U9s 2014-2015

Welcome to our page dedicated to the Under 9s who were established in 2014, quickly making a good impression with skill and good sportsmanship in their first season in the Ashford & District Youth Football League

Home friendly with South Ashford … photo slideshow

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We played a friendly with South Ashford today.  We started a bit nervous but slowly, slowly we played our football system, in fact we started to score when we started to pass the ball to each other.  The first half ended with a comfortable  advantage.

In the second half, due to the first half score line, we were playing a bit too slowly, we all wanted to score but this defeated the object of our game system, namely, passing the ball to each other like we do during training and in a few matches in the past.

We have a lot of work to do as we want to reproduce the same kind of football we practice during training session, passing the ball, when we have time and space, is mandatory. We eventually managed to score two more goals but if we played our passing game we could have scored 6 more goals in the second half.
Today I noticed many players to dribble far too many times, football is not just about individualism, it is about team work.  Eventually we will understand how important is the team in its entirety and not in its individualists.

I have to point out the positives as well, we were defending together like a team and going forward together, this is something that really pleased me, as we do it regularly in every match.

Well done boys and girls, you are getting better and better game after game but I am sure you could do even better. The secret is training continuity.
I look forward to seeing you on Monday for a wonderful and exciting training session.

Kind regards,


Saturday 30 May 2015: Please meet at 9.45am for the friendly against South Ashford

From the tournament at Kennington on Sunday 24 May 2015

Getting ready the action at Ball Lane
Getting ready for the action at Ball Lane
Green on the attack
Green on the attack
Three likely lads!
Three likely lads!
A well-earned rest
A well-earned rest
Action from a thrilling group game
Action from a thrilling group game

Tense moments at Wye!

Tense moments at the Wye Tournament ... see the photo slideshow on the main Home Page
Tense moments at the Wye Tournament … see the photo slideshow on the main Home Page
Nicole is not over-impressed with her birthday 'treat'!
Nicole is not over-impressed with her birthday ‘treat’!

Match date: 4 April 2015

Bromley Green v Faversham Town

Today we played our last league match, we played a very well organised Faversham, the boys started the game as if they were afraid and this did not help them to play as they would usually play.
The first half finished with Faversham in front, the second half was different as the boys did what they should have done in the first half.
This is our first season and I believe we have done very well, in particular in the second half of the season.  Considering that we started this team this year, I can talk about the positives we have achieved in a short length of time.  Being the first season we managed to win 4 games and draw 4, we also have to consider that we played the Atlantic group who is known as the strongest league if compared with the Pacific group.
2015.04.04 [6] U9s Harvey is PoMPlayer of the match was Harvey [pictured receiving his award from Guido], today he was all over the pitch, defending and supporting the attack.

Well done Harvey keep up the good work.
I am satisfied of our achievement however we have a huge job to do if we hope to challenge very well organised teams.  This is why it is very important that from now on we all come for the two training sessions, Monday and Wednesday from 6pm to 7:30pm .
Thank you for all of the parents who have actively participated with the team, Leah-Ann and Sarah have been simply outstanding.
We now look forward to the 25th of April when we will play the Respect Tournament in Wye.
See you on Monday, the new season has already started.
Kind regards, Guido

Training arrangements after the clocks change
We will now be at Waterside on Mondays and Wednesdays 6-7.30pm. Any player that cannot attend should ask their parent/guardian to inform Guido or Wayne. Contact numbers can be found by clicking on the Contact page.

21 March 2013: Well done to Joe, our Wilmoths Player of the Match

2015.03.21 [4] U9s PoM

Match date: 21 March 2015
Report from Guido Bulla
Today we played a friendly with South Ashford.  The greens had a very good game, knocking the ball about, defending well and attacking in numbers. I am very pleased as the team is becoming a good group of friends, it is a very positive sign.
The first half ended with a comfortable lead, in the second half we were even better and scored four more goals from accurate passes, our fitness was excellent as we were running for the whole game.
We also had Alfie today coming back after his surgery and he was outstanding, scoring a wonderful hat trick, communicating and playing with his teammates.  Haydon was outstanding he seems that he has always been playing for us and he scored a goal as well; Leo is improving training after training, however we all played smashing football and the key for that is training.
Joe was our player of the match.
A wonderful summertime is awaiting us, we will play 4 tournaments  (Bromley Green, South Ashford, Wye and Kennington ) and today I just entered the U9s to play ADYFL Respect tournament.  Soon I will inform parents of the new training times, for when the clocks go forward, we will train on the grass at BG both on Monday and Wednesday.
Saturday 28 we will play Hythe,  it will be a tough game but Greens if we play like today, enjoying our football, play as we would normally play during training I am sure you will be fine.
I look forward to see all of you on Monday for training.

