Under 11 Colts 2012-2013

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Trials for next season’s Under 12 squads

Message from Duncan

Football Trials Bromley Green FC will be holding trials for next season’s Under 12 squads on Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th June from 5.30pm-7.30pm with both current players and newcomers welcome. On those dates, there will be no training for the Under 10s.

In-form Prosper is our Player of the Match

18.5.2013 Player of the Match Prosper and the squad after a memorable win against Ashford
18.5.2013 Player of the Match Prosper and the squad after a memorable win against Ashford

Match date: 18 May 2013
Ashford United 1-2 Bromley Green
Report by Duncan Randall
Saturday myself and the team travelled the short distance to Park Farm for our last game of the season and with a couple of lads out and the Colts sitting bottom of the league I was a little nervous to say the least.
As we arrived, a few incidents interrupted the build-up and a pitch that had not been mowed left me feeling that today was just not going to go right.
Anyway – all that said the game started and right from the off it was clear that the Colts wanted this and wanted this bad! The passing was better than I have seen and the positional play from all was superb.
I had chosen to busy-up midfield a little more than normal and it was paying off, nearly all of the play was in the oppositions half and the shots started coming in from all angles, Ashford’s keeper was quality and it could have quite easily have been 8-0 on another day!
GOAL – Lenny Scored, GOAL – Joe Scored … I was over the moon and the look on the lads faces made it worth all the heartache throughout the season.
As the game progressed we had a few nervy moments but every member of the team rose to the challenge and kept battling right to the end. Ashford managed to get one back as Greg could not keep hold of the ball but fair play to our superstar keeper as he did keep his nerve and saved a penalty. This was to be our day at last and the boys knew it! My prayers to the big man had been heard!
As the final whistle blew we had done it, we had grabbed our first TRUE win of the season and I am sure anyone who was there on the day could see just how much this meant to all of us. Well done everyone!
What’s more we had lifted ourselves back up the league table and were no longer last – 2 wins, a draw and 11 defeats. Not a bad 1st season at all with 7 points.
Greg – Great work – fantastic penalty save that kept us in front
George – positional play spot on as ever and took one in the face!
James – Really stepped up today and made some superb challenges.
Kieran – did not put a foot wrong and tracked back with pace
Connor – His best game to date!
Ben – Showed his rapid pace once more and has really started to settle and show promise
Cade – Battled hard all game, as always.
Lewis – Showed again today why he is Captain, fantastic
Joe – Gave 100% and his hunger for goals shone through
Tom – Lost count of the attempts on goal, seemed to always be in the right place
Lenny – What can I say – quality!
Prosper – Mine, the squad and the parent’s choice for man of the match! Prosper was truly amazing and at times it seemed like we had 3 Prospers on the pitch. Well done mate.
Supporters – Always brilliant!
A massive thanks to Ryan and Hana – it’s been a blast and I can’t wait to do it all again.
As I went to talk to the boys after the game and for the MOM chat – it was clear to me just how much this team means to me (lump in throat and tears in eyes!). We have had our ups and downs over the season but we have stuck at it and seen progression which is all I ever wanted.
I hope that the lads have enjoyed it and that we will see lots of these characters back next season.
Onwards to the tournaments!
Happy Days, Happy Days, Happy Days!

George is our Player of the Match against Smeeth & Brabourne

20 April 2013 U11s Colts player of the match

Saturday 20th April 2013

Bromley Green U11 Colts v Smeeth and Brabourne

ADYFL U11s League

11AM Kick Off

This will be our penultimate league game of the season and our last home game.

It’s been a couple of weeks since our best performance to date against Bromley Green U11s and I know all of the squad will be well up for the challenge.

Last time we faced S & B our heads dropped and we could do nothing but watch the goals fire past us – I know we are a stronger team now and we will give this game 100% and do our best to come away with some points.

The Colts really are getting better and better and we all need to make sure that everyone sees that, especially our opposition.

We are not a push over and we can win this game!

Come on you Colts!

Match date: 30 March 2013
Bromley Green Colts 0-5 Bromley Green
Report by Duncan Randall
Green v Green – the game that I love and hate in equal amounts! It’s great to see both teams playing and having fun against each other but it’s so hard that one team has to win (unless we can hold out for the draw of course!).
Emotions aside it was great to see just how far the players have progressed – I know it’s all I seem to focus on but it is my role to try and develop them as much as possible.
With snow falling on and off for most of the morning the sun finally poked through a little as we kicked off at 11:30 and it was to be a great game right from the off. I had opted for a defensive formation putting 5 at the back to really slow the game down and if I could get a draw by half time it may just be enough to raise the Colts spirits to press on to try and come away with a few points!! We all know just what the opposition are capable of so every player was asked to mark as tight as possible and not let them play the football that they are used to and like!
Well it all seemed to work – we frustrated them and made them work really hard in every aspect of the game. At half time it was only 1-0 to the opposition!
Second half changes made and the boys were the happiest I have ever seen them (even though we were losing), if we could keep this up and score early on then anything could happen. Ian had made some changes also and with Zac, Cam and Sonny pressing on hard in midfield it was clear this was going to be a tougher half! The boys dug deep and continued to play some great football with some excellent chances. 4 goals in the second half saw the total score for the game at 5-0. A true reflection of the game to be fair but it would have been great for the colts to have netted one or two.
Remember last time it was 11-1 we lost so 5-0 shows the progression!
My man of the match today was Connor, he really has come on leaps and bounds in the last few weeks and he did not back down at all – well done pal.
Special mentions go to Greg for a great display in goal once more. James for his best game yet. Curtis for a solid performance. Lewis and Cade for staying strong at the back. Lenny and Joseph for linking up well when moving forward. Harry worked his socks off. Ben, George and Kieran did a great job. The whole team made me very proud today and for that I thank every one of them. I know I say it every week but this was their best game to date and in front of such a good crowd.
A big well done to Ian, Martin and the Bromley Green team and thanks to the supporters.
Happy Days!

