last week’s disappointing league defeat to Sheppey and Sheerness East United.
Both teams started poorly on a sticky pitch that didn’t suit the passing football that the home side have been coached to play. The opening 30 minutes of the game was a scrappy encounter with neither side able to fashion goal scoring opportunities until Stansfeld tested Matt Burt with a scorching 25 yard drive that Burt did well to tip onto the crossbar. Minutes later Burt was called into action again pushing an awkward low ball over the crossbar. The Green were lucky not to concede immediately after, scrambling the ball clear when it looked as if the away team would take the lead. Just before half time Matt Forster and Jamie Ades combined well, but Ades speculative effort was gathered comfortably by the visitors keeper. With half time approaching the South London side took the lead when they headed home a deep cross to the far post enabling them to go into the interval with a deserved advantage.
With the second half less than 4 minutes old Stansfeld doubled their advantage when the linesman’s flag inexplicably stayed down and despite the Green’s appeal for offside, the cross that followed resulted in a straight forward ‘tap in’ for the oppositions front man. The game then went from bad to worse for the home side as they conceded a ‘played for’ penalty that Bromley Green’s number 1 Matt Burt did superbly well to keep out. Burt completed the job by making a brilliant second save to deny the close range follow up. Just before the hour Stansfeld booked their place in the next round with a third goal that was blasted home from inside the 6 yard box and they nearly added a fourth moments later, crashing a shot against the upright. The introduction of ‘on loan’ striker Jordan Tomsett and later Mitch Mannell gave the Green more attacking options as they pushed to register a consolation goal, but despite chances it was not forthcoming. Stansfeld put the game to bed just before the end when they scored the goal of the game, picking up a half clearance 10 yards outside the box and crashing home a shot that Burt could only watch fly into the top corner. MoM Matt Burt.
Squad: Burt, Muratore, Hurst, Doyle (Capt), Walsh, Poyner, Philips, Peters, Ades, Forster, Bradley. Subs: Mannell, Tomsett, O’Gormley