Fantastic display from the Under 9s today
21 March 2015 Fantastic display from the Under 9s today

When the clocks change, training on Mondays and Wednesdays will return to Waterside. Any new girls or boys that would like a trial are welcome to attend at 4.45pm each day for a prompt 5pm start. Bring boots and shin pads please. Any children not accompanied must wait in the clubhouse until the manager/coach arrives. The standard training fee of £2 PER WEEK applies throughout the year, regardless of the number of times a child trains. All enquiries to Guido on 07854612538.

7.3.2015 Before the Cantiaci game

2015.03.07 [1].jpg U9s

Match date: Saturday 7 March 2015
Bromley Green v Cantiaci
Report by Guido Bulla
Today we played Cantiaci.  The first half was very entertaining , we started well and they were under pressure.  Maciek put us in front with a well taken free kick, few minutes later they drew with a penalty but we went forward again and scored once again.  On a counterattack they manage to level the game and few minutes later they scored again.  First half ended with Cantiaci in front.
In the second half we bravely played our game, although, for a short while, they caged us in our half, Nicole made some amazing saves and kept us on the game,  we could have scored in a couple of occasions, a short corner between Harvey and Maciek almost produced the leveler and when it seemed all over, Maciek struck another perfect free kick to put us level. The player of the match was Harvey, he struggled through a difficult game for him but kept going and I felt he deserved some recognition for this.
All players of our team must learn that if you are not having a good game, it doesn’t mean that we have to put our head down and think that I am not a good player, we all make mistakes, we must make learn from mistakes in order to improve. Mistakes are also made by professional footballers, we are human beings, we have the perfect days and the days when we make mistakes, this is valid for all of our players and not directed to a single player.
If we think that the same team beat us at their ground then undoubtedly the team is  improving,  I am sure next season we will be even better but the key for improvement is training, it is very important that children don’t miss too many training session.
Soon we will be back at Bromley Green ground, the weather is finally helping us and the team will benefit from training on the grass as we will have more space and they will play on the pitch where we play league matches, this will provide the boys the concept of space and how to occupy it when attacking and when defending, unfortunately small training area does not help in such way.
I look forward to seeing all of you on Monday.

Match date: Saturday 28 February 2015
Bromley Green v Grasshoppers
Report by Guido Bulla
Today we played Grasshoppers, a  well organised team.  In the first half we defended well but we could not come out of our half, the first half was a draw.
In the second half as soon as we conceded the first goal we seemed strangely discouraged whilst in the past four games we would have reacted, this time we lost faith in our abilities, this is football and they are still learning, fair-play to Grasshoppers who played well.
2015.02.28 Ronny and GuidoThe answer to this performance is to give continuity to our training and to view the positives and learn from our defeat , losing is a starting point and not the end of it. We must understand why we did not perform as we have done in the last four games and improve our game.  This is still a learning curve for our team. The player of the match was Ronny [photo].

See you all on Monday for training, we expect full attendance please. Kind regards, Guido

Match date: Saturday 14 February 2015
Bromley Green v Mersham Spitfires
Guido Bulla reports from Waterside

Today we played Mersham Spitfires in a friendly; it was a very entertaining and breath-taking match.  We took the lead with Haydon and played our football confidently.  Few minutes later Spitfires scored, however the Greens did not give up and Maciek scored to put us in front from a well worked short corner. Spitfires put the game level on an impressive counterattack action and we finished the first half with a draw.

In the second half we conceded the advantage but once again the spirit of the team and their willingness to play the match produced a wonder goal from Maciek, at that point the game could have gone either way but unfortunately Spitfires managed to score the winner.

