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Tuesday 19 March 2019

Fox Sunday v Bromley Green scheduled for Thursday 18 April at Sandyacres (kick off 6.30pm)

Training Tuesday is as per the schedule (refer to Events & Fixtures page)

Meeting Tuesday 6.30pm (DH, RF, TR) to plan for next season’s three Under 12 sides

I am still waiting for a few deposits for the three St George’s trips … if you can get the deposit and signed forms to me asap please. The final cost per person will depend largely on the effort made with the sponsored penalties. Thank you.

Green jacket (size 12yr) number 538 for Max Randall please collect when convenient from the clubhouse

Meeting tonight 6.30pm: DH, RF, TR to discuss plans for the U11s trips and expansion next season to three U12 teams

Another exciting adventure for one of the Bromley Green youth teams … on 12 May, the U9DVS group are off to the Emirates to play in a tournament … more details from Dean later

More action photos from the BG Valiants on Sunday tournament duty

Monday 18 March 2019

Training for the U14s and U9s Monday evening as per the schedule

Birthday greetings today to Cameron Edwards!

BGV Adults Tournament reports from 17 March 2019 

Bromley Green’s Aaron Small in tournament action on Sunday morning … more photos to follow

Bromley Green A side (Aaron Maul)

First game was against Swanscombe and it should have been the toughest game but we dominated throughout. A windy run and cool finish from Toby put us ahead and we didn’t look like conceding after. Final score 1-0 

Second game was against Canterbury always a tough team but this time was really difficult. They made the most of their extra man and continued to get behind easily. They scored controversially from a throw but in the scheme of things meant nothing. Final score 0-3.

Next was against Maidstone a game we should in theory be winning but they frustrated us with half chances and wayward shots. Nothing much to say about it final score 0-0.

Lastly was Charlton, a bit of a tired performance. We did score one goal from a corner off of Toby’s head. Final score 1-0.

Man of the match was Toby for two goals and making sure it all ticked over as well as possible.

Bromley Green B side (David Spencer)

Match 1 vs Sheppey United 

Unusually we were the first kick today and we faced a team that all season we have struggled against. Today we had even numbers of players both sides. From the kick off we pressed forward and was rewarded with an early goal which was well taken by Kane.

After this early goal to game settled down and it was very even. Unfortunately, towards the end of the match two long balls found their striker who confidently put both away.

Match ended BG 1 Sheppey 2

Match 2 vs Maidstone United Raiders Steel.

This game was played with good possession and many, many chances that we could not put away. Both Kane and David got the post several times.

Match ended BG 0 Maidstone Steel 0

Match 3 vs Maidstone Raiders Nickel 

This game was played well by both teams and Ashley in goal pulled off some great saves to keep us in the game. David has a few chances but just could not find the net. Match ended BG 0 Maidstone Nickel 0

Match 4 vs Maidstone Raiders Copper

For this match we played Ashley on pitch and David in goal and with Ashley’s fresh legs he covered the whole pitch really well and managed to pick up the majority of the loose balls. Great team link up in this game enabled Kane to put 2 goals away confidently. 

Match ended BG 2 Maidstone Copper 0

Match 5 vs Anchorians

Due to the success of having Ashley on the field from the last match we decided to repeat our formula. We got off to a great start and most of the game was played in our oppositions half.

Unfortunately, the game ended early when one of Anchorians players went down injured after a 50/50 ball. Match we believe ended as a draw.

Man of the Tournament was Kane today for his great finishing and gutty determination all day. 

Bromley Green C side (Debbie Claber)

With today’s icy wind, the squad were absolutely delighted to be playing indoors and away from the cold.  With that positive start, the day continued along similar cheerful lines.  A first game against Milton was going to be our tougher game of the two,but the game against Maidstone was one that was more evenly matched for us.  Both games had some excellent passing between Paul, Gemma and Adam, and Gemma’s knack for finding space and calling for the ball reliably is a joy.  With Jordon upfront, determined to put the ball in the direction of the net, and luckily into the net a couple of times too, we have had another successful day.  Owen, as always, was solid in goal and dealt nicely with some powerful shots against him.  