Match date: 16 March 2013
ADYFL U11 Division
Bromley Green Colts 0-1 Wye Juniors
Report by Duncan Randall
On Saturday the Colts took the short trip to Wye in what was to be a great bottom of the table clash. I was very confident the boys would put in a great performance as we wanted to come away with a few points and although we had a couple of lads missing it could just be our time to shine.
As the game started we looked confident in all areas, great movement in midfield and up front. Defence was also staying nice and tight. With the first 5 minutes out of the way the team started to settle and periods of great football started to be put together. The ball was being played out wide and down the lines and every lad was concentrating on the shape. Great basic football with very little going wrong.
Every counter attack was soon stopped. For the record in the first half we were against the slope and wind yet still managed to be at 0-0 as we broke for half time.
Second half we had the advantage of playing downhill and with Greg’s kicks we found some breaks and pressed on against Wye’s defence. A few changes were made and even more chances created but we just could not find the net! Free kicks from Joe and Lenny almost helped us as did some great corners.
At around 45 minutes in a silly mistake saw the ball trickle between Greg’s legs and just make it over the goal line! 1-0 down!
What happened next was truly the best thing yet for me as Manager and Coach of Bromley Green Colts – these boys found more spirit and gusto than I have had from them all season! They gave all they could right up until the final whistle and no one could ask for more.
So we lost but this was again the best game yet with some of the best football played and some of the best teamwork this season. Should we have won? Of course we should. Could we have won?? Without a doubt – we were the better team on the day and it was only 1 minute out of 60 that we lapsed concentration. Our corners were the best all season and the marking was pretty good too. Should we have had a penalty – I think so!!
Special mentions go to Lewis, Lenny, Joe, Ben, Curtis and Thomas for a superb game of football. Connor, George, Kieran, Harry and Greg deserve a pat on the back too with very little wrong whatsoever!
Man of the match was Jayden for a great solid performance wherever he was on the pitch.
Time to dust ourselves off once again and come back fighting as we still have left to play : Bromley Green, Ashford United and Smeeth and Brabourne.
Happy Days!

Match date: 9 March 2013
ADYFL U11 Division
Bromley Green U11 Colts v Ashford United
Preview by Duncan Randall
After a great performance last week I really looking forward to this week’s away clash with Ashford United. If we stick to the same game plan then I am certain a result will come our way.
Our opponents tested our other U11 side at the weekend in the cup run so we know it’s not going to be an easy task but I have so much faith in every one of my team.
The boys are training really hard and the attitude is great and as a result we should all start to enjoy the games of football we are playing
Let’s go out on Saturday and put in 100% effort and have some fun!
Come on you Colts!
Squad: Greg, Connor, James, Prosper, George, Kieran (VC), Curtis, Lewis (C), Jayden, Joseph, Lenny, Cade, Ben

Match date: 2 March 2013
Bromley Green Colts 0-8 Pilgrims
Report by Duncan Randall
After last week’s defeat at the hands of Mersham we were all determined that never again would we lose like that. The team talk on Tuesday night had everyone talking for a number of reasons and I hoped the boys would listen and react to it.
The morning did not start well as the ref was over 30 minutes late delaying the start of the game! Just not on!
Anyway – 60 minutes of great football was played in a positive happy style. All of the boys put in a truly great performance and did not give up right up until the last whistle and for that I thank them.
They made me very proud and Pilgrims manager even congratulated me on the makings of a great team (cheers Nige). That is 2 managers in as many weeks, it’s about time we all realised just what we have!
The marking was much better and the overall positioning was great, the ball watching is still proving a problem but is much much better. Defending in pairs was pretty to watch and the boys were so vocal I thought it was a different team.
Man of the match for this game was Ben who really worked hard for the team. Special mentions go to James for a solid performance, Joe for some great skills, Jayden for a wonderful run and shot, Lewis – great captain today and a great performance. Far too much to mention for all of you!
This has to be the best performance to date for the Colts and I am sure they all enjoyed themselves more than previous games. I do not mind if we win, lose or draw but I do mind how we play and the spirit/passion we show (I have said that from day one).
I am over the moon so thanks lads. Let’s hope this is the turning point for our fine team!
Bring on Saturdays game away to Ashford United
Happy Days

Player of the Match is Ben ... well done!
Player of the Match is Ben … well done!