2015.02.14 [5] Maciek PoM U9sWe played a very strong team today and that shows how far we have come since September, we are a team now; we play for each other and pass the ball, this is the fourth positive match for us, the hard work we carry out during the week is undoubtedly working. Maciek [pictured] was our Player of the Match, all of the team deserve credit for their performance.

It was my pleasure to meet Michael Davies, who played eight years for the Green, I would like to thank him for his compliments at the end of the match, he said: “You have a good little team there”.

We are proud of the team, we look forward to continue our work with you and make sure that we will get better and better.

I would also say thank you to all of the parents helping out and for bringing their children regularly for training, let’s keep the good work going. I look forward to seeing all of you on Monday training in order to prepare for the game against Hythe.

PS:  During half-term we will be training regularly, Monday at BG and Wednesday at Imagine.

Kind regards, Guido

7 February 2015 Report on the Mersham match

2015.02.07 [9m]
Today we played Mersham away.  The first half was a bit slow, the Greens allowed their opponents too much time on the ball and we struggled to get out of our own half. We were circulating the ball at a slow pace and therefore allowing the opponents to close spaces.  Mersham took the lead, a few minutes later Haydon put us on track with the equaliser but the greens did end up behind at half time.
The second half, like last week at Grasshoppers we played some good football and showed a good team spirit. James stopped a penalty and made some good saves, we then went on and scored two more goals. The first from Alfie when the ref gave us the advantage after what was a definite penalty, and our last goal came when Harvey was in the right place and scored after a rebound from Maciek’s excellent free kick.
2015.02.07 [9n]The team keeps on improving in the last three games you can see that they are more confident when passing the ball, they are starting to talk with each other.  It is nice to see how all the work we do during training is starting to appear.
We must be humble and continue to work well during training.  Let’s be united and committed and the time will tell us how good we are.
We look forward to seeing you on Monday 5pm.
Regards, Guido

Saturday 7 February 2015 away Mersham Hurricanes. Venue: Flood street, Mersham TN25 7HE. Kick off is at 10.30am and we meet in the clubhouse at 9am.

Match date: 24 January 2015
Management proud of our boys and girls
The team started very well, defending like a team and moving forward as a team, passing well and speaking to each other. Unfortunately we conceded a very dubious penalty (seriously this was a specsavers incident!) This seemed to set the players back for a period and two more goals were conceded. It is a cruel game sometimes as the players played some really good football.

The team showed what a great team spirit they had in the second half. A break down the wing by Harvey and a pass to Alfie who then scored. Plus a goal by Hayden, after a Ronnie’s shot put us right back in the game. We also should have had a penalty when Alfie was fouled in the box but unfortunately the ref missed this one! The team showed a great togetherness and were very unlucky to concede another goal towards the end of the match.

Our defenders (Nicole, Leo, James, and Joe) were outstanding, covering each other and carried out tactics as explained, understanding import elements of the game at such a young age, this was a pleasure to see. We can only take the positives out of this game I am sure the team have learnt a lot from this game. Congratulations to Leo for being player of the match and will be captain next week.

Wayne and I can only see positives in the last two games our players have started to play football. It appears that their training is starting to show results. Wayne and I are very proud, keep up the hard work.

Thank you to all the parents who came down to support us, on such a cold windy day on the Marsh, if it wasn’t for you we would not have a team.

See you Monday 5pm, let’s try to get a really good turn out so we can keep building a good team.

Thank you all for your support!

Guido (& Wayne)

Next game for the Under 9s
This Saturday [24 January 2015] we are away to Grasshoppers with a 10am kick off. Please meet in the clubhouse by 8.30am. We will return to present the Player of the Match after the game. The venue address is : Dymchurch Recreation Ground, St Marys Road, Dymchurch, TN29 0PL

17.1.2015 Slideshow: No games but there is training and food!

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Match date: 10 January 2015
Pluckley & Egerton v Bromley Green
Report by Guido Bulla
Today we played Egerton & Pluckley away, wonderful fair play on the pitch fantastic welcome from the Egerton manager  .  The BG boys played very well in the first 12 minutes, passing the ball, creating goal opportunities and scoring goals, once we had the game in hand, we started to pile up as in the old days, some players was trying to dribble 3/4 players at once, the result was that we managed to give away the lead within few minutes.  At the end of the first half we were in front.

