The Little Ones 2014-2015

24.6.2015 Children aged 5, 6, 7 years are welcome at 5pm to have coaching from Jack. ALL please report in the clubhouse before training to enable parents to be briefed about Saturday’s tournament, discuss plans and sign necessary safeguarding forms. Thank you.

10.6.2015: Training for 3yrs and upwards on Wednesdays from now on. Please report in the clubhouse at 4.45pm. Jack Smith will be taking the tiny ones.

Some photos from training 6 May 2015

Fantastic effort by the tiny ones despite the awful weather ... butter wouldn't melt in their mouths!
Fantastic effort by the tiny ones despite the awful weather … butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths!
Well done Henry!
Well done Henry!
Well done Aidan!
Well done Aidan!
Well done Marcus!
Well done Marcus!
Well done Rhino!
Well done Rhino!
Well done Micheal!
Well done Michael!


Update: parents who would like their 5/6 year olds to continue training during the winter break are welcome to contact Pat on 07526886895

Little Ones (Under 6s) please note that once the clocks change Hana will not be taking coaching during the winter months for safety reasons. We thank Hana for her commitment, even though some weeks only one or two turned up.

Your sessions will resume in the Spring and details will be published on the Little Ones Page. Any child that turns the age of 6 is welcome to talk to Pat Penfold on a Monday or Wednesday as the possibility of training with the Under 8s may exist.

The Little Ones [aged 3 to 6 years] gather on Tuesdays at 4.45pm

One of our future Green stars
One of our future Green stars in action

6.8.2014 update

Thanks go to Sam Phelan and Lee McRobert for their help with the Little Ones while Hana has a break.

We are now back in full swing although of course there are a number away on their holidays at this time of the year.

All children who just love having fun and kicking a ball are welcome.

Notes to the parents/guardians of all the ‘Little Ones’ who train on Tuesdays

Training for the Little Ones resumes AFTER THE EASTER BREAK on Tuesdays beginning at 5pm

Revised arrangements: training for the Little Ones will start again after the Easter break

11.2.2014: Training is OFF for the remainder of February in the hope that things soon dry up! We resume on Tuesday 4 March 2014.

7.1.2014: Training is ON … just hope we don’t have too much rain during today!

Few left ... I will not be re-ordering prior to Christmas ... so first come, first served ... DH
Few left … I will not be re-ordering prior to Christmas … so first come, first served … DH

It’s official … Santa Claus is coming to Waterside!

See you on 21 December ... ho ho ho!
See you on 21 December … ho ho ho!

Yes, we have confirmation that Santa Claus will be at our Children’s Christmas Party on Saturday 21 December from 2.30pm bringing gifts for everyone. He will be meeting the Little Ones [3-7 year olds] between 2.30-4.30pm and the U9s and U10s from 5-7pm. The fun and games, food and disco will take part in the Waterside Childrens Centre hall by kind permission of our friends the Salvation Army. As a bonus, our very own famous Mark ‘Spud’ Smith will be coming along to help with his games and balloons etc. Tickets are on sale now at just £5 per child fully inclusive and because of fire limits please note NO TICKET = NO ENTRY. Adults do not pay as this is a day for the children but the clubhouse will be open all day for teas, Christmas drinks etc. Remember under no circumstances should alcohol be taken outside of the clubhouse.


Dear parent/guardian

Please note from Tuesday 29 October the training for children aged 3-7 years will take place on the MUGA [aka The Cage]

The time slot we have reserved for every Tuesday [we include half terms by the way] is from 4.45pm until 5.30pm

We will have to make a nominal charge of £1 to help towards the costs of lights/hiring and this should be paid in the clubhouse using the form supplied. If you would prefer to pay block amounts rather than mess about with a £1 coin every Tuesday then that is fine … just enter the amount you pay on the form. Should you wish to pay in advance by cheque, please make it payable to Bromley Green FC.

Can I remind you that notices are from time to time published on the club’s official website and all are encouraged to view regularly

Hope everyone continues to enjoy themselves

Any problems, please ask to speak to me direct or email me at

Kind regards

Dave Homewood

[Honorary Patron/Youth Project Coordinator]

Advance notice of youth training arrangements
[from 28 October when clocks altered]

Weekly fee remains at £2 per person [Little Ones pay just £1]

MUGA reserved for:
Tuesday: 4.45-7.30pm [2 hours 45 mins}
Wednesday: 5-8pm [3 hours]
Thursday: 5-8pm [3 hours]

Tuesday: Little ones 4.45-5.30pm; U11s 5.30-6.30pm; U12 Colts 6.30-7.30pm
Wednesday: U10s 5-6pm; BG Valiants 6-7pm; U16s 7-8pm
Thursday: U14s 5-6pm; U13s 6-7pm; U12s 7-8pm

Portable Lights
Tuesday: U13s / U14s joint use 5.30-6.30pm; U12s 6.30-7.30pm
Wednesday: U15s 6-7pm
Thursday: U9s 5.30-6.30pm; U12 Colts 6.30-7.30pm

Outside venues
North School Astro 
Monday 6-7: Under 15s and BG Girls [half pitch each]

Photos from training 27 August 2013



Well done!

Awards for their sponsored penalties ... more photos on the Home Page (20 August 2013)
About to receive awards for their sponsored penalties … more photos on the Home Page (20 August 2013)

Welcome to Bromley Green FC to all new players
You will probably find things a little hectic to start with but when things settle down we are sure you will enjoy being part of our friendly football club.

Little ones awards
Tuesday 20 August at 4.30pm: there will be a short presentation to all those who took part in the recent Sponsored Penalty Competition at Homelands. There will be some nibbles and ice cream before training! Everyone is welcome of course … we don’t want any child to miss out.

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