Match Date: 23 February 2013
ADYFL U11 Division
Bromley Green Colts 0-17 Mersham
Report by Duncan Randall
So Saturday the Colts were away to Mersham and although we were missing a number of players the boys still seemed up for the challenge that faced us.
We have to be realistic and understand that Mersham are a team that have been together for a number of seasons now and are a solid team with lots of talent; that said the Colts are really starting to shine and we all hoped that we could show a good performance.
We were welcomed with open arms as we arrived at Mersham for what was a cold snowy morning. Myself Ryan and Hana warmed the boys up ready and we were soon kicking off for 60 minutes of football. All I wanted the boys to do was use everything they had learnt and have fun.
The first 5 – 7 minutes were the best we had played defensively and even Gavin (Mersham Coach/Manager) came over to congratulate me on just how good we looked and to say that no team had held them back like that at home – I was chuffed to bits.
This feeling soon left me as I watched the better team run circles around my boys. It was not just the fact that they were better than us on the day but the team stopped doing their jobs!
Marking was awful, tackling was the opposite of what we teach and the lads just dived in time after time, positioning was not how we needed and I am afraid everyone was ball watching rather than both ball and players! I feel bad saying all of this but I have to be honest. I train these players twice a week and I know they are much much better than they showed on Saturday. In fact after the 2 hour training session we put on in half term I was very confident indeed that we could put up a good fight. After 10 minutes the lads were starting to get pushed around a little and it was obvious that the heads were dropping – who can blame them? Man of the match goes to Lewis who kept battling and did not let his head drop too much (well done mate). There was some positives and I will highlight them again at training.
17-0 … I was gutted! As I type this report on Tuesday (I was not going to do one to be honest) I am still hurting and embarrassed of what happened but that is football. Its now down to me to raise the boys up again and go out there fighting – to go back to basics and start again.
This is the START of something very special and this defeat does not signify the end, we now grow stronger!
It’s now time for every Colt player to stand up and be counted – to wear the BGFC shirt with pride and fight for every minute of every game – to show me and the rest of the team exactly what playing football means to them and to go out and stop getting pushed around. Its going to be tough but I hope every one of my squad can step up to the plate!
This team means so much to me and I hope everyone can see that, I now need that given back to me from every player we have.
Credit to Mersham for a great performance and for being such good sports – no gloating or showboating whatsoever.
Happy days – sort of ;o)

Match date: 2 March 2013
Pilgrims v Bromley Green Colts
This week we face Pilgrims (away) again in the ‘Cup’. I know we can put in a good performance and shock a few people.
It will indeed be a tough game so we will need to be as fit as possible and up for a good challenge. Last time we faced them we managed a great first half so this time we need more of the same and some goals as well!
I am hoping for a big confidence boosting show from the whole squad, a show that we will all be proud of! Come on you Colts!
Squad: Greg, Harry, Connor, James, George, Kieran, Curtis, Lewis, Jayden, Thomas, Joseph, Lenny, Cade, Ben

Match date: 9 February 2013
ADYFL U11 Division
Bromley Green Colts 0-4 Hawkinge Youth
Report by Duncan Randall
Saturday we took the slightly longer journey to Hawkinge to face the team we drew with not that long ago so we were all hopeful for some points. However, Hawkinge were playing off the back of a win (first win) and were also at home so a tough game was to be expected.

9,2,2013 Harry is our player of the match
9.2.2013 Harry is our player of the match

The sun was shining and the game was started … The Colts looked a little nervous out there to begin with and a couple of silly mistakes led to the first goal being slotted home for Hawkinge. The heads dropped slightly but Lewis and the rest of the boys did well to fire each other up.
Not long after this Hawkinge slotted home the second goal and it was a fantastic goal to be honest and no defending or goalkeeping could have stopped it finding the back of the net. At the half time whistle we were 3-0 down.
Back out into the 2nd half and we dominated all but a couple of minutes. In fact most of the 30 minutes was played deep in the Hawkinge half with the Colts throwing everything at the game. A quick long ball from the opposition saw our defenders caught out and the fourth went in!
I can honestly say I was gutted for each and every one of us on the day as we gave it everything but just could not find the back of the net. I watched as the Colts fired at least 10 shots at goal (at least!). The defending was strong, passing was good. The hunger, passion, teamwork, true grit and determination shone through. We had free kicks, corners and goalmouth scrambles all saved – open goals missed. It was just not our day and my prayers from the side-line were not answered!
The coaches, managers, ref and parents of Hawkinge came over to congratulate us on a great game and a great performance and really could not believe our luck at not getting the goals!
I do not think we could have done anything different on the day and I am very pleased with every member of our team – once again it was our best game yet and the progression is outstanding. Please let us all remember that this is the 1st season for most of these boys!
Man of the match was Harry – once again he ran his socks off and tried his best for the team never giving up. Well done mate. This was a close call as everyone did so well.
As for the rest: Special mentions go to: Joseph – so good on the left with some great shots. Lenny – out and out battling all over the pitch with some fantastic shots, Thomas – after some wobbly moments in the 1st few minutes he came out hungry and passionate in the 2nd half, Lewis – great captain and did not allow the score to bring him down, Cade – excellent defending and pushing up!, Curtis – Very strong game indeed, Connor – Great goalkeeping considering he has been playing on pitch most of this season, George – such a great footballing mind getting in all the right places, James – fantastic battling and great passing, Kieran – great running and defending pushing people out wide, Jayden – another good all round performance, Ben – best game yet and starting to look really promising.
Am I pleased? – very! I keep saying that the score line does not reflect the effort etc. and it is so true – we have the makings of a great team here and it will all come together very soon I am sure of that. We have after all only played twice now in 3 months!!
As long as the boys remain positive and keep turning up for games and training then we can ask no more. Enjoyment is the main thing but we will keep battling for that all important win!
Happy Days