In the second half we started to play our football again and finished the game with a comfortable win.  We do a lot of drills about passing the ball however in order to pass the ball we need to create space, if two/three players play as close to each other, it is impossible to play the passing game, we will make sure to work on a drill that will help you to understand what does it mean to create space before passing the ball.

We will also talk about how important it is to be a team player, it does not matter how skilled a player is, if one does not pass the ball when he can, soon or later he will be dispossessed and the opponents will have space and time to score us  goals.

We need to play like a team, team work is very important.  Finally we can take throw-in, almost all of the throw-ins today  were perfect.

Well done everyone for today match, next game will be at home with Faversham Town, we all know how strong they are and how often they pass the ball to each other, we have to raise our game in order to play a brave match…passing the ball by creating space is the key…

Thank you to all the players, we are half way through the league and I am very proud of your improvements … I know we can be even better.

See you Monday.

This Saturday (10 January 2015) we are away to Pluckley & Egerton with a 9.30am kick off. Please all meet in the clubhouse by 8am. We will return afterwards for the Player of the Match presentation. Venue: Pluckley Recreation Ground, Pluckley, Kent TN27 0PA. Training as normal on Monday and Wednesday.

Shane and Guido with some of the Under 9s at training on Monday
Shane and Guido with some of the Under 9s at training on Monday 5.1.2015

Under 9s: Monday 29 December 2014 training at Waterside (10.30am-12.30pm) training includes: fitness, football drills, fitness with ball and match (please bring trainers and football boots with studs)

It’s party time for the younger players

Children’s Party on Saturday [13 December] 4pm-6pm for U8s, U9s, U10s and U11s. A final reminder that people need to confirm and preferably pay £5 per child to Jane/Michelle/Natasha/Emma or myself … during training this week would be great, thank you Debby.

Message from Guido [7.12.2014]:
Dear Parents,
I hope you are all well!
Our last league game will be Saturday 13 December.  School holidays will run from: 19th December 2014 – 5th January 2014.  This is a very long holiday period, we would not be training until the 5th of January 2015, to be more accurate, 29 days without training.  It is too long and will be difficult for the children to resume training after such long period.
Furthermore the football notions they have acquired so far will be forgotten.  This is why I have prepared a training schedule for the Christmas/New Year holidays.  Please take note of the following dates:
1) Mon 15 Dec 2014, training at BG ground as normal, training starts at 5pm.
2) Sat 20 Dec 2014, training at BG ground (10:30am-12:30am) training includes: football video clips, fitness, football drills and match (please bring trainers shoes and football shoes with studs)
3) Tuesday 23 December 2014 training at BG ground (10:30am-12:30am) training includes: fitness,element of ball possession, football drills and match (please bring trainers shoes and football shoes with studs)
4) Monday 29 Dec 2014 training at BG ground (10:30am-12:30am) training includes: fitness, football drills, fitness with ball and match (please bring trainers shoes and football shoes with studs)
5) Monday 5th January 2015 normal training times, BG ground from 5pm.
6) Wed 7 January 2015, training at Imagine, 6pm-7pm.
7) Saturday 10th January we play away Egerton, details will be disclosed at a later time.

Please make sure that your children will attend these intense training sessions, fitness does not harm, children will benefit both from a physical point of view and from a mental point of view, I am sorry if I repeat myself, however,fit children will produce better results at school and have more energy to face their daily activities, this has been proven scientifically.  PlayStation is not healthy, Sport is Life!
If for any reason you can’t attend the above intense training sessions, I would appreciate if you could let me know.
Kind regards,