Well done too, to Adam and Gemma, who both volunteered to help Maidstone out in the final game of the day, against Milton.  There was a bit of a “mission” between both clubs to get a result, and Adam’s determination (which had been present all day) finally got him, and Maidstone, the goal and result that everyone was hoping for!  Man of the Tournament is Adam, for keeping his determination throughout the day, playing resiliently whenever his chances didn’t quite come off, and for being sporting enough to help out another squad as they lost players during the morning.

Thank you again to everyone, players and parents/families.

Weekend updates …

Photos and reports from the BG Valiants will be posted here soon …

Two-goal Dobbin Player of the Match in Sunday Reserves win

Double for Dobbin

The boost of a couple of first-teamers undoubtedly helped the Sunday seconds as they recorded a comprehensive 4-0 victory over Pilgrims on Sunday. Sid must be wishing he had the luxury of a large squad every week but his praises were reserved for the youngsters who showed once again why we are already confident for the future. Jack Hollamby, Lenny Russell, Conan Wyer and Cameron Bruce all played their part as goals from Jamie Dobbin (2), Ben Harding and Luke Burdon sealed a 4-0 victory. Good performances from keeper Gary Ranson, Tom Messenger and Brad Osbourne rounded off a pleasing morning for the Green boys.

Former Green boy Luke Brooks waits for the final whistle as the Pilgrims keeper faces another wave of attacks

Clubhouse open today from 7.30am … good luck to the BGV Adults in their tournament, the Sunday Reservers at home to Pilgrims and the BGV juniors who have training at Waterside this morning with Nick Cook

Birthday greetings today to Shane Cowley, Kieran Branch, Marcus Hodges, Robbie Bower and Craig Vennard

Bromley Green Reserves v Pilgrims on Sunday is ON with a 10.15am kick off

Bromley Green Under 11s

The U11s ready for action at Hawkinge

Today the boys travelled to to EKYL outfit Hawkinge and with very high winds it was awkward for both sides to get a grip in the game. The boys had shot after shot but just couldn’t score -the wind definitely had a part to play. The boys kept batting but against the run of play found themselves trailing at the break due to some slack defending just before the break HT 1-0. Second half was the same story couldn’t apply the finishing touch and dominated the half again creating chance after chance but not being able to convert and was punished as Hawkinge snatched two late goals. Final score 3-0.
Well done to all that took part in a very entertaining game once again. Cheers Rob

Back home … U11s

U10s Colts shine again

Well done young lady … sorry, not allowed to publish names but a great team display by the U10 Colts

11.58am: Just had message from Nicole that training is cancelled for the U14s as something has come up

Under 11s at New Romney is called off / U8s against Wittersham – note from Bobbie: Match is off

Early morning disappointment for Timmy and those going to New Romney and Bobbie against Wittersham – both off

For those still waiting for club garments, I can only apologise … the fact is our suppliers, JAKO, keep putting the date for arrival back as Shane will vouch. The latest date is 25 March which means in reality April before we have received and had the garments printed. Not satisfactory. That said, there are still bags and garments waiting for collection from the clubhouse … some have been there for yonks!

Always positive, the U9 Colts: they love football, having fun and just enjoying learning and being part of a community club.

The future!

All HOME games off on Saturday


Pitch update from Shane on Friday night

All HOME fixtures are OFF … for away games refer to the Events & Fixtures page

Training can go ahead as long as not on the playing surfaces

Fox Sunday v Bromley Green is OFF with Sandyacres unfit for play

Urgent update: sad news from Nancy is that Weald Wolves Blue have withdrawn from the League … therefore, no game for the Under 16s on Saturday

Happy birthday Friday to Martyn Dalby and Charlie Jupp!

Friday morning early and we still have some games on … desperate now for some dry weather! Fixture amendments and revised training arrangements as they occur will be published on the Events & Fixtures page.

