Bromley Green Valiants 2021


Tom will resume BGV Juniors training on WEDNESDAY 31 MARCH 2021 @5pm. Venue is our own ground, Waterside, Turner Close, Ashford, Kent TN24 0PQ


14 July 2020: Thanks to Simon Oldfield for keeping the Junior Valiants going. Training has been good and we will rebuild. New players always welcome to join in training on Tuesdays at 6pm and now Sundays at 10am at our Waterside Ground.


Message from David Spencer

Training this Sunday 7 June will be from 10am until midday
The following players are attending the entire session :-

Grant Penfold

Toby Furner

Ryan Johnston

Paul Ricky Johnston

Ashley Fedder

Cameron Spencer

Gemma Johnston

Craig Vennard

Aaron Small

David Warde

Adam North

Chris Marlow

Owen Lewington

Mat Roper

James Campion (Harrison)

Players are to bring plenty of water as much of the session will involve some fitness training.

We look forward to seeing you all.
Players attending need to read, understand and follow these rules:
I have the changing room key and will only use the far changing room.  We will keep it locked but if players need to use the toilet then at least it’s available. I will bring soap, hand sanitiser and paper towels with me. I will print off the FA Guidelines. I will make sure I have a mask and latex gloves for any first aid.
Apart from this and following the FA guidelines I cannot think of any other precautions we need to take.

Best regards

David Spencer

As soon as this lockdown is lifted, and we can resume training, details will be posted on the website Home Page. In the mean time, all stay safe and well and keep an eye on the Home Page for Valiants Pics of the Past.

Charlie Rivett with his Respect award presented by manager Nick Cook 16 July 2017

Friday 28 February 2020: sorry but everything is off at Waterside this weekend. Hopefully the BGV Juniors tournament is still on – not heard anything, so fingers crossed.

26 January 2020 BGV Juniors at Gillingham … more photos on the Home Page Friday 31 January 2020

22 January 2020: Happy birthday to Karen Fedder!

20 January 2020: Happy birthday to Sam Spencer!

12 January 2020 at Faversham

Reports on the Home Page from Debby and Dave

Joshua Jeffrey … your boots and bag are in the clubhouse (I found them on the field) Thank you DH

7 Jan 2020 Happy birthday today to Toby Furner!

Photos from Nick Cook 15 December 2019

Shane Dragwidge said “hello” to all Bromley Green Valiants!

1 December 2019 BGV B at the Abbey School … with Dave Spencer

Bromley Green Adult B Valiants report 01/12/2019

Today was a test of whether the squad could hold their nerve and maintain our position at the top of the league.
Match 1 vs CanterburyThis was a match that we quickly settled our nerves with a super pass from Tom through to David who confidently slotted it in the corner of the net.Soon after this goal Cameron (Hedgehog) our one past the keeper.Match ended BGV2 – Canterbury 0
Match 2 vs CharltonThis was a match that we all felt pressure, as Charlton are second to us in the league. Both squads had several chances but no team managed to break the deadlock.Match ended BGV 0 – Charlton 0
Match 3 South East GullsThis was our most physical match and to begin with several strong tackles had to be made by Aaron to prevent us conceding. Two thirds through the match Craig managed to clear our lines with a superb long ball which found David who then scored.We quickly followed this goal with another due to a miss though from their keeper which David confidently slotted home.Match ended BGV 2 – South east Gulls 0
Match 4 vs MaidstoneA slight change of formation seemed to work but putting Tom as striker. Tom scored a rocket of shot, that ended up in top right of the goal. We seemed to dominate possession in this match and Hedgehog scored a super powerful shot in the bottom right of the goal. Josh picked up the ball from our keeper and ran through 4 players and unselfishly passed the ball to David who slotted it past the keeper. In the final seconds of the match Hedgehog made a shot/pass that deflected off Maidstone’s defender into the back of the net.Match ended ended BGV 4 – Maidstone 0
Match 5 vs Anchorians This match time was reduced to 5 mins as the tournament was running over time.This put the pressure on us to get a result. Several near misses on their goal and they had one chance on goal but also fortunately missed. Just as we all thought the ref was going to end the match Tom managed to battle though and grab us the victory. After the this the ref blew end of the match.Match ended BGV 1 – Anchorians 0
Super day for us again and due to some surprising results for other teams our place at the top of the league has been further secured by increasing our points above Charlton. Great effort from all players and player of the tournament goes to David for his super effort and overall results today. Well done and we complete this year on a high.

Advance notice: Bromley Green Valiants Christmas break will mean no training on the following dates: 18 December, 25 December and 1 January

26 November 2019: Bromley Green Valiants coach retires … go to the Home Page for details

Urgent: BGV Juniors training is OFF 10 November 2019 … tournament next week and Nick will be in touch

Urgent: BGV Adults training is OFF 10 November 2019

Bromley Green Valiants Adults A, B and C tournament reports for Sunday 3 November 2019 are on the Home Page

Sunday 13 October 2019


Match one was against Swanscombe and as with many tournaments we started slow. We were by far the best team with Harrison not being tested once but just couldn’t score 0-0.

Next was Charlton and the game was almost identical to the first, solid but with no end product. Plus a massive last ditch tackle from Toby kept it 0-0.

The next game was against the new South East Gulls team who looked one of the best. Again solid but this time Cam slotted a great finish on the keepers near post 1-0 finish.

The penultimate game was against Milton, we turned the heat up after our big win previous and scored three. Kieron, Cam and Grant all getting themselves a goal 3-0 final score.

Last game was against Faversham and we held them for the majority of the game but conceded an extremely unlucky goal and we lost 1-0.

Man of the match goes to Toby for some amazing defensive work making some of our games easy. 

Many thanks Aaron 

From Debby

Today was a tough day for all 5 of our players (welcome to Mat, attending his first tournament).

Playing every game a man down was hard work physically and mentally, as our players had to fight to find space from the opposition.

However, there is a lot that the squad should be proud of themselves for both on and off the pitch as they remained good humoured and defied the temptation to “dip” as some results went against them.  All were willing to work together and support each other and this positive attitude I’m sure helped keep us level in several of this morning’s games.

Mat played his first two games on the pitch, concentrating on defence and building up a good working relationship with Paul.  He then went in goal, freeing up Owen to use his agility and determination on the pitch.  Adam and Owen worked together well for the remaining 3 games,coping with two, and even three, on one tackles and having to fight for every inch of space they could get.  Both were unlucky several times, with attempts at goal being thwarted.  Amy’s confidence is also starting to increase which is good to see as she’s covering more of the pitch.

We were surprisingly evenly matched against several of the opposing teams, despite the player numbers and that’s demonstration enough of the determination of each player to push themselves and rise to a challenge … we’re all really proud and pleased with how well you did!

Sunday 29 September 2019 URGENT: Messages from Dave Spencer and Nick Cook that BG Valiants training is OFF this morning due to the weather

29/9/2019 Happy birthday to Gemma Johnston!

22 September 2019 BGV Juniors in tournament action

Report from Nick Cook on the Home Page

25 August 2019 BGV v Canterbury City

The Green emerged victors on a sweltering hot morning at Waterside

Note: message from Dave Spencer – no adult BGV training on Sunday 4 August 2019


Monday 22 July: Happy 18th to Cameron Spencer!

Wednesday 19 June 2019 Urgent update from Dave Spencer 11.20am: Bromley Green Valiants training is OFF tonight due to the weather

Wednesday 12 June 2019: Message from Debby Claber: BGV training is OFF this evening … please spread the word Valiants … thank you

Message from Nick Cook re Easter training

Thanks to those BGV Juniors who came for a great training session Sunday morning (14 April). For those who couldn’t make it today, as it’s Easter next Sunday there will no training so enjoy your chocolate eggs everyone. The following Sunday is the last tournament of the season would love to see you there; but please let me know if you are able to attend thanks (hence no training on the 21 April back to normal week after).