Match date: 6 December 2014
Bromley Green v Tenterden Tigers
Guido Bulla reports from Waterside
Today we played Tenterden Tigers, considering our last game against the same team, I have noticed positive signs again, we missed our goal chances but the overall performance was discrete.  The new signed players together with the older players will change the asset of the team as well as the performances.
We will have to help the new players to adjust to the team and, of course, make them feel welcome.  As it often happens what work well during training sessions does not work well in the league games.  We need a bit of composure and take a touch on the ball when we have the time and space to do it, exactly as we would normally do at training.  Despite we work regularly on throw-in we still take it wrongly, this week, we will again work on them as well as on corners.
During the Christmas holidays, I would like to do 2/3 morning training sessions, Christmas holidays are too long and to have a gap of 15/20 days without training is not good enough, this week I will talk to all parents in order to inform them about these training dates.
I also would like to stress the fact that training is very important this is a message aimed at everyone and not to a particular player(s).  At the end of the day, personally, I would rather have my child training and keep fit rather than playing with the PlayStation, it had been proven scientifically that if an individual is fit physically as a consequence is also fit mentally and can perform school tasks better than those who don’t practice any sport.  Sport is life!
I would like to thank Harvey’s dad for having taken the photos of the team, I didn’t know he had taken these photos, it was a nice and pleasant surprise.
Next week we will play Cantiaci at home.
See you on Monday, I expect all of the boys at training, please be on time 🙂

6.12.2014 We are at home to Tenterden with an 11.30am kick off … please meet in the clubhouse by 10.45am

Fantastic performance at Biddenden and welcome to Tom, Brandon and Haydon

Some of the players and parents after a brilliant display by the team
29.11.2014 Some of the players and parents with Guido after a brilliant display by the team at Biddenden … more photos on the Home Page

Match date: Saturday 29 November 2014
Ashford & District Youth League U9 Division
Biddenden v Bromley Green
Report by Guido Bulla
Today we played away against Biddenden, who we already played at the beginning of the season, at home, and lost.  However since then we have moved on, the BG U9s have been training regularly and hard therefore our game performances are improving game after game,  I have no doubt about it, in the last three matches, I have seen very positive signs, such as we no longer pile up like we used to.
20141129_123315Finally we are starting to keep the distances between each other and we have more width and depth, we pass the ball to each other and defend like a team, the boys are getting used to a specific football style that I have been training since the beginning of the season, the passing game.  Last week we lost the against Smeeth & Brabourne but the performance was absolutely outstanding if one think that when we played them at their ground, they literally took us a part.  It is my opinion that the boys need to have a football lesson or two by teams that are more experienced than us (because they have already been playing together for 4/5 years) as this give our boys the idea of how much we need to work if we want to play football with the most competitive teams in the future.
In relation to Biddenden I must compliment all of the team, not one or two players but the whole team played and reproduced the same performance as last week, the decisive goals by Ronny and Alfie [pictured with his PoM trophy] came from passing the ball between each other and not by chance, we really meant to build the goals action that way, I am very pleased for that, I have been waiting for a long time for this, this  is a turning point, my aim is to keep on working on the same football passing drills to develop this football style even more.
We will soon have new players in our team, Tom, Brandon and Haydon, I would like to welcome them on our team, we will  make them feel as  part of this wonderful club that takes the name of Bromley Green FC.
I am 100% positive that with the new signings, we will increase our defence and midfield strength, this is why I am always looking for new players.  My aim is to continue in seeking quality players to add, if in the summertime trial I will find more quality players I will not hesitate to sign them.
Just to clarify that at Bromley Green team managers make decisions in relation to the formation and whether they want to sign new players.
I look forward to seeing the U9s at training on Monday.

Bromley Green FC hats for Christmas presents @ £6

Few left ... first come, first served ... please text to reserve or see Dave Homewood at the ground [there will not be another delivery until the New Year]
Few left … first come, first served … please text to reserve or see Dave Homewood at the ground [there will not be another delivery until the New Year]
22.11.2014 Happy Jensen is our Player of the Match

22.11.2014 Jensen is our Player of the Match
22.11.2014 Jensen is our Player of the Match

Monday 17 November 2014 Update 3pm: Guido has cancelled U9s training for tonight … too wet

This Wednesday!

halloween poster 2

Report 18/10/2014
By Guido Bulla
We played a very well organised team (Hythe Stars & Stripes).  They were passing the ball to each other and it was clear that they have been playing together for two years.  Excellent welcome from the Hythe manager.
It is all part of the learning curve, playing strong opposition will motivate the young greener and help them understand how important it is to pass the ball to each other, as I always  tell them, a good team is that team that stay together for many years and keep on training well like we always do.
There is a long way to go and the U9s, for now, must enjoy the game and learn from each game.  There are a lot of positives, such as the technical improvement of the team.
As the manager of this side I must admit that at the moment experience is one of our weakest point and I am positive that by next year we will be a much improved team as long as we train regularly.  It is like when you start Primary Schools, one will not be able to write fluently until the same does not learn the “abc”.
I am proud of this team and look forward to progress their game.
See you Monday.