Match date: Saturday 9 February 2013
ADYFL U11 Division
Bromley Green Colts v Hawkinge Youth
Preview by Duncan Randall
This week we face Hawkinge Youth (away) and I know we can put in a good performance and come away with the 3 points we deserve.
The Colts have some really great individuals and this Saturday will be a big test to see how they are getting on with team play.
New captain Lewis and vice-captain Kieran will lead their squad out for the first time and I hope we all dig deep and give our very best for the 60 minutes.
I have every bit of confidence in each and every one of my team so now is the time to stand up and prove we have progressed!
Come on you Colts!
Squad: Greg, Harry, Connor, James, George, Kieran (VC), Curtis, Lewis (C), Jayden, Thomas, Joseph, Lenny, Cade, Ben

Hello all
On Saturday our inter-club fixture was called off. We decided we would do some training instead but when only a handful of players (7 out of 15 for bromley green and 5 out of 15 for the colts) turned up, it made me feel very disappointed. As everyone had said they were available to play the match, we expected a lot more to turn up. I had one parent text me to say they could not make the training, so assumed everyone else would be there. We understand that sometimes it gets the team down when games are cancelled but training is the most important part of being a football team. I don’t want to sound like a moany coach but Ian, Duncan, Ryan and myself put a lot of time and effort into both teams, as do a lot of parents too. We all just want players to enjoy themselves and to continue bonding as a team.
If anyone does have any issues with getting players to or from the ground, please don’t hesitate to speak to us. Between us we will always try to help.
Sorry again for the moan but as you can tell we are very passionate about the teams.
Thanks, Martin.

12.45pm Friday: inspection at Waterside: ALL Bromley Green junior and senior matches scheduled for Waterside on Saturday 19 January are OFF … clubhouse will still open from 8am for breakfast!

Match date: 12 January 2013
ADYFL Under 11 Division
Bromley Green Colts 0 v Pilgrims 10
Report by Duncan Randall
Saturday saw us back to playing football after a 2 month break due to postponements and with Christmas in between it felt strange to be getting out there but to be fair the boys were well up for it!
Ryan could not be with us but Trent kindly helped out and I thank him for that (cheers mate).
So the order of the day was to get out there and show them that we mean business and not allow them to play football. Close marking is all we needed to do. We all know how good Pilgrims are, we cannot take that away from them.
For the 1st half we really held the onslaught off and looked pretty solid only letting 2 goals past us. Everyone did their job very well and I could not fault the first half. We just needed to do the same in the 2nd half!
Unfortunately the 2nd half did not go as well and I am not sure why. It was so cold out there and I wonder if that was a big factor. Basically the team stopped working together as well as they had and forgot what they needed to do. Key players in the team needed to come off due to various reasons which left us very open. It was frustrating to say the least. There was still some great positive moments amongst the negatives.
That said we still played our best football game yet and I have no doubt about how much we have improved. We did not lose quite as much as we did last time and we had them worried at the end of the 1st half! We had some great breaks that could have easily been goals and a score line of  10-3 would not have been unrealistic.
Connor had his best game yet, Kieran was brilliant! Lenny could not have done more. Cade as ever was a powerhouse and Lewis outstanding! Jayden put in a good performance as did Thomas and first timer Ben. George was great and nearly scored. James worked hard and played some great balls. Greg made some great saves (quite a few in fact). Joseph showed some great footwork.
There really were lots of people that deserved man of the match but my choice in today’s game was Harry. His effort and enthusiasm shone through on Saturday, well done Harry.
Let’s put the 2nd half behind us and remember just how good we were in that 1st half – we need to focus on few things but overall I am very pleased.
Next game – Smeeth and Brabourne at home!
Happy Days

Well done Harry!

12.1.2013 Duncan presents Harry with the player of the match award
12.1.2013 Duncan presents Harry with the player of the match award

Preview for Saturday away to Pilgrims

Match date: 12 January 201ADYFL Under 11
Pilgrims v Bromley Green Colts
Preview by Duncan Randall
So this coming Saturday we are away to Pilgrims and after 2 months without a game I am very excited to say the least. I can’t wait to get the lads out there knocking a ball about. I do hope and pray that the weather is kind for a change!
Pilgrims are currently sitting 2nd in the league and have not lost a game yet – only a draw (to Bromley Green) so we can expect a tough game right from the off but that is great news as we don’t want it easy do we?
I need every single player to turn up Saturday with belief that we are going to do well safe in the knowledge that we can play a good level of football and that is exactly what we shall do, play football from the start until the final whistle blows.
Remember our last game was a draw so let’s go out for the win! I know the Colts will be up for the challenge. Meet at the club by 8:45 please folks.
Squad: Greg, Harry, Connor, James, George, Kieran, Prosper, Curtis, Lewis, Jayden, Thomas, Joseph, Lenny, Cade, Ben

Saturday 15 December 2012: the tournament at Wye is OFF due to waterlogged ground