Update Friday night: all HOME games are off on Saturday. Shane will inspect again on Saturday afternoon in respect of Sunday’s home Reserve game.

Clubhouse open Friday 8am – midday only

Under 7s: note you now have a game on Saturday even though the tournament is off (refer to Events & Fixtures page)

Under 13s and Under 14s: note you have training sessions on Saturday (for times, refer to the Events & Fixtures page)

Under 9 Colts great night out at McDonalds

McDonalds Manager Dave King, who praised the U9 Colts for their behaviour on Thursday evening
Tommy … Mr King isn’t keen on that shirt!

Focus on the Under 11s

Hawkinge squad for Saturday with Rob

Preston, Alfie, Harrison, Sam, Thomas,
Matteo, William, Daniel, Kavalli 

New Romney  squad for Saturday with Tim

Josh, Charlie, Timmy, Arilas, Abdel,
Kieran B, Ben, Dexter, Lenny 

Meeting times are on the Events & Fixtures page

Birthday greetings Thursday to Tasha Carter, Louise Cotton, Tyler Temple and Archie Mansfield

Thursday night 6pm: McDonalds High Street treat for the Under 9 Colts. Please wear your club jackets and all on best behaviour of course!

ADYFL U7s Pacific/Atlantic Tournament at Waterside on Saturday – sorry but due to the recent heavy rain and the miserable forecast this event has been put back to a later date to be arranged

BG Adult Valiants friendly on Saturday has been called off by David and Pat after considering the weather forecast

Decisions re the fitness of pitches for this weekend will be announced on this website first and Shane’s ruling is final

Sunday Reserves at home to Pilgrims is still on now we have found a referee … note kick off at the earlier time of 10.15am with a meeting time in the clubhouse of 9.15am

New definition of democracy: Government of the people, by the MPs, for the MPs

Please come and collect from the clubhouse

Club bags

049 Gemma Johnstone

142 Elliot Grace

238 Nicholas Lemieszek

239 James Vaxley Chamber

496 Paul Johnstone

549 Spencer Saunders

900 AbdelRahman Hellah

901 Kavalli Anderson

Green Jackets

142 SA     Elliot Grace

239  MA   James Yaxley Chambers

238 8yr   Nicolas L

347  14yr Phoebe

498  14yr Tommy Taylor

538  12yr Max Randall

900  12yr AbdelRahman Hellah

901 12yr Kavalli Anderson

Wednesday 13 March

Urgent update: Bromley Green Valiants training is off tonight due to the wet ground and strong winds – David Spencer

Birthday greetings today to Connor Gower, James Peall, Amir Zureiqi and Jimbo Cambridge

External training is as per the Events & Fixtures page. Please refer to this website for updates on BGV Adults training at Waterside – as you can see, it is somewhat sodden!

Executive meeting tonight at 7.30pm … if you are not going to attend, please let me know … cheers DH

Did someone pick up Harry Chapple’s green jacket by mistake on Saturday morning?

This doesn’t look too promising … Waterside on Tuesday

What on paper promises to be one of the most exciting Saturdays of the year, is in danger of becoming a washout (literally). Updates as soon as we have them.

Tuesday 12 March 2019

Training as per the schedule tonight with the U9sDVS at Waterside 6pm and the U9 Colts at the North indoors from 6-7pm

U9 Colts … don’t forget we are guests of McDonalds in the High Street restaurant on THURSDAY at 6pm prompt

Referee wanted for Sunday Reserves v Pilgrims this Sunday with a 10.30am kick off … contact Sid or DH

A new week … with SIMS Milling Services Ltd

“One of the most expensive things you can do is pay attention to the wrong people”

Sponsors of our very young ones

Training tonight for the U9s at Pitchside with Martyn and the U14s at Waterside with Nicole (note 5.45pm start this week for the U14s)

Any items for Wednesday’s Executive Committee meeting can be sent to an Executive member or emailed to

Good to see so many ‘old faces’ at the Vets game on Saturday – an event which even the dismal weather couldn’t spoil. We plan to have more in the future – so if you are interested, do let Sid Hone know.