Coming soon … Halloween Party

halloween poster 2


Monday training will continue at Waterside while on Wednesdays we are in the hall at Imagine.

Guido will furnish you with all details.

Photos on the Home Page of our first visit to Imagine.

Please remember on Mondays to bring footwear suitable for both the grass and the MUGA

13.10.2014 Under 9s training is ON tonight … 5pm in the MUGA

4 October 2014

Today we played Faversham away.  We were missing Jensen and Sam due to illness.  The boys played very well in first 10 minutes and we were closed to score in two occasions.

Unfortunately Ronny (studs on his knee) and Maciek (studs on his heel) suffered injuries, from that moment on they were literally limping on the pitch and the game turned on their favour.  Despite Faversham had very physical players (tall, strong and physical on our players and on the ball) until the above players could pass the ball we were creating problems to their defense.

Considering that we missed Jensen and Sam as well as the intimidation suffered by the players I believe that we were played very well and brave in the first 10 minutes.

On a separate and general note I hope that in the future we will not have to play with a referee being the manager of the same team playing against us.

Our next match will be Grasshoppers at home.  We look forward to a fair game next week.

Once again thanks  to all of the parents helping the team.

See you Monday at 5.

Thank you,


27 September 2014

Bromley Green v Egerton & Pluckley

Report by Guido Bulla

Today we played Egerton & Pluckley, the young greener are starting to knock the ball about, reflecting the training we are carrying out during the week.

As soon as the referee whistled the kick off we started to put a huge pressure on their defenders, two minutes gone and Ronnie scored a wonder lob goal , we could have scored three more goals but if the ball hit the post twice in a row, it means that it might be one of those unlucky games, where one team enjoy possession and create scoring chances and the other team score lucky goals or limit itself to play counter attack football, in fact 5 minutes to the end an unfortunate own goal put the game square.

The boys didn’t seem touched by the unfortunate own goal and in the second half they started to play 2/3 touches on the ball and we deservedly scored again and again (I am sorry but the result cannot be disclosed) however the fantastic BG supporters following the game enjoyed it very much, to name a single player today is impossible as they all played like a team including the sub so well done Nicole, Leo, Jensen, Ronnie, Alfie, Joe, Maciek and Sam you are starting to be united, however, there is a lot of work to do, we need humility, humility is the key of success in football and in life.

I have a problem, I am never satisfied and I am convinced that this team can play even better than today as long as during training we keep on working solidly and seriously although you are only 9 (I am aware of that) we need to be disciplined, it all starts from this age boys, enjoy football and enjoy training.

Thank you Sarah, Carol, Shaun and all of the under 9’s parent that are helping so much to this fantastic group of little greener.

Please still bear in mind that the result at this stage is secondary, the main aim is to improve technique and get them used to pass the ball…the future is positive, they are the future, I believe in loyalty and hard work and the results will definitely come in the future.

P.S. Amir is a very good referee, thank you Amir.

See you on Monday at 5:00pm.

20.9.2014 Under 9s game is off as Cantiaci cannot raise a side … instead there will be training and a game at 11.30am with Guido


Today we played Tenterden,  the boys played well up to the end of the first half when we concede two goals before that we had two clear scoring opportunities.  The second half was a disaster, the whole team unperformed, we did not press, the opponents as in the first half, and let them drive the game.

Like I said we are building the team it will take time, training and commitment from the players, just to give you an example the Tenterden manager told me that they have been playing together for 5 years now therefore it is about loyalty and hard training like that old saying “Rome was not built in a day”.

The team must stay together, loyalty and hard training is the key of successful teams all over the world. Next match will be away to Cantiaci, this week we will still work on passing drills, technique and defense.

My way to live football is passionate and during the game I always talk to my players, when I will start to talk less during the game, it means that they are playing the way I would like them to play, this is the way I am.  As soon as the game is over I am happy if we won and I accept if we lose.