Saturday 8 December 2012: the game away to Wye is OFF due to waterlogged pitch

We have an interesting break from league games with the Wye Challenge Cup on Saturday 15 December. Here are the basic details:
Starts at 10am for ALL teams
Teams: Wye Juniors, Ashford United, Hawkinge, Bromley Green Colts

No game or training for the U11 Colts on Saturday 24 November 2012

Match date: 10 November 2012
ADYFL U11 Division
Bromley Green Colts 1–1 Hawkinge Youth
Report by Duncan Randall
Saturday saw us welcome Hawkinge Youth to Waterside for our 7th game of the season.
So far we had lost 5 games and only won 1 and this weekend we all needed a result. Hawkinge had lost 4 and drawn there last 2 games, sitting one point behind us in the league I knew they would be turning up for a win!
My first thank you has to go to Trent and Paul (Ryan unfortunately could not be there on the day but sent his message of good luck and Hana and Claire were off as well) for stepping in and helping out on the day. It’s not just the game but admin and subs and also setting up that takes us away from the boys on match days so help is very much welcome. Matt Coniam also stepped in as ref last minute so a big thanks to him.
I had opted for a different formation this week and went for a 3-3-2 with Thomas and Lenny up front. It was interesting to see how this was going to work out. The whole team turned up raring to go and with an air of positivity about them – this did not leave their side throughout the entire game and some fantastic football was played.
The positional play was superb with the defenders holding off any attack that came our way – the midfielders played very well and the passing is starting to look better. As a result we found the opportunities came and we could have had a few more goals on the day with just a little more luck.
I was very impressed with every single one of the 14 boys that played on the day – the progression is really starting to show and we are starting to build that team spirit that has been missing. The boys are creating friendships in the team and as a result the ball is being passed around more. The Colts can only keep on improving and we are starting to find the positions that work best.
Joseph seems a lot more comfortable in Midfield with Jayden, Lewis played a stormer of a game (in fact the best that I have seen in both seasons with BGFC) well done. Cade is fantastic at CB and is so vocal which is just what we need. Lenny and Thomas look great up front and with a few more passes around midfield and the strikers we will be onto a winner! Curtis had another strong game as did Kieran, Harry and Connor. Prosper always looks good on the ball and we will have a great player once he settles in a position. James and George came on and did everything I asked of them – they really are coming on leaps and bounds! Greg had another great game and pulled of some great saves – he definitely learns something every week.
Man of the match was Cade – I know he wants to be in midfield and I am sure his time will come but he is a warrior in defence and is a real king pin of this team. If I move him at the moment I know it will leave a gaping hole. Well done Cade – great work.
The result was a draw – 1-1 and the goal scorer was Thomas – well done mate. That’s another point we have and a little more belief. A great result guys that put a huge smile on my face! This was our best game of the season and felt even better than our win against Wye.
Happy Days!

Match date: 20 October 2012
ADYFL U11 Division
Bromley Green Colts 1–11 Bromley Green
Report by Duncan Randall
So … Green v Green! This is never an easy day for a number of reasons.
Myself, Ian and Martin train and coach both teams throughout the year and I whilst we want both teams to win we hate seeing one team lose. We are after all one big team and if you cut one we all bleed. It’s very hard for me with my son on the ‘other’ team but it was nice to see him play!
After sleepless nights thinking about who will I put where and how will I play it and how will Ian and Martin play it I decided on the positions and formations hoping that I could hold off the Green attacks!
I tried all I could to raise the spirits in my team and stay as vocal in the warm up to try and just rattle the opposition and I know we managed, if only a little.
It was nice to welcome Jack Stafford and to be able to introduce him to the future of Bromley Green. It was also nice to see such a big crowd turn out.
The game started and an early goal rattled the lads, then 6 minutes in and we were a couple down. Heads started to drop and changes had to be made. The 1st 15 minutes saw a number of goals go into the back of the net but Greg saved a lot more than went in.
The 2nd 15 minutes of the 1st half we looked stronger, something had changed in the lads heads and they fought for every ball but we just could not get the break we hoped for.
2nd half started and we were out played for the 1st 15 minutes but again the last 15 of the second half the boys reacted and played some good football against a tiring team – Joseph scored our only goal to a huge cheer from everyone. We had a few more chances in this period which was nice to see.
My only criticism on the day is simply down to marking and the boys know this, all I wanted was close man marking so close they could touch but in the game this just did not happen and we allowed the opposition to play football around us. At times their attackers were sat between our defenders and the goal which must never happen. Another lesson learnt I hope?
Overall I am very pleased with the Colts as they never gave up right to the very end – it is this attitude that will make the difference as we move forward to the next game in a few weeks. Never give up boys no matter what the score is.
A few mentions: Harry had his best game yet and showed some great promise. Thomas really did well and tested the opposition. Lenny looked great again. George and James was great. Cade and Lewis did very well stepping up into midfield keeping the pressure on. Not one lad backed out or was scared of getting stuck in. If I have left anyone out please do not think it is negative as everyone did me proud.
Greg … Superstar of the day! I had parents of both teams congratulate me and ask if they could have input on my man of the match – everyone said Greg, even the rest of the Colts said the same. Greg, you did a great job and really threw yourself at every ball. Not once did you give up even though ball after ball was being kicked at you. Well done ‘Greggers’, I thank you for what you gave on the day for your team.
Over to the opposition – We have to remember that these boys have been together a lot longer and quite simply are better as a team than the Colts are (fact). They are more confident and faster, they play as a team very well and its due to this that they have now gone top of the league. What was nice in this game is the sportsmanship from both teams, no showboating, no gloating and no nastiness at all. In fact it was just a bunch of mates having a good old game of football. On the day the better team won but … The last game of the season will be Green v Green and it will be all to play for! For today – A huge well done to our opponents, you did good!
The goal from Rhys was a cracker. Time for me to be biased … Luke, it was great to watch you play and you amazed me – what a transformation in a year, a cool head into every tackle and clean unrushed clearances, well done son.
Thanks to both Ian and Martin on the day and thanks to Hana ;o)
If we play like this in the next 3 games we WILL have a few wins I know that!
That’s all I have to say folks, I hope the Colts did you all proud and you can see the difference that is being made.
Happy Days!