7 April 2019 BGV Adults in tournament action photo gallery (reports on the Home Page)

24 March 2019 BGV Juniors at Rainham 

The sun is out …
… the sky is blue

20 February 2019 Photos from the clubhouse … more on the Home Page

Fantastic day at Rainham for Nick Cook and the Bromley Green Junior Valiants

Some images from 17 February 2019 … loads more on the Home Pages

Faye has found the net!
Plenty to think about …
Skills galore
Enjoying the tournament

10 February 2019 at the Abbey School … more photos and summary on the Home Page

Relaxing after a good morning’s work
Applause for Aaron about to receive his PoT award
Grant … having a rest from sleeping!
Congratulations Aaron

Peoples Cup 24 February 2019: Green squad for the 5-a-side tournament at Strood Sports Centre is Grant, Toby, Cameron, Stewart, Harrison, Paul, Ashley

Sunday 13 January 2019: Read Aaron Maul, David Spencer and Debby Claber giving their tournament summaries, with more photos, on the Home Page

Bromley Green Valiants C who won all three of their matches at Faversham … well done! Report on the Home Page

Sunday 25 November 2018 slideshow: BGV Juniors won’t be beaten by the weather!

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Wednesday 7 November 2018: Update 4.24pm: Dave has cancelled

Bromley Green Valiants training at Waterside tonight due to high winds being a safety concern

Tournament slideshow for the BGV Adults

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BGVC Report 4 November 2018 (more photos on the Home Page)

It was a bright and clear morning as we assembled at Faversham ready to go into battle against the teams that were brave enough to go against us.
Players were buzzing and we were excited to have 3 players making their debut appearances for us – welcome Gemma, Paul and Callum.
We immediately had a victory 1-0 against Dartford without any of our players actually stepping on the pitch – Dartford had failed to turn up (see my earlier comment about teams being brave enough to face us!).
However, we did have 3 further games where our players had to leave their seats and got a chance to play.  The team got off to a roaring start with a 3-1 victory against Maidstone Utd Diamond. Goals from Adam and Jordon kept us ahead.  Paul finished the game with his first goal for us from a penalty, overcoming any debutante nerves admirably.
Games against Anchorians – a goal-less draw which saw Owen pulling out some amazing saves – and finally Milton Spiders followed.  We were unlucky in the last game,which we could tell was going to be a tough game, and it did turn out to be the fastest-paced game of the day for us.  The final result of 3-2 against us doesn’t reflect how well we played (which, of course, was amazingly!)
Quick mentions to Jordon, who seems to have found his comfort zone up front; also to Gemma who showed a beautifully positive attitude all morning, going in for tackles and passing well.  Owen kept us in games and attracted many favourable comments about his abilities from other clubs’ players (Owen – you are ours, or Pat’s anyway, don’t let anyone tempt you away!)
Player of the Tournament was a tough call but ultimately goes to Paul, who has also been nothing but enthusiastic, listening and working well with Adam (worthy Captain!) and communicating well with him and the rest of the squad.
Thank you all players for another positive tournament.
BGVC Player of the Tournament Paul Johnston

Slideshow and report for the BG B Squad 4 November 2018 by David Spencer

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Game 1

The game got off to a difficult start again a team with 1 extra player. During this match we defended well and one of our only chances was when Aaron picked up the ball ran forward to make a great pass to Kane who placed it in the corner.  Match ended BG1 Anchorians 0

Game 2 This was a more balanced game both squads had the same amount of players and for the first half of the game Aaron done well to box them in by playing back in there goal keepers thrown ball. Both teams had chances in the second half but the game concluded BG 0 Sheppey United 0

Game 3 This game allow mes us to recover as it was played at a much slower pace.  We passed and moved the ball well and played a great passing game.  Ashley pass that ball to Kane at the back and Kane ran the entire length of the pitch to put one away.   Game concluded BG1 Maidstone United steel 0

Game 4 This was a game played against Maidstone Copper who unfortunately had to borrow players to make up those team which gave us an automatic win.  This game we played well despite knowing we would automatically win. Great passing from the entire team lead to a goal from Dave.  Matt had many chances during this match but simply could not convert them into goals.  Match finished BG 1 Maidstone Cooper 0

Game 5 This was the match we needed to win to be the out right winners of championship 3 on the day.  The entire team payed well. Ashley made a great save to keep a clean sheet all day.  Kane picked up the ball at the back to pass a great ball to Dave who confidently put it away.  We had to defend well as Maidstone United Nickel kept coming at us.  We managed to get the ball out of our half and Dave managed to slot a ball away that the oppositions defence could not clear.  Match ended BG 2 Maidstone United Nickel 0

Great play all day and picking player of the match was difficult, but Aaron for me today played so well against Sheppey to keep us as the top team of the day in Championship 3.  Also special thanks goes to Ashley for keeping a clean sheet all day. Well done lads and excellent day of football ending with 4 wins and 1 draw.

More photos from The Abbey School Tournament are on the Home Page published 8 October 2018

From Debby

Tournament summary for BGV C squad, 7th October. My first time with this squad at a tournament and seeing them in action and watching their positive approach was awesome. It’s our first time with a squad in this division, which means that we play indoors (and avoid any bad weather, I hope as winter gets nearer!!). I know Pat wants me to write lots (and beat Dave Spencer’s report!) but I’m going to stick to what I really want to say.
All players contributed so much, not just a positive attitude, but showed great teamwork and co-operation. That meant that we were all able to enjoy the morning and celebrate their achievements with them – 3 wins and a draw is a wonderful set of results.
Everyone played a valuable part. Owen was solid in goal. I know he found the idea of playing indoors difficult but there was no sign of any uncertainty when games were actually underway, so I’m pleased he did so well. Nsimba constantly produced brave blocks in defence (that made us wince but seemed to leave him undamaged) and had a good couple of attacking runs at goal too! Jordon – another positive day with a few shots at goal that bounced off the posts and success scoring too. Matthew – worked hard at building his confidence and tackling, had some good shots at goal, did some lovely passes and coped successfully in his first tournament. Man of the match this time had to be Adam who seemed to be everywhere on the pitch, moving himself to where he needed to be, constantly trying to gain possession and having success goal-scoring too, never giving up. His communication on pitch and positive attitude for the whole morning was brilliant, and he wore the Captain’s armband well.
Thank you all x

BGV Adults C

From David Spencer … summary of the Adults Tournament (7 October 2018)

Tournament 7th October 2018

BG Valiants B squad

Started the day in good spirits despite being a one player short all day and no substitutions.

A good effort was made by all players and our first game ended in a loss despite have some great chances and majority of the possession.
Match ended Anchorians 1 BG 0

The next match was much more even between us and Sheppey United and both teams were a man short and ended BG 0 Sheppey United 0

Our next match was against one of the 3 Maidstone teams. We passed and moved the ball very well and had many saved attempts on goal. We finally got on the score sheet we a great shot from Kane finding the bottom right of the goal. Later on a penalty was awarded which David Warde confidently put away. Match ended BG 2 Maidstone untitled Steel 0

By our fourth match fatigue had set in and the were some tired legs on both teams.
We got off to a great start with a early goal from Kane that found the bottom left of the goal shot from a tight angle. The remainder of the game saw us defending as we had a man disadvantage that the other team used well and managed to get a goal back. Match ended BG 1 Maidstone United Copper 1

Our final match of the day was against Maidstone’s Nickel team and we had to defend well again have a man short disadvantage. Time and time again attacks were defended well Ashleigh pulled off some great saves. Match ended BG 0 Maidstone United Nickel 0

Well done lads a good effort was put In by all.