Losing never dishearten me, losing for me is a starting point and not the end of the world, losing will make me think even harder in order to find solutions that will help the team to find the right balance.

Soon I will sign new players in order to strengthen the team.

See you Monday at 4:30, together for a stronger BG.

Kind regards,


On Saturday [13th September] we are at home to Tenterden Tigers. For kick off and meeting times, please always refer to the Fixtures tab. Any doubts or unavailability, please contact the manager.

The great adventure begins …
our U9 boys and girls that wear the famous Green shirt

The first league match which was provided wonderful entertainment for the crowds at Waterside
The first league match on Saturday which provided wonderful entertainment for the crowds at Waterside

Match date: 6 September 2014
ADYFL Under 9 Division
Bromley Green v Biddenden
Summary by Guido Bulla
We started our adventure today at home to Biddenden.  We went three nil down; but from this moment on we started to play football and pulled one back. Later in the first half Biddenden scored one more goal, the first half score line was 4-2 to Biddenden.
In the second half I witnessed some smashing football, the boys started to knock the ball about (which is the football style I am training, our motto is: attacking is a form of defence) and scored one more goal, we were very closed to put the game square but we were unlucky.

Referee Tom Messenger and Manager Guildo Bulla prepare for the big kick off
Referee Tom Messenger and Manager Guildo Bulla prepare for the big kick off

The goal we conceded came from some sloppy defending and this is something we must work around during training as we need to pay more attention. We could have avoided two of the goals; anyway I am very positive for the future of the Under 9s. Leo surprised positively, he has improved so much in the last couple of months.  I am more than positive that by the end of the year we will have a group of much improved players.
The team performance was excellent especially from the midfield upwards.   However we have a long, long way to go, we will work hard during training and I am sure the results will come.
Just to clarify that we are playing a non-competitive league this year therefore the results are not so important, this year will be used to foster and the team, to learn how to pass the ball, to get confident with the ball and to move without the ball.  I am prepared to give all of my football knowledge to the Under 9s.
I would like to make a general note, during training sometimes I talk to the boys in a way that it could be misunderstood; I really care about the Under 9s and if I push a little bit some players it is because I care for them, there is nothing personal about it, I just want them to improve
Our next game will be with the Tenterden Tigers, who a very strong team and we must work hard in order to go to Tenterden and play our game. We will learn to impose our game regardless of the team we are going to play.
Thank you for all of those who are helping the Under 9s, let’s work together for a stronger Bromley Green. Let’s create the next Bromley Green  football generation together, let’s be united as this is our main goal.
Please note, as discussed today from next week our training session will be as follows:
Monday  4:30pm-6:00pm
Wednesday 5:00pm: 6:30pm
See you Monday at 4:30pm
Kind regards

Saturday’s game against Biddenden is ON! Kick off is at 11.30am and the referee is Mr Tom Messenger … good luck Green boys and girls … this is the start of a wonderful adventure and hopefully a lifetime of enjoyment at our great club. Remember the motto: ‘Friendship in Distress is the Essence of Virtue’. In other words, we all look out for each other during bad as well as good times … whatever the circumstances.

Next training is Wednesday 3 September 2014 at 5pm when Guido will give details for the weekend


Unveiled in the clubhouse on Monday [1 September 2014] after training … all gather please for a celebratory drink [squash!]

Please note that there is no training tonight (27 August) but things get back to normal on Monday 1 September when Guido returns

Guido is on holiday at the moment but thanks go to Lee and others who have stepped in to keep the training going until he returns

25.8.2014 No training on Bank Holiday Monday

3 thoughts on “U9s 2014-2015

  1. Thank you Lee and all of the others who are looking after the Under 9s while I am on holiday.

    Altough I am enjoying my holiday I am missing BG very much and look forward to come back at the training ground in order train the Under 9s and help the club in growing future talented BG players. See you soon. Guido


  2. I couldn’t agree more, our motto is ‘Friendship in Distress is the Essence of Virtue’. Let’s work together for a stronger BG. See you Saturday 6th September; meeting at the clubhouse at 10am. Please be on time!

    Kind regards,



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