Match date: 13 October 2012
ADYFL U11 Division
Bromley Green Colts 0-7 Mersham
Report by Duncan Randall
This game was to be the true test of the work we had put in this week following our last defeat that really had rocked the whole team.
We had so much to prove today and it was not to the parents or opposition but to ourselves, we were all that mattered on the day and the build up was already looking good, apart from the weather! Mersham looked a little unsure if I am totally honest but I think deep down they expected this game to be no contest at all. The boys were really fired up and looked so excited, there were a few nerves but I soon quashed those.
From the off the Colts were shouting, moving well and really looked like a football team for the first time this season, everything we had discussed was being put into practice and some great football was being played. For most of the game Mersham were better than us but that is what happens when a team has been together for 3 seasons however, we certainly did not look out of place I know that for sure.
The defending was outstanding and was being sorted out in 2’s and 3’s and a lot of the time was being cleared to the halfway mark. There was no “bunching” together arguing over the same ball but space was being found and balls were being played into them.
We managed a couple of breaks and had some very good chances but a goal was just not meant to be. Yes, the goals were going in against us but it did not matter one bit as the Colts were having fun and were really enjoying playing football as a team!

Curtis will hold the trophy for this week … well played all the lads!

Not one head dropped and that is such a big improvement!
We lost the game and Mersham deserve a pat on the back for being great sports and playing some very good football around us but the Colts are the true victors in today’s game as this marked our first real game of football. Everything I wanted from these boys was given back to me 100% and it just shows what a difference a week can make!
So man of the match – such a difficult choice today as there was not one lad who did not give it his all out there so myself and Ryan agreed that it would be the team that wins the trophy with Curtis Warren as the man to hold the trophy for his outstanding performance throughout his time on the pitch.
Connor and Greg really did well in goal and Gav from Mersham even went over to congratulate Greg. Well done boys. It was also nice to for Gav to take the time to speak to the whole team and let them know just how good he thought they were and to offer an insight into his 1st season – not one win and losing 13-0 to most teams!
Connor, Greg, Kieran, James, Cade, Lewis, George, Lenny, Thomas, Joseph, Jayden and Curtis – you did yourselves and your team mates proud today and I know that myself and Ryan are over the moon with how you played.
Next week we have Bromley Green Colts v Bromley Green and I know this will be a big game so we just need to go into it with the same attitude we did today!
Happy Days
Dunk & Ryan

Match date: 13 October 2012
ADYFL Under 11 Division
Bromley Green Colts v Mersham
Preview by Duncan Randall
Saturday we welcome Mersham to Waterside and I know it’s going to be an interesting game. Mersham are in fine form at the moment playing 3 and winning 3 so this is not going to be an easy task.

Skipper Jayden
This week we have regrouped and bonded well as a team, the boys have seemed a little more focused on getting out there and going for it and I am confident we will put up a good scrap out there on the pitch.
I am really looking now for Jayden (Captain) and Cade (Vice Captain) to lead the Colts out there and keep them in the right frame of mind and fighting spirit that we need to see in the boys.
I call for all the boys to turn up, gel as a team from the moment you get in the changing rooms, get out there and play football and enjoy it. I also call for the parents and supporters to get behind us and give it everything we have, show the boys that we believe in them!
Myself and Ryan will choose the starting 9 in the morning but every single one of the Colts team needs to give 110% tomorrow and nothing less (that includes coaches and managers!)
We have a good team that is growing so quickly and it will not be long before we start winning! Let’s have fun and wear your Bromley Green shirt with pride!
Meet at waterside 9am (sharp) for a 10am kick off.