URGENT! Sunday 23 September 2018 … the tournament is OFF due to the weather … there may be training for juniors (please keep an eye on the Home Page)

Bromley Green Valiants look forward to Sunday’s Grading Tournament at The Abbey School, Faversham

BGV Adults grading tournament this coming Sunday, 9th September.  Can players please meet in the clubhouse at 8.30am to get kit and get changed.  Minibus has been asked to be ready for 8.45am departure to the venue.
Note for any new players: the venue is now The Abbey School, London Road, Faversham ME13 8RZ.
Registrations are between 9.30 – 9.45am and games are scheduled for between 10am and 1pm.
BGV A and BGV B are playing on 3G.  BGV C are indoors and should wear trainers/similar.
Message to the BG Valiants from Debby
I need to make sure that everyone knows that there will be no BGV training this coming Sunday 29 July 2018.  Training back as normal on Wednesday evening.  Thanks, Debby.
MONZA sponsor new BGV Adult training tops

Home match with Canterbury City on Sunday 15 July 2018

Adult players (including the U16s from last season who are new to the section) are reminded that there is a friendly for the squads with Canterbury City FC, meet up at BG 9.30am, Sunday 15 July 2018.

Wednesday 2 May 2018: 6am message from Pat that training is OFF this evening

BGV U16s runners-up … well done to Aaron and the players

Daniel our PoT at PlayFootball as the squad finished a creditable runners-up in the KDL … more photos and summary on the Home Page

19 April 2018: well done Cam!

This is not Batman, or Mary Poppins … this is SuperCam! Well done mate. Cam was raising money for Wyvern School mini bus.

18 April 2018: Harrison and the dislocated finger!

Happy birthday Adam!

Happy birthday to Adam North (6/4/2018)

Please note message from Pat: no training on Easter Sunday due to the waterlogged ground

27.3.2018: From Brian Gray at the KDFL

Please find below dates for the remainder of the season.

22nd April 2018   Juniors at Playfootball. Final games for under 16’s

6th May 2018       Adults at the Abbey School, Faversham

13th May 2018    Adult Kent Reliance Disability Trophy and Cup at K sports, Ditton

20th May 2018    Final Juniors at playfootball, under 16’s Kent Reliance Disability Cup

27th May 2018    Final Adults at the Abbey School, Faversham

2nd July 2018       AGM at Kent FA

Can I suggest any under 16s that are due to go up into the adults next season come along to one of the adult tournaments that are left to see what it is all about.

Easter Sunday
BGV Adults/U16 training as normal this morning
Note: No training for Nick’s group this morning

Sunday 25 March 2018 … with winners Harvey and Ruben

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Friendly beats the weather (17.3.2018)

The BGV Adults … more photos on the Home Page

Update from Debby: BGV Adults tournament is OFF on Sunday … training at the club 10.30am

Please note: from Wednesday 21 March 2018 training will begin at 6pm

7 March 2018 Urgent update 10am: Bromley Green Valiants training at Waterside is OFF this evening

KDFL message following Sunday’s Junior Tournament cancellation

‘After taking school holidays into account and the fact that it simply does not make sense in running back to back tournaments we have decided NOT to reschedule this tournament. All other tournaments will be played on originally arranged dates.’ Brian Gray

Message from Debby: KDFL tournament on Sunday has been called OFF

Wednesday 28 February 2018: training at the club is off tonight due to snow, ice and low temperature

Read David Spencer’s people’s cup report on the Home Page 26.2.2018

Good luck on Sunday from all at Bromley Green FC

People’s Cup at Strood on Sunday 25 February 2018

Sunday 18 February 2018 BGV photos … go to the home page for write-ups

Sunday 11th February 2018: unfortunately all activities at the ground are off today due to the conditions

Sunday 4 February 2018: Superb performances today at Gillingham which pleased managers Aaron Maul and Nick Cook – and thanks to those who came back and supported the clubhouse … PoM awards next week when hopefully this miserable weather will just clear off! Some photos from today on the Home Page.

Update: Sunday 4 February 2018: message from Pat – no BGV training this morning

Friday 2 February 2018

This weekend is fund raising time at the Phoenix. Details from Pat: It starts tonight at 8o’clock and Saturday they’re doing a UV party from 9 o’clock

Wednesday 24 January 2018Update 7.15am: Message from Pat – Bromley Green Valiants training tonight is OFF due to the waterlogged ground

Slight alteration to Fun Penalty Shoot-Out dates which now read: 
Adults 4 Feb
U16s 11 Feb
Juniors (Nick Cook) 18 Feb
If you haven’t received your form please ask your manager or email There are also some spare copies in the clubhouse.

Rearranged date for Juniors Tournament postponed in December is Sunday 25 March 2018

Advance notice: 3 March 2018 BGV Adults home friendly; plus no training for BGV Adults on the morning of Sunday 4 March 2018. More info on the Events & Fixtures page.

Happy Christmas to all BG Valiants!

Merry Christmas from Bromley Green FC

Urgent update: Wednesday 20 December 2017 … message from Pat … BG Valiants training cancelled tonight 

Wishing everybody at our club a Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year.

The Bromley Green Junior Valiants will have a break now from training and we resume on the morning of Sunday 7 January at Waterside.

Nick Cook (BGV Juniors Manager)

Update: the Adult Tournament has been rescheduled for Sunday 18 February at the Abbey School (original date of 25 February is now the Peoples Cup)

Peoples Cup Announcement

KDFL has been selected to host the FA Peoples Cup again next year and we will be holding the following divisions:

Adult Premiership
Adult Championship
Adult League
Under 16

Due to the date of this first round of games being on 25 February 2018, we will have to postpone the adult tournament due on that date and reschedule

The FA Peoples Cup will take place at Strood Leisure Centre, Watling Street, Rochester ME2 3JQ.

The Adult league section will be our champ 4 section

For those that have females playing in their teams, they can still take part as we have dispensation

If we are successful and progress to the next round, the dates are as follows:

Semi Finals 24–25 March 2018 (venue to be confirmed)
Finals 28–29 April 2018 at St Georges Park

13 December 2017: message from Pat … BGV training is OFF tonight

10 December 2017: message from Dave Spencer … BGV training is OFF this Sunday

29 November 2017 Urgent update: Message from Pat – no BG Valiants training tonight

BGV Adults training start time will now be 6.30pm

26.11.2017: Photos of both our Adult teams at the Abbey School, Faversham, are on the main Home Page

Sponsored Fun Penalty ‘Beat the Goalie’ Dates

BGV Juniors and U16s = 21 January
BGV Adults = 4 February

Official sponsor forms will be issued shortly

12.11.2017 Note from Pat: BG Valiants training is OFF
BGV Juniors Player of the Tournament 5 November 2017
Ruben, Harvey and Ashley … well done!
Information from the KDFL
The Full Time website for viewing tables is now all up and running.
or on mobile via the KDFL app
You can now via the mobile app follow the league or separate tables or individual team.
All you have to do is log into the mobile full time with your FAN and password and click follow.
Please pass this onto all parents and players.
Links to download the KDFL app are as follows
Regards Brian Gray Chairman KDFL

22 October at Faversham

Happy BGV Adult

The venture into the top flight of the KDFL for our adults was enjoyable on Sunday at the Abbey School and a good experience for all.

Thanks again to Pat who stepped in to referee … and I hear brandished a red card!

Read David Spencer’s summary of the matches by going to the Home Page.

See you at training on Wednesday

FIFA Night Fun 13 October 2017

Please go to the Home page for photos

Latest picture of Harvey PoT U11s last week

BGV at the Juniors Tournament on 8 October 2017

U16s report from Aaron Maul

Had a mixed start to the season winning three, drawing once and losing twice.