Match date: 19 October 2013
Kent County League Premier Division
Sheppey & Sheerness United 2-0 Bromley Green
Report by Graham Avis
After an excellent display last week against Fleetdown, Bromley Green firsts looked to consolidate their good form against Sheppey & Sheerness Utd at Holm Park. The game started well for the Green with David Peters breaking down the left hand side and setting up Mitch Mannell, who’s angled shot flashed inches past the post. With the game evenly balanced, it was Sheppey and Sheerness that took the lead when they converted a 22 yard free kick straight into the top corner giving Matt Burt no chance. The Green continued to press with Mannell forcing a good save from the keeper who could only parry the ball out to the edge of his 6 yard box, but there were no Green players on hand to tap the ball home. Scott Bradley was enjoying his best game of the season, raiding down the left and right hand wings, just before half time Bradley nearly leveled the game when he took on and beat 3 defenders before firing in a shot that the home defence managed to scramble off the line. Within 10 minutes of the start of the second half Steffane Ollier was forced to use 2 substitutions, Jamie Ades replaced Peters and Robbie Dolan came on for the injured Ezio Muratore. 2 minutes later the home side doubled their after a defensive error presented a Sheppey & Sheerness striker an easy finish. The match then became disjointed and indisciplined from a Bromley Green point of view. This eventually resulted in both sides having to play the final 20 minutes with 10 men. The Green still had chances to narrow the scoreline, Ades cross from the right wing was met by Mannell who’s powerful header went just over the bar, and from a dead ball situation skipper Mickey Doyle climbed well at the far post but his header went the wrong side of the upright.  MoM Scott Bradley.
Squad: Burt, Muratore, Hurst, Doyle (Capt), Walsh, Poyner, Philips, Peters, Forster, Bradley, Mannell. Subs: Ades, Dolan.
Match date: 12 October 2013
Kent County League Premier Division
Fleetdown United 0-4 Bromley Green
Report by Graham Avis
Bromley Green firsts kick started their season with a dominant 4-0 win away to fourth placed Fleetdown United. The Green dominated the early stages of the game with some good passing football and could have taken the lead after 10 minutes when Matt Forster latched onto a ‘one-two’ forcing the keeper to make a good save at full stretch down by his left hand post. Five minutes later, the lively Forster put the Green one up when he headed home a pinpoint cross from the impressive Jamie Hurst. Minutes later Mark O’Gormley was brought down in the box and Dale Davis stepped up to hammer the spot kick into the top right hand corner of the net to double the advantage. With Adam Phillips and Tom Poyner controlling the middle of the park and protecting the back four, both full backs were able to break down the flanks at will enabling the visitors to mount attack after attack on the overloaded Fleetdown defence. Man of the Match Forster added a third before half time with another header to make the score more of a true reflection of the first half’ play.
Within 10 minutes of the restart, Bromley Green assured themselves of all three points when O’Gormley chested down Forster’s right wing cross to fire home the best goal of the game. Fleetdown rallied in a scrappy second half, but centre halves skipper Micky Doyle and Liam Walsh, backed up by some great handling by keeper Matt Burt, never looked like allowing the home side back into the game.
Well done to the squad for a hard fought victory that was accomplished with style.
Squad: Burt, Muratore, Hurst, Doyle (Capt), Walsh, Poyner, Philips, Davis, Forster, O’Gormley, Bradley, Mannell, Peters, Stevens.
Match date: 31 August 2013
Kent County League Premier Division
Bromley Green 1-1 Tudor Sports
The first league match at home saw the Green share the points with Tudor although it could, perhaps should, have been a different story after Emmanuel Awuni had pressured the visitors keeper into conceding a 20th minute own goal. Dale Davis, captain for the day, and Mani went close and things were looking good when Tudor were reduced to ten men with a player dismissed for dissent.
As so often is the case, the side with a man short suddenly seizes the initiative and after 55 minutes a defensive mix-up ended with the ball over line. With the Green coming back to apply pressure, chances went begging and it ended all square at 1-1.
The 2nd half saw a big change in tempo as the visitors piled on the pressure and with only 10 minutes gone they levelled the scoring after some confusion between the Green keeper Matt Burt and centre half Lance Digby saw the ball scrambled over the line.
Youngster Scott Bradley was a constant threat and earned the man of the match accolade.
Green: M. Burt, R.Lawrie, T.Head, L.Walsh, L.Digby, T.Poyner, R.Dolan, D.Davis, S.Ahmetaj, S.Bradley, E.Awuni. Subs: J.Thomas, M.Williams, A.BarnesMatch date: 27 July 2013
Pre-season friendly
Bromley Green 0-0 Herne Bay
Report by Dan Scorer
Bromley Green opened their Homelands account with a very strong performance against Ryman South outfit Herne Bay, a side that are 3 leagues above the Green.
With the Homelands pitch being the perfect playing service, neither team had an excuse to not play good football. Green started well, having most of the possession in the opening 10 minutes. But the Ryman South side picked up the tempo and began to pressure the Green players and force them into making individual errors. The home side quickly adapted to the pace of the game and began to pile on the pressure themselves. Green started to look the more positive side going forward and with Mike Williams seeing more and more of the ball, the home side began to ask questions of the Herne Bay defence.
With some some solid defending on show from both sides, little chances were created in the first half. But Green created the most clear cut chance just 5 minutes before the break, as midfield dominator Dale Davis played a pin point 40 yard pass between the Herne Bay defence, which allowed Emmanuel Awuni to go through on goal only to be denied by the keeper.
With very clear instructions to keep the tempo and move the ball quicker, the home side came out with a purpose and began the second half very bright. But with the away side being the fitter of the two sides, Herne Bay started to dominate the midfield and the Green defence found themselves pinned on their 18 yard box. With more fine defending from the home side, Liam Walsh in particular, continuously breaking up the play as he played in the holding midfield role.
Green skipper Mickey Doyle settled the team and the home side began to stretch the visitors and created again the best chance of the half, as Emmanuel Awuni picked the ball up before turning and driving through 4 Herne Bay players, to then be chopped down by the debatable last man. Dale Davis set himself to take the free-kick and couldn’t of come any closer, as a very fine save by the Herne Bay keeper saw his effort tipped round the post.
The visitors then found themselves becoming frustrated as the Green keeper James Atkins was on top form and denied the away side 3 times in the space of 5 minutes. The final big chance of the game fell to the Green, as the impressive Mike Williams drove powerfully past 3 Herne Bay players before playing a delightful reverse pass through to Charlie Partridge who was denied by the keeper after rushing off his line very quickly.
With the game finishing 0-0 the home side were much the happier of the two teams. But the score reflected a very fair result and the Green again proving they’re no pushovers when it comes to playing higher opposition. All involved with the club should be very proud of the team and will certainly not be short of some brilliant football come the start of the season.
With every player putting in a superb performance it was hard to pick a MoM. But it has to go to Liam Walsh, who was played out of his natural position but made a big difference to the tempo of the game and continually broke up the play and protected his back 4 very well.
J.Atkins, R.Lawrie, J.Hurst, M.Doyle(c), L.Digby, L.Walsh, D.Davis, S.Ahmetaj, M.Williams, F.Comparetto, E.Awuni. Subs: C.Partridge, R.Dolan, C.Rose, T.Wilkes.Match date: 6 July 2013
Kent Football United 5-2 Bromley Green
Pre-season friendly
Report by Dan Scorer
Bromley Green 1st team began their pre-season campaign on Saturday with a very promising performance away to Kent Invicta League outfit Kent Football United. The Green had many new faces in a side that lost 5-2 which flattered the home team’s performance and put a slight dampener on what was a very encouraging performance from all those that played. Green started the game very strong and looked very well organised with Adam Phillips and Dale Davis setting the tempo in midfield. After dominating the opening 20 minutes of the game, with 3 or 4 good attempts on goal. Emmanuel Awuni opened the scoring after a fine bit of forward play from winger Mike Williams. Awuni playing in the central role looked like a very natural centre forward when he slotted in from 10 yards. Green finished the half on top and led 1-0 at the break. With the sun beaming down at an unbearable heat, rotation was needed and a few changes were made at half time. The home side were out to prove a point and set off with very simple tactics that saw them apply pressure on to every pass the Green made. With the Green losing their shape and a few individual errors they found themselves 3-1 down after just 15 minutes into the 2nd half. The game began to lose its tempo as both sets of players were finding it difficult to deal with the heat. But the home side managed to find themselves another 2 goals through set pieces with about 10 minutes to play. At this point the Green seemed to look bewildered to see themselves 5-1 down after such a fine 1st half display. But credit to all the players as they dug in for the final 5 minutes and were rewarded with another goal as Jamie Hurst’s cross was deflected into the path of Emmanuel Awuni before he delightfully lobbed the oncoming keeper from just outside the area. All the players gave a solid and creditable performance and many would be worthy of the MoM award but for a player who took everything that was asked of him before the game and stood out in a rather unnatural position for him the award goes to Emmanuel Awuni. Green: M.Burt, K.O’Leary, R.Lawrie, L.Walsh, L.Digby, A.Phillips, D.Davis, S.Ahmetaj, M.Williams, M.O’Gormley, E.Awuni. Subs – J.Hurst, C.Rollings, A.Mercer, T.Wilkes