Match date: 6.10.2012
Smeeth & Brabourne 9-0 Bromley Green Colts
Report by Duncan Randall
This match report has to be the hardest one that I have had to write so far. I was well aware that this season would bring me lots of ups and downs as a manager but after this game I felt down in the dumps to say the least. After 24 hours to reflect I do see it all in a slightly different light but still extremely disappointed.
We started really well, in fact the best I have seen the boys start so far this season and I was excited to see how the game would pan out. I spoke with Ryan and said that I wanted to stay a little quieter in this game and try to watch and take notes (I could not manage to stay completely silent though).
It was at 10 minutes in and the 1st goal against us! It simply slipped out of Greg’s hands and into the net. I watched as the heads dropped and to be honest the game was done and dusted at this early point in the game, no matter what was said the boys never managed to get that fight back in them and it was uphill all the way.
Jayden played some great football and I noted at 20 minutes in he was being very strong indeed. Kieran managed to get a whack in the face that split his lip so sub time.  Cade had some fantastic spells all the way up until just before half time. Then a scrappy piece of defending with no clearance saw us go 2-0 down as the half time whistle blew.
At half time it was only 2 goals that we were apart and I knew if we could get the boys to step up to the plate and if the entire 9 players gave 100% we would be able to pull this game back…
2nd half started strong and Lenny put a great shot that was unfortunately saved. Connor pulled off some great defending! Another superb attack came from Lenny. It was end to end stuff. We gave away a corner and 3-0 read the score sheet! 4-0 from poor defending. Greg managed 3 superb saves in a row and the play moved in our favour.
The ball had been played all the way and a cheeky try on goal from Thomas which hit the woodwork (or is it metal??) The ball was played out and Lenny put a great cross in from the corner but could not find a player to net it. 5-0 on the counter attack!!
The heads really had dropped and it was so frustrating to watch as I know the boys are better than this. 6-0 from some more scrappy defending, 7-0 Gregg not using his hands.
Thomas managed to get the ball again and was in on goal but the keeper managed to save it. Cade had a great chance on goal but the angle was wrong and the open goal was missed. 8-0, 9-0!
We came away from this game as the definite losers but its not through the football that these boys can play, its not down to lack of training or fitness, its not down to a weak team. Its far more simpler than this. It is the lack of desire, passion, commitment and hunger that is missing from our match days.
I really do believe that these boys have what it takes to go out there and play a fantastic 60 minutes of football. We all give up a lot of time for this team and I need every single one of you to know that I am sure you have what it takes! We have the makings of a truly fantastic team and when the 14 players start to see that, we can really get down to playing football.
Man of the match this week goes to Thomas who really looked good in the second half and very nearly bagged the Colts a couple of goals.
This coming Saturday we are at home to Mersham which will be a tough game so I need everyone on board and ready to show just what we can do! Lets look out for our team mates, play football and enjoy it.
If we win, lose or draw it matters not the result, what does matter is that we did the very best we could for the entire 60 minutes.
Happy Days
Ryan & Dunk

6.10.2012 Thomas is our Player of the Match today … well done!

29 September 2012 

29.9.2012 U11 Colts Player of the Match
29.9.2012 At the sponsors for chocolate treats!

Match date: 29 September 2012
Bromley Green Colts 2-7 Hamstreet
Report by Duncan Randall
On Saturday we took the short trip to Biddenden to play Hamstreet again in a friendly and hopes were high after a week of specific training which was starting to sink in.
It had been agreed that we would play 6 lots of 15 minutes to give the team a real chance to gel and put into practice all that had been learnt.
We started the game very strong and held the 1st 15 at 0-0 which was fantastic – 2nd 15 saw us take the lead with a great goal from Thomas, a lovely high cross that bounced over the goalkeeper giving us the deserved lead.
The whole team was starting to really work as a team and the only weakness was positioning through the middle and a lack of passing but other than that a great 30 minutes of football.
The next 15 saw a couple of mistakes from the ref which led to free kick going Hamstreet’s way!! This was crossed into the box and ended up in the back of the net from a handball which meant we were all level at 1-1. The disruption from the ref walking off and refusing to do any more and also the parent getting involved really did not help matters and even though I tried to keep the boys focused it was the next 15 minute spell that lost us the game!! Ian Mace had to stop coaching and ref for the rest of the game as well which did not help us at all! Hamstreet put another 3 goals past us in that spell and the score line was 4-1.
We never managed to come back from this even though we managed to net another goal! The final score was 7-2!
We need to work on Positioning, Passing and Teamwork amongst other things but there was still some great positives in the 90 minutes the boys played. Lewis impressed me once more when the chips were down. Greg was simply superb in goal and Hamstreet named him man of the match (well done mate). Lenny worked hard in midfield and at times was screaming for the ball. Harry put in some great tackles and James and George are looking better by the week! Kieran was outstanding and is really started to come on nicely, this was his best game yet and he became vocal for the first time and for lots of reasons Kieran is my man of the match – Well Done!
On the way back from the game we dropped in to see my good friends and team sponsors Bill and John of John Page Trailers Ltd for quick hello. We were warmly welcomed and the boys were very kindly treated to some chocolate (the boys all went for the biggest bars though so no doubt it will cost me in return drinks for Bill!!). At least a few of the adults now know where JPT are and I am sure you will get excellent service if you ever require!
This was a tricky game and 90 minutes of football was always going to be a big ask not only from the players but also from the parents so a huge thank you to you all!! Thanks also go out to Shane, Mace and Sue for giving some of the lads lifts (thanks to those who also offered).
Let’s get ready for this Saturdays game – away to Smeeth and Brabourne.
Happy Days