First we came up against Charlton and were beaten 3-0. The scoreline flattered their performance but we still were no where near awake.

Next was Sawnscombe who didn’t trouble us too much; with a brace from Toby and Keiron finished off with Dan scoring his first goal for the U16s finishing the game 5-0.

Our third game was against Maidstone who seem to be the one to beat this season looking particularly strong in their first two games. They gave us a good game but we dominated, looked solid in defence restricting them to long shots. Another brace from Keiron took us two up, but we let it slip conceding two sloppy late goals finishing the game 2-2.

Then the second round of games saw us take them all on again, this time against Charlton we took the lead with a goal from Keiron and held out finishing the game 1-0.

Swanscombe again, pretty much the same story as before didn’t trouble us much, one goal from Toby finished by a hat-trick from Keiron, 4-0 final score.

Lastly was Maidstone and once again we dominated, peppering their goal time and time again whilst still holding firm. However, near the end of the game they once again punished a slight lack in concentration and beat us 1-0.

Mixed start to the season but plenty of positives and not many negatives to take away with us, next time we can really push on. Man of the tournament goes to Dan for some of quite frankly the most solid tackles I have seen in a while, and topping it off with his first goal. Well done buddy.

Many thanks Aaron Maul

Well don Daniel!
Ruben our PoT today

4 October 2017 BGV Adults A promoted to the Premier Division … go to the Home Page

Wednesday night training now commences at 6pm

Faversham 24 September 2017 … BGV Adults unbeaten

(Report from David is on the Main Home Page]

Sunday 10 September 2017 report on U16s at Rainham

Today we had our grading tournament, to see which division will will play in this season. We had a fantastic start to the season with everyone putting on quality performances.
In the end we won three and draw three, conceding only two goals across 6 games; which is not bad at all. Keiron and Toby supplied the goals and there was some solid tackles from our new boy Dan. However, player of the tournament had to be Owen without a doubt! He kept us in the games we drew and without him in goal I think we would have lost a few this week, well done buddy! Many thanks
Aaron Maul
{Photos from today are on the main Home Page]

Sunday 3 September 2017 amendments to plans
Bromley Green ValiantsU16s training as usual 10.30am
Bromley Green Valiants Adults meet 9am in the clubhouse
Nick Cook’s group resume training at 10.30am


Urgent message from Debby to Bromley Green Valiants (15.8.17)

Still to complete junior registrations ( I know most of you have had a minimum of 4 requests via text/email, not counting the nudges on here, please help me get these completed on time).
(I will not be able to answer or respond to any football queries after Wednesday 16th.  I will be back at the ground on 3rd Sept to help with the friendly tournament and any outstanding adult registrations.  However, by this date, the deadline for junior registrations has passed for September’s tournament,hence the urgency around these and my concern around the waiting for responses)
Juniors still to complete – Alex, Ruben, Timi, Daniel
Adults – I am at training for a couple of Wednesday’s in September before your deadline but still waiting for Aaron S, Chris (photo), Calvin, Craig, Simon, Josh, Cam
I am not at training on Sundays throughout September.
Important message for Bromley Green Valiants
This coming Wednesday (16th) is the last BGV training session until our friendly tournament on Sunday 3rd Sept.
We are hoping to be able to include the u16s in this (if other clubs can raise sides). Training with Nick for the younger groups will also recommence on 3rd Sept.
Any junior registrations need to be completed this week please in order to meet deadlines before September’s juniors tournament at Rainham. Thanks Debby
My good friend Grant Penfold has asked that the following be published which is a great idea for our older Bromley Green Valiants: GEMS – clubbing experience dedicated to adults with learning disabilities held at Cameo on the first Monday of every month. The doors are open from 6.30 – 9pm and admission is £5 (£4 for carers). So, go along and party! DH

Message from Debby: sorry but tonight’s training has been called off

Amendments to training schedule … important please read

There will be no training on Aug 20th until Sept 3rd for any BGV squads while we take our 2 week break.
We are doing training for our youngest groups on 6th and 13th August.

Thanks Debby

Looking ahead: Bromley Green Valiants tournament day for Under 16s and Adults on 3 September 2017
Please note: Sunday training times for all BGV squads is now 10.30am to 12pm (Nick’s group have training with Pip on 30 July)
22.7.2017: Seven out of seven at Anchorians
Bromley Green who won seven out of seven today
Report from Pat: the Bromley Green valiants  a team played at anchorians tournament and was a debut as manager Aiden they played some great football today and win 7 out of 7 and was Cameron’s first adult tournament so it’s only fitting that he was Captain for his birthday the and he got man of the match so well done to the team and looks like a bright season coming for Bromley Green valiants up the valiants
Message from Debby:
Saturday’s tournament at Anchorians
With player numbers and transport, it is only the BGV  A  squad that we are putting in.
Can the following please meet at clubhouse  for 9am.  Harrison  Stewart  Grant  Can  Aaron and Graham.
The tournament/day should run from 11am till 3pm.
Sunday…Nick is doing training for his players who want it.
Everyone who has let me know that they are coming to footie-golf please meet at clubhouse at 10am.  Anyone still wanting to go who didn’t put their name down please message me asap so I can give them the heads up with approx numbers?
Thanks Debby

16 July 2017: Congratulations Charlie Rivett!

Well done Charlie … receiving the Respect Award from Nick Cook yesterday

Note from Debby: BGV do not use WhatsApp and the main source of info  will continue to be the website

Photos from 09 July 2017 … more on the Home Page

Tournament dates for next season

(Dates are also published on the Events & Fixtures page)

Junior tournaments:

10 Sept

8 Oct

5 Nov

10 Dec

4 Feb 2018

4 March

22nd April

20 May

Adult tournaments:

24 Sept

22 Oct

26 Nov

21 Jan 2018

25 Feb

18 Mar

6 May

27 May


Those absent from the awards day, please note your trophies will be presented on Wednesday 5 July 2017 after training … thank you

Well done Jordon! More photos are being loaded onto the Home Page and the new Awards 2017 Page

Repeat notification: BGV no training for older groups/adults on Sunday 2 July

don’t forget presentations begin at 4.30pm on Saturday 1 July. Loads of superb trophies. Everyone welcome and entry is free.

For Sunday 2 July, only Nick Cook with the U13s and younger players has training.
BGV: please note that there is no training  on 25 June 2017
11 June 2017: Messages
Thanks to all the players and families who have sorted FAN numbers…
Still waiting on the following juniors (adults I’ve spoken to or messaged you directly).
Daniel, Ruben, Timi, Owen, Thomas. (I know a couple of you are sorting this afternoon)..I need the FAN and a note of the email address connected to it.
Thanks Debby

It’s looking extremely likely that kdfl registrations are going to ask that we have sight of either birth certificate /passport/ driving licence at club level as ID confirmation … this puts them in line with other leagues.

Can everyone, adults and juniors, make sure that this will be available for us so we can complete registrations at the start of July?

Thanks Debby

Bgv are going to footie-golf on 23rd July at Great Chart.

Anyone interested please let Pat/Debby know asap so we can confirm numbers.

Thanks Debby

3 June 2017: Well done Calvin … our Bromley Green Player of the Tournament
Calvin receives his award from David Spencer
3 June 2017: Read Pip’s report from Maidstone on the Home Page
Bgv adults both squads…you have a tournament at Maidstone Gallagher stadium on Saturday. 3rd June. Meet at clubhouse 8am to car share there.  You should be back in Ashford around 2pm.
21.5.2017: Reports and photos from the Adults Cup matches at Aylesford are on the Home Page
GOOD LUCK on Sunday BGV Adults … fixtures are on the EVENTS & FIXTURES PAGE
14 May 2017: well done Ruben!
Report from Aaron (14 May 2017)
This week saw us take part in the Kent Reliance Cup against the other teams in the KDFL.
Match one was against Maidstone, We dominated from the off goals from Toby, Kieron and a fantastic solo goal from Cam meant we won 3-0.
Match two was against Swanscome Tigers who, despite being in the division below gave us a good game. However, a brace from Cam saw the game through 2-0.
Match three was against Charlton Athletic A.C. who have us the toughest game so far. Good saves from Owen kept it 0-0 and it took Kieron to score late on to snatch the game 1-0.
Three wins took us to the semi-finals against Milton & Fulston Cam getting another two goals, Rhys also got two, one of which was from the half way line 4-0.
Another final for BGV! It was against Charlton Deaf (predictable). They took a two nil lead quickly, and then Kieron landed heavy and had to come off. It all seemed to be going downhill. But then another goal from Cam and Toby brought it back 2-2. However, they were too good for us and scored two more.
So we finished runners up which is another great achievement. Another successful season; we lose Cam and Rhys next season which will hit the team hard. I’m sure the team and everyone involved hope they continue to succeed with their new team. Good luck boys.
Man of the match goes to Cam for having a fantastic tournament scoring 6 goals and playing his heart out. Going out with a bang. Well done everyone! Great season!
Many thanks
Aaron Maul
Sunday 14 May 2017 (more photos on the Home Page)
Well played boys … KDFL U16 r/u
Congratulations! KDFL runners-up
14/05/2017 KDFL U16 runners-up
Important message concerning this year’s league registrations … parents/players PLEASE READ … thank you
DLA/PIP letters are no longer accepted as proof of disability and we need Paed’s/hospital letter, EHCP/LEA statement or similar with diagnosis.  Registrations will be happening in early July, so if families/players can act asap to make sure that they have the suitable proofs for the next season.
Photos from Sunday morning 7 May 2017 are on the main Home Page
Message from Debby
We are asking players to stay behind for a few minutes after Sunday’s training (6 May 2017)
Birmingham updates and photos on the main Home Page
Aaron’s round-up of the Birmingham adventure

We had a tough day ahead of us playing the best 5 teams in the country in our category and we had to finish as one of the top four teams to progress to the semi-finals.

First we came up against Oadby and Wigston, a team from Leicester. The game was scrappy and they kept taking the lead, Kieron scored twice to level it but in the end they scored a winner and the game ended 3-2.
Next came a team from Huddersfield, Shelley CFC, we seemed much more awake for this one. Goals from Toby, Rhys and two more from Kieron took us 4-0 up, and some commanding blocks in defense saw the game out. They did score a consolation goal to finish the game 4-1.
Then came who looked to be the best team there, Cedarsfield, there were goals galore in this game. We took the lead with Cam putting a nice shot into the corner; however after that it was mayhem and it seemed every time we scored they seemed to score two. The game ended 6-3 to them.
Then came Plymouth Argyle which we dealt with nicely. A hat-trick from Kieron and a fourth from Rhys meant we were in full control till the final whistle. 4-0
Our last game of the first rounds was against Bradford and at this point we were guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals. (not that we told the boys that). This was another goal fest from both teams both teams cancelled each other out Kieron scored a hat-trick again and Cam got another. However, they matched our goals scoring four of their own. 4-4
The semi final, due to superior goal difference saw us finish third, we had the easier (not easy) game of the two. Oadby and Wigston were our opponents. We wanted a little payback for them beating us so cheaply earlier and we got it. Solid play from front to back, Owen keeping us in the game like he does so often and Kieron giving us his usual two goals took us two up. There was a nervy last couple of minutes or so when they got one back, but we saw it though to reach the final.
The final. We had made it to be at least the second best team in the country. The final was the toughest game of the day which saw us come up against Cedarsfield again. It did not go our way and there was no doubt which team was in control they were on fire scoring 6, to which we could only reply with a goal in the dying moments, which was a screamer from Kieron I’d like to add. We lost 6-1
Despite losing in the final I speak for myself and everyone else involved that we are beyond proud of the team who are officially the second best team in the entire country; which is a fantastic achievement! it was such an amazing experience which was a pleasure to be a part of. Man of the match goes to Toby for a consistently solid performance all day. Well done boys, fantastic!!
Many Thanks Aaron Maul
Sunday’s summary from Pip (30 April 2017)

BGV Adults B team 
Match 1- we played Swanscombe tigers played some good football end to end game but ended in a 0.0 draw.
Match 2 – we played Canterbury city Played some good football but Canterbury scored two past Calvin who I thought played well.
match 3 – we played Milton and fulston zebra yet again we played well we could of scored but we couldn’t find a way past their goal keeper.
match 4 – we played Charlton upbeats all the lads stepped it up as I said we need some goals Mathew made it 1 then Marc broke through there midfield to make it 2 then last 5 minutes we had a penalty nsimba was going to take it but Jordan took it then scored final score 3.0 .. 
good way to finish off a good day as the lads come 3rd in the league table and all received medals..great effort from all the lads well done many thanks from phil castle.

Messages from Debby re 30 April 2017
Training is on for our younger sections – U11s and U13s – at BGFC with Nick Cook from 10am.
U16s  –  No training (majority are in Birmingham)
BGV Adults squad A  –  no training or tournament
BGV Adults squad B – Phil Castle will be taking this squad to the KDFL tournament at Faversham.  However, we need at least one family to help out with transport please, as there are 8 players to get to and from their tournament.  At the moment, we can get 4 there, so it looks like we need at least one player, if not 2, to see if their families can help out with the squad’s car sharing on this date.  If someone is able to help out, can they let Phil or myself know asap please?
Thank you Debby
Tournament slideshow from 23 April 2017 (reports can be found on the Home Page)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Brummie here we come! Looking forward to the Peoples Cup
Location:  Play Football Birmingham Indoor Centre, 20 Great King Street North, Birmingham B19 2LF
Category: Youth Disability
Date: Sunday 30th April 2017
Timings: 11.45 am  kick-off (arrival an hour prior to register)
FIFA Night a good laugh

Important messages
Neither squad will be attending the tournament this coming Sunday, 2nd, at Faversham.   Training will be at Bromley Green as usual.
There is NO training for Adults April 30th.
Under 16s
Training on Sundays for the next 3 weeks (2nd, 9th and 16th) is going to be held at, at Rainham.   Can we meet at BG ready to leave by 9.30.  We need to carshare for these days, so if you need a lift, please advise me asap.    We have the pitch until 12pm each week. We will be concentrating on 5-a-side play during these sessions.
23rd April is the tournament as usual.
30th April – Players Cup weekend so no training.  I will be messaging everyone separately but at the moment I haven’t had the date/venue confirmed for the squad that will be in Birmingham.  However, there are a couple of families who don’t have transport, so if all of us can communicate during the next few days to work out carsharing, and workable accommodation (logistically, the whole squad are unlikely to end up in the same hotel and my priority is affordability!).  Anyone who is willing to share a room with another player/carer, please also make it known asap as this will hopefully keep costs down.  As soon as I have specific information, I will be passing it on.
Under 13s and younger ones.
Training on Sundays is now back at Bromley Green FC.  10am to 11am.
Finally … we have organised a Fifa Night at the Clubhouse this coming Friday, 31st March.   Starting time of 5pm for younger players, 6pm for the older groups, but we are flexible!
Thanks Debby
Manager’s summary of a memorable day in Surrey
(Photos on the Main Home Page)
The boys absolutely played their hearts out today and ran themselves in to the ground. We had three group games to get past in order to make it to the finals and we won every game.
First we played Swanscome Tigers who gave us a tight first half finishing 1-0 with a finish from Keiron. In the second half however we switched on; nothing was getting though at the back and at the front Keiron added another four and Cam also put one away, they did score one late on but it was already over at that point. FS 6-1
The second game was against Wandgas Football For All who gave us a harder game however, we still managed the situation, put four past them and kept a clean sheet. The clean sheet was testament to Owen in goal who pulled off some absolute class saves and all who were doing the their defensive part. FS 4-0
Our last group game we face AFC Bournemouth who had also won both of their first game by very similar margins to us; this was sure to be our toughest game yet and it was. But once again the boys dug in deep, as they were all over us to begin with. However, we kept plucking away and their keeper unfortunately stepped from his area, which resulted in a penalty that was dispatched by Rhys to give us the lead and eventual victory. FS 1-0
Into the semi finals where we came up against another AFC Bournemouth side, who, as it had been throughout the tournament gave a good account for themselves putting us under pressure. Once again though their keeper handled the ball outside the area which resulted in our second penalty of the day and Rhys, once again put away to give us the lead. We had a lot of defending to do in this game, Toby being a usual rock at the back, Ashley using his strength effectively and Charlie making good use of brave and well positioned challenges. Rhys scored a second and Keiron finished the game late on with a third. FS 3-0
Where do I begin, this game had so many mixed emotions, a few unfortunate mistakes and moments of sheer magic. We fell behind relativity early on from a good goal, they then got a second though a stroke of luck. At half time, 2-0 down it looked pretty negative but we still believed and had a chance. We went in to the second half and the boys were just on fire, the effort levels to get forward and back were extraordinary, so impressive to see. Then came the moment that gave us all hope Toby got his head down and ran three quarters of the pitch and buried his shot. Now there was a game on! Then Keiron put one away to level the game and everyone, players, parents grandparents and anyone watching went crazy. then we were just looking for the final winner to make the day perfect, we were peppering their goal with shot, after shot, after shot. Then the inevitable; Keiron finished his second of the game and put us in the lead, it turned out to be one of the last touches of the game too. We won 3-2! Liverpool vs AC, Barcelona vs PSG and nothing on this; it was fantastic!
Lads you deserved every bit of this success and I; and I am sure everyone who was involved and was there was honoured to be a part of it. Man of the match is the toughest I have every had to choose, but it has to go to Owen who showed he is by far one of the best keeper around and kept us in so many of our games with countless quality saves. Great job buddy! Many thanks Aaron Maul
Sunday 26 March 2017: Under 16s People’s Cup Semi-Finals. Players please meet in the clubhouse for 7am. Don’t forget the clocks go FORWARD by an hour this weekend! We are aiming to leave by 7.30am to get there in time to register etc.   We are carsharing as usual.  Thanks to those who have let me know they have spaces but we could do with a couple more seats – please let us know asap if you haven’t already.  Anyone who isn’t sure about the rules in this tournament, please ask me/Pat (07510 523658 or 07484 651925).
The U16s players not travelling – training alongside the Adults at Bromley Green as usual.
Thanks, Debby

Kent FA Disability Competitions: 14 May and 21 May 2017

Kent FA will be hosting 3 Disability Competitions this season, the Disability Cup, Disability Trophy (both adult) and Disability Youth Cup (under 16). The main details are as follows:

The Competitions will be in a tournament format, with a group stage followed by a knockout phase ending in a final

For the adult cups, teams will be divided on the basis on playing strength (in conjunction with KDFL)

Where Clubs enter more than 1 team, any one player can only play for 1 team

All Competitions are 6 a side, and teams can have a maximum of 9 players on the day

All players have to be registered to their respective Club and have a registered disability, which has been accepted by Kent FA or KDFL

Matches will be 10 minutes long, with no half time period

Disability Youth Cup

Sunday 14 May 10am-3pm

Play Football Centre, Rainham

Disability Cup & Trophy

Sunday 21 May 10am-3pm

K Sports, Cobdown Sports Club, Aylesford

Round-up for the BG Valiants Juniors on 19 March 2017

Happy Ashley!

More photos on the Home Page

BGV U16s report
Match one: Charlton Deaf
This was a tight game from start to finish with both teams cancelling eachother out. They did nick a goal at the end of the game despite Toby’s pressure. 0-1
Match two: Sheppey
Another tight fixture, however we took the lead early on though a tight finish from Keiron; but then crumbled and conceded two quickly. 1-2
Match three: Maidstone
In this game we turned our form around and by swapping Toby and Rhys seemed to make a big impact. Keiron scored two, then Rhys got one; we did then concede. However the game was won anyway but just to make sure Toby scored one late on to be sure. 4-1
Match four: Sheppey
This time around we looked far more solid from front to back Keiron once again gave us the lead but this time we held out well with Ashley, Tom, Toby and Charlie all showing their defensive capabilities. 1-0
Match five: Maidstone
Amy made her first appearance for us thought this game giving her all down the left. We found them a little tougher this time but we ground out a 1-0 victory Keiron getting the goal.
Match six: Charlton Deaf
We had a point to prove from earlier with Charlton … and we did, Owen made some match winning saves, Cam ran his heart out and Rhys fired a powerful shot that their keeper couldn’t keep a hold of as it fizzled into the net. 1-0
All in all a great morning of football for the Valiants every single one of us put one of their best shifts in today. Dave and I chose Ashley as the man of the tournament this week for improved confidence strength and overall work rate, well done! Many thanks Aaron Maul.

Note: training as usual for the BGV Adults on Sunday 12 March as neither adult squad has enough players for the People’s Cup

BG U16 Valiants have received this from the People’s Cup

Congratulations on progressing through to the semi-final of the FA People’s Cup. Please find below details of the next round:
Semi Final Round: London
Date: Sunday 26 March 2017
Venue: Goals Wimbledon, Beverley Way, New Malden, Surrey KT3 4PH
Start Times:
Adult Male League & Youth – 10.30am
Adult Male Championship & Premiership – 2.00pm
Arrival Times:
Adult Male League & Youth – 9.30am
Adult Male Championship & Premiership – 1.00pm
If for whatever reason you are unable to progress onto the next round please can you let us know as soon as possible.
Good luck in the semi-final – you’re one step closer to Wembley!
Best regards, The FA People’s Cup

People’s cup adults has been rescheduled for sunday 12 march at, rainhsm…1-4pm…meet at clubhouse 11am.

26 February 2017 Bromley Green Valiants before the friendly


More photos on the Home Page

Happy days for the U16s … more photos on the Home Page

19.02.2017 through to the next round of the Peoples Cup after a successful morning at Rainham
19.02.2017 through to the next round of the Peoples Cup after a successful morning at Rainham
Today was our turn to participate in the FA Peoples Cup, which all in all went very well.
Our first game against Sheppey proved to be tough with Kieron scoring only to see it canceled out by an equaliser. However, we replied in the last few moments to win 2-1.
Next up was Charlton Athletic despite them being a division below us they gave us a game and we fell behind to start with, but Cam popped up with a composed finish to level to finish the game 1-1.
Then came Maidstone, their other results showed they may have been a tough game however, we made the game comfortable with two goals from Kieron and Rhys’s first of the tournament finishing it 3-0.
Sheppey for the second time proved even harder than the first game, Rhys shocked everyone, especially the opposition keeper, with a goal from kick off. They then equalised and scored again to take the lead. We replied with another good finish from Cam and another from Kieron but let another goal slip the finish the game 3-3.
Charlton for the second time was handled better and with a brace from Cam and some solid defensive work from Toby, Ashley and Charlie meant we ground out the result 2-0.
Our final game against Maidstone was the best game of the day; with solid defensive work, two great finishes from Kieron (one a bicycle kick), a string of amazing saves from Owen and a scooped assist from Cam allowed us to see off the game. We did let one slip in but it didnt dampen the way that every player played throughout the game. 2-1
Although there was a number of players who played possibly their best tournament that I have seen the Man of the Match (chosen by Pat and Amy) goes to Cam for extremely high work rate in both an attacking and defensive sense, topped with some great assists. Well done, very well deserved!
Many Thanks Aaron Maul

Cup found … see below … thanks to Sam Spencer!

Urgent: KDFL U16s r/u trophy from last year’s awards night … who has it please as we need to return it urgently … thank you

BGV Adult friendly against Phoenix All Stars has been set for 26 February at Waterside. This is an 11-a-side match and full details will be posted on the Events & Fixtures page.

Great time at The Abbey School [5 January 2017]


More photos and reports of the tournament are on the Home Page

31.1.2017 One of the Canterbury players lost their mobile phone on Sunday morning … if anyone should find it, can you please let Debby know … thank you HAS BEEN FOUND THANK YOU

Picture from last week

Well done Oliver ... another picture from the Gillngham tournament 22 January 2017
Well done Oliver … another picture from the Gillngham tournament 22 January 2017

29 January 2017 BG Valliants Adults v Canterbury report

Big win for the Green

This friendly adult match saw some of our regular under 16s players (Toby, Cameron & Rhys) join the adult squad for this 11 aside match v Canterbury to give them a taste of the physicality of the adult football.

The match started well with two early goals from Mark, despite being caught offside several times.

Rhys and David both played well on the wings creating many chances with some great crosses and through balls.

Many players in our team done well keeping calm when on the receiving end of some miss timed tackles.

The goals scored by Bromley where as the following order:-

1  Mark

2  Mark

3  Grant

4  Stewart

5  Steve

6  Nigel

7  Cameron

8  Nigel

9  Cameron

10 Charlie

11 Charlie

12 Mark

Canterbury had some good spells and probably the best goal of the match with an accurate and powerful unstoppable shot ending in the top left of the goal.

The man of the match was awarded to Rhys for his great team play in creating many goal-scoring opportunities and keeping his calm when fouled.

Well done Mark for achieving your hat-trick and not running offside during the second half.

A special thanks to Pat for refereeing the game during some difficult frustrating times and both Jack and Lennon for providing their time as linesmen.

Thanks to Canterbury for the friendly match and we look forward to a rematch soon.

Great time at Gillingham for the BGV Juniors (22.1.2017)

More photos and reports on the Home Page

Harvey's World Cup debut for Germany!
Harvey’s World Cup debut for Germany!
Happy days at the tournament ... more photos on the Home Page
Happy days at the tournament … more photos on the Home Page

Sunday 22 January 2017: Adult training is OFF due to frozen ground

Advance notice

BGV Adults have a friendly home to Canterbury City on 29 January 2017. Kick off is at 19.30am with a meet time of 9.30am.

Sunday 8 January 2017: training resumes today

Friday 16 December 2016: Happy birthday to Graham Luckhurst!

Last training session before the seasonal break is Sunday 18 December 2016 and we resume on Sunday 8 January 2017

4 December 2016 Nigel is BGV Player of the Tournament

Stewart and Nigel back at the clubhouse today
Stewart and Nigel back at the clubhouse today

I’d like to say a big well done to my team today being a man short did not concede a goal and beat Maidstone twice hello man of the match goes to Nigel for a solid effort. Pat.

More photos from 4 December 2016 are on the Home Page

Message from Debby

With immediate effect there will be no training on Wednesdays until the New Year.

Please also remember Adults tournament this coming Sunday, 4th December.  Meet at clubhouse, 8am.

BG Valiants at Rainham

20161120-bgv-charlie-rivett20.11.2016 Why is our Charlie [pictured]  smiling?

Go to the Home Page for details

Scroll down for the report from Rainham … here is Aaron Maul’s summing up

“On a windy day in Rainham we had an overall very successful day, winning 3, drawing one and losing another.
We also managed to beat Charlton deaf 2-1 something that we have never done which is testament to how we were playing.
Everyone had a great tournament and hopefully we can build on this in the next tournament. Man of the tournament goes to Rhys for adapting and working hard in a new role; and adding some goals to his tally.”
From Debby
We a had marvellous day of football today, despite what the weather threw at us overnight although it stopped raining ☔️ before we started to play and stayed dry all morning. There was a great effort put in by those who turned up with some really close games lots of heads up and some great team work (training must be paying off), but today was not be our lucky day some great saves stopped us from scoring a big well done Rey and Ruben. A big shout out for Charlie in first tournament well played mate, and big thankyou to Leybourne for giving our boys some games today.

6/11/2016 Well done message from the KDFL!

It has been brought to my attention by the referee that your team demonstrated great sportsmanship and Respect by dropping down a player when playing against Anchorians who could only field 4 players.

Anchorians played with heads held high and with great enthusiasm despite lack of players.

This was a great gesture by you as a team and are to be congratulated for this act, despite not having to.

Please pass on these comments and compliment coach on the day and team for playing with Respect.

Training during the winter
Winter Training on Sundays for the U13s and younger players is on from 9.15am to 10.15am at Pitchside.
U16s and Adults continue their sessions at Bromley Green 10am to 11am, and Wednesdays 6.30pm to 7.30pm.
Thanks Debby

There is still some sponsorship money to be paid in respect of Toby’s mountain climb. Please pay to Debby or a club official this week … thank you.

23 October 2016 Aaron Maul reports on a mixed tournament day
We had a tough start to the season today, losing our first two games to Charlton and Sheppey. However, this was not due to lack of effort or ability; we were unlucky for both games and multiple amazing saves from Owen kept us in them both. It just wasn’t meant to be.  However, the next game against Maidstone we won a convincing 3-0 with goals from Toby, Cam and our new player Kieron in a game where we should have had more. We went on to lose again to Sheppey and Charlton but gained a second victory over Maidstone this time 4-0.
All in all a little frustrating but we had a lot of positives to take away from these games with Keiron finding the net in his first tournament with us, Owen showing that he is more than competent between the posts and every player front to back doing their roles well; it just was not our day. Unlucky boys we’ll get more results next time, well done all of you!
Man of the tournament goes to Kieron due to showing amazing adaptability to integrate himself in to the squad so quickly; his goals and work rate were in all phases of play were also top notch; well done you earned it.

From Pat
bgv…great news….2 anonymous sponsors have covered the man of the match trophies for the rest of this season. Very much appreciated. If anyone has any fundraising ideas then please make the suggestions to us….thanks

For Phil’s summary of 9 October 2016 please go to the Home Page

Toby has VIP treatment at the Priestfield




Report from Nick Cook Sunday 25 September 2016
Well we were blessed with a good day for football, the weather was fine and not too hot. We only had a squad three determined to have a great day of football so we began our campaign (have say they were up against the odds from the start),but vailliants by name and valiant but nature they played on. We were then helped out by Deal ( as they brought two players hat needed games ) and played brilliantly for the remainder of our games thankyou guys, although the score line didn’t reflect the amount of shots on goal they had we all played really well a big well done guys and girls. We lost in style⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Award winners 25 September 2016

Sunday 25 September 2016
Bromley Green Junior Valiants Tournament. Please meet in the clubhouse by 8am. U13s & U16s please make sure you confirm with Nick and Aaron asap re your attendance.
BGV Adults training at Waterside as usual.

Bromley Green Valiants winter training schedule
The clocks go back 30 October 2016
U13s and all those aged Under 11
Pitchside on Sundays 9.15-10.15am
Waterside on Sundays 10am
Waterside on Sundays 10am

Please note these arrangements apply AFTER the clocks alter

8 Sept 2016: Amendment to training arrangements
Training sessions from now on and throughout winter for Under 13s and younger BGV players will be held on Sundays only.
Training on Wednesdays will continue as usual for the Adults and U16s.  As always, please make sure that you contact your coaches if you are unable to make it to a session. Thank you
Message from Debby: Adults tournament on Sunday 11th September.  All registered players to meet in the clubhouse 8am please. Player of the Tournament photos are on the Home Page. Congratulations to Graham Luckhurst and Mathew Baker on his return to action.
No Bromley Green Valiants training on Sunday 28 August 2016
Congratulations Toby
Toby is Player of the Tournament [21 August 2016] ... more photos and reports to follow on the Home Page
Toby is Player of the Tournament [21 August 2016] … more photos and reports to follow on the Home Page
Reminders to U16s and Adult squads BGV players that there is our friendly tournament this coming Sunday, 21st August.  Friendly Tournament Adults and Under 16s (10am). Both squads please be at the clubhouse for 9am. Those players who haven’t yet confirmed whether or not they are available please contact either Aaron or Pat asap. U13s and BGV youmger players, please note that there is no training on the above date.
A reminder too that there is no training for any BGV on the Bank Holiday weekend (28th).
For those of you who like to keep abreast of plans for next season, this is the form the Kent Disability Football League will take:

Kent Disability Football League constitution for 2016-2017

Adult Premiership (6v6 on a GRASS Pitch)

Folkestone Invicta Disability Fc A

Maidstone United Raiders FC Gold

Charlton Athletic AC FC Red

Canterbury City FC A

Milton & Fulston Spiders

Adult Championship 1 (6v6 on 3G)

Maidstone United Raiders FC Silver

Bromley Green Valiants A

Charlton Athletic AC FC White

Swanscombe Tigers FC Black

Anchorian Equal Teams FC B

Adult Championship 2 (6v6 on 3G)

Maidstone United Raiders FC Bronze

Charlton Athletic AC FC Black

RMB United

Folkestone Invicta Disability FC B

All Stars FC

Thanet Galaxy Pan Disability FC Cosmos

Adult Championship 3 (6v6 on 3G)

Milton & Fulston Zebra

Canterbury City Fc B

Swanscombe Tigers FC Yellow

Bromley Green Valiants B

Charlton UpBeats

Adult Championship 4 (6v6 on 3G)

Charlton Athletic AC FC Purple

Thanet Galaxy Pan Disability FC Meteors

Milton & Fulston Zebra Spiders

Maidstone United Raiders FC Steel

Anchorian Equal Teams FC C

Maidstone United Raiders FC Copper

Adult League (5v5 in sports hall)

Charlton Athletic AC FC Orange

Charlton Athletic AC FC Green

Thanet Galaxy Pan Disability FC Allstars

Under 11 (5v5 on 3G)

Leybourne FC

Maidstone United Raiders Fc Yellow

Charlton Athletic AC FC Sparrows

Charlton Athletic AC FC Robins

Sheppey United Youth FC Cubs


Under 13 (5v5 on 3G)

Charlton Athletic AC FC Addicks

Leybourne FC

Bromley Green Valiants

Sheppey United Youth FC Lions

Maidstone United Raiders FC Blue

Milton & Fulston Utd

Under 16 (6v6 on 2 3G pitches, This will be split into 2 divisions A&B after grading event)

Charlton Athletic Deaf FC

Bromley Green Valiants

Faversham Allstars Bromley (FAB)

Milton & Fulston Utd

Sheppey united Youth FC Tigers

Charlton Athletic AC FC Floyd

Charlton Athletic AC FC Valley

Maidstone United Raiders FC White

Swanscombe Tigers FC

Enjoyable day at Waterside … more photos on the Home Page courtesy of Kelly Wood
Stewart and Louis put their left foot in ...
Stewart and Louis put their left foot in …
Action from today's battle at Waterside
Action from today’s battle at Waterside
Here I go! More photos of Toby’s climb on the Home Page
2016.07.24 Toby 2
Images from Cameron’s FIFA Night
2016.07.22 2 2016.07.22 1 2016.07.22 6 2016.07.22 5 2016.07.22 9b 2016.07.22 9a
2016.07.22 4 2016.07.22 3 2016.07.22 9 2016.07.22 8 2016.07.22 7
Message from Debby … please note the following:
Training sessions are on a break until Wednesday 10th August.
Adults/coaches/parents/carers please remember your game at BG on 31st July; meet at 11am for 12pm kickoff.
Thanks, Debby
Congratulations Nathaniel!
Endeavour Award for Nathaniel
Endeavour Award for Nathaniel
More BG Valiants photos from midweek
Rita... let them eat cake!
Rita… let them eat cake!
Plenty to eat and drink in the clubhouse!
Plenty to eat and drink in the clubhouse!
2016.07.13 Well done Cameron!
2016.07.13 Well done Cameron!
UPDATE: John Myers Cup game for the BGV Adults has been called off by the hosts
15 July 2016 Message from Debby
BGV Adults please remember to meet at the clubhouse at 8am on Sunday to travel to Deal re John Myers Cup.  I am still waiting to hear from a few players re registrations for next season … can this please be sorted on Sunday too?  I have had a couple of enquiries around whether we have spaces in our squad for the coming season, which I have stalled, anticipating registrations from players who were around this last season.  Having had no communication from a couple, I really do now need to have confirmation one way or another, to be fair to other clubs/players in the League … thanks. Debby.
VP Mark Day with the Valiants and U13s who shared some awards on Wednesday 13 July 2016
VP Mark Day with the Valiants and U13s who shared some awards on Wednesday 13 July 2016 … well done to you all!
More awards for Valiants
More awards were presented to Bromley Green Valiants during the week beginning 11 July 2016. They will be published on the Home Page.
Message from Debby
Players need to register tomorrow, as I need to let KDFL know what squads/players/merged squads we will have for next season by Friday.
Thanks Debby
Well done Aaron!
Aaron Maul receives the Alexander Ramzan shield in recognition of his work with the U16s
3 July 2016 Aaron Maul receives the Alexander Ramzan shield in recognition of his work with the U16s
More Valiants photos on the way!
[Please go to the Awards 2016 Page for all the images]
Debby and Pip at the awards ceremony
Debby and Pip at the awards ceremony
Presentations on Saturday 25 June in the Swan Centre main hall. Age groups up to and including U11 are 5pm start; age groups upwards to adults are 7.30pm start. You and family are all welcome to attend the whole event.  Entry is FREE!
Club and League Registrations
On 3 July and 6 July, Debby will be at the club to help any players complete their forms.  All players to bring an updated passport photo and current proof of eligible disability/conditions. (Debby already holds these for some players – will let others know if we need more/up-to-date proof).  Anyone unable to attend either training/registration session, please scan the info across to Debby at
The two forms needed by all players are below. All players must be on Standing Orders before their registrations are submitted to the League. All bank details are available in the clubhouse but all you need is the Account number [10203874] and the Sort Code [20 02 62]. Please use the player’s name as the reference. If you are not sure of the amount you need to pay, please contact Debby or email Thank you.
BGFC Membership Form is here … hard copies are in abundance in the clubhouse.
Harrison pays the penalty (12 June 2016)
Lennon takes on Harrison from the penalty spot today ... more photos to follow
Lennon takes on Harrison from the penalty spot today … more photos to follow
Enjoyable Sunday!
2016.05.29 BGV 1 Graham LuckhurstThanks to Debby for the cake and all club members who stayed to wish Aaron a Happy Birthday on Sunday. Photos