7 thoughts on “Saturday First Match Reports 2013-14

  1. First of all, great local website, used to live in the area and this is a great way to follow local football………..well done. Why though, is it that you only seem to write match reports when you win. It is nice to win but also be gracious in defeat.


  2. Moved abroad a few years ago now and follow the greens results with interest. As above, great website! What has happened to Glen Mackett, When i did come to watch you play last year he was stand out performance.


  3. What a miserable game you played, I wasted £3 pounds. Is this the new Doyle tactic? Eleven man behind the midfield line.


  4. Arif,
    Have you never heard of the 10-0-0 formation its all the craze at the minute. Im sorry you wasted your £3, but if we knew you was shooting a Spec Saver advert we would have asked for more. If you just see different things to the rest of us then I would get your eyes looked at.
    Many thanks for your comments they’re very productive. Please be sure we will file them under B for Bin.
    Thanks again for your support
    Yours Truly
    The whole Saturday First Team Squad
    Together we Stand


    1. I was referring to the match you lost 2-0 at Homeland, poor tactic and poor passing. BG was not able to pass the ball from A to B. I must admit that you were very good to just kick the ball as far as possible when you had it. How do you call it the long range flying ball game? Dear Mr. Doyle as a player you were mediocre, as Manager you are even worst.

      Kind regards,
      Your Sir


  5. Dear Lee and Gary it was very nice to see you today at Pitchside.

    I am sorry if I am no longer at BG however I didn’t feel wanted. I am sorry to learn that the First Saturday have been relegated, I checked the result on the Kent FA website and Chipsted won 4-3.

    In any event I think Mickey did a good job since it took over, he managed to get a few points, perhaps he should have been appointed as Manager earlier seen the result he obtained.

    Anyway life goes on, it is only football (life is not just about football) and I am sure that soon you will be back in the Haart Premier League.

    I wish you the best of luck.

    Kind regards,



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