Match date: 22 September 2012 ADYFL Under 11 Division
Bromley Green Colts 0-11 Pilgrims
Report by Duncan Randall
May I just start my report by stating that I am in no way disappointed with the game, whilst we lost 11-0 I have no doubt we have ALL learnt valuable lessons from today’s performance. The first half started with a very early goal from the opposition which rocked us all, we did however look strong for the next 10 minutes taking the waves of attack and dealing with them well. For the next passage of play we just started to sit deeper and deeper allowing the shots to come in and the goals to tally up! Even though we were losing and knew it was going to be difficult to come back the boys were still showing spirit and the heads never really dropped, for that alone I pat every one of them on the back! Second half with a few changes made and we held Pilgrims off for a good ten minutes until another goal was scored and we once again retreated closer to goal allowing the flurry of shots to rain in.
So we lost 11-0 which is a blow but out of this we have learnt that we need to work on our marking and that we need to be much closer to the players. We need to watch the player as well as the ball. Teamwork and talking is required at all times! We also learnt that it’s ok to lose – at least we all had touches of the ball! There was some good play from all the players and I could still see the improvements against a team that has been together for 3 years so far! Prosper amazed me in the centre of field with some great footwork and determination and man of the match was awarded [see photo]. We lost as a team and myself and Ryan share the pain with the boys but… “It’s not over when you’re losing terribly; It’s over when you quit!” Two weeks training guys to iron out the creases and then we face Smeeth & Brabourne away on 6 October. Match Date: 22 September 2012

ADYFL U11 Division
Bromley Green Colts v Pilgrims
Preview by Duncan Randall
This coming Saturday we welcome Pilgrims to Waterside for a 10am kick off.
I am sure this is going to be a tough game as last season Pilgrims looked pretty solid and I do know they have won both of the opening games of this season by quite a large margin! They are after all top of the league so we will need to bring everything to the party if we want do well!
That said I am confident that “The Colts” will run out onto the pitch ready to give 110% knowing that our first win is now securely under our belts.
With that new found confidence the boys have along with the belief that they can do it, we WILL be able to play a good game of football and who knows the result that may await!
Training has been going really well and even though it’s still very early in the season we are already seeing great progression in all of the boys.
We are missing Kieran this week from the squad but other than that everyone else is ready and raring to go.
William Page (our sponsor from JPT Ltd) has wished us all good luck for this week’s clash and has said that you boys are doing us all proud! He will be down to see us all again very soon!
Most important thing to remember for Saturday is have fun, we keep drumming this into you but it is such a crucial part of your game at the moment. Get out there, have fun and look like you are enjoying yourselves.
Please meet at the club 9am prompt with everything you need for the game.
Let’s see if I have to put my hand in my pocket again for the celebratory drinks after the match ;o)
Squad: Greg Burnley, Connor Maher, Harry Craig, James Harris, George Head, Lewis Stansfield, Curtis Warren, Jayden Morgan, Cade Ross, Joseph McDonald, Prosper Muleya, Thomas Barrell, Lenny Russell.
Opponents: Pilgrims
Venue: HOME Waterside
Kick off: 10am
Meeting place: Waterside
Meeting time: 9am

Match date: 15 September 2012
ADYFL U11 Division
Bromley Green Colts 5-1 Wye Juniors
Report by Duncan Randall
After last weeks defeat in the final minutes Ryan and myself were going to make sure that we did not leave this weeks game to the closing minutes again and we needed goals. With that first game out of the way and the nerves settled it was time to welcome Wye Juniors to Waterside for our 2nd home game in a row, it was also time to welcome our latest player to the squad – Lenny.
Wye turned out with only 7 players which I had already been informed of but had kept it quiet from the boys until the last minute as I did not want them to go into the game thinking they were going to “walk it”… However, it seemed the boys had managed to get over excited and to be honest for the starting 25 minutes we were making hard work of what should have been a fairly straight forward game!Somehow we had managed to go 1-0 down and my frustrations started to show. Luckily we managed to grab 2 goals before half time, both very welcome but a blinding free kick from Captain Jayden!!! We had taken the lead 2-1.
Half time team talk was very much needed, a bit of a shake up for the boys as we should have really been more in front by now. Straight into it and we looked much better, the hunger to win was finally starting to show. I must at this point say that Wye really were battling hard and put up a fantastic spirited fight, the young girl on the team was brilliant and outpaced 90% of my squad!
Nearly all of the second half was spent pressing onto Wye’s defence and the score line could have been into double figures but the back of the net just could not be found.
With a strong defence that had been brilliant in both halves and the midfielder’s who had gained the confidence to knock the ball around and play football the shots started to get better and better and the results we were all hoping for materialised. 3-1 up and then 4-1 up!!! I started to smile and the boys really started to enjoy the game. Lewis moved up into midfield and Cade did great work at centre back pulling off some great tackles and superb clearances.
The game finished up at 5-1 to Bromley Green Colts which is a fantastic result and gives me my first win as manager – I cannot put into words what today has meant to me and I thank the boys who turned up, played, enjoyed and WON!
Everyone played there part in today’s win and we are starting to grow as a team, we need to take this win to next weeks game and carry on where we left off!

15.9.2012 Player of the Match Lenny with Ryan and Duncan

Man of the match for the Colts today was Lenny who just did not stop battling in midfield and managed to keep his head at all times, well done mate.
Harry, Kieran, George, James, Lewis and Cade – great work today in defence, Curtis, Lenny, Prosper and Jayden brilliant work in midfield (remember your positions),
Joseph – Fantastic. Connor in goal, superb.
Business as usual on Tuesday and Thursday back at training – I expect to see you all there ready to work on the weak points and continue to progress as we are. Happy Days!
Dunk & Ryan

More news  to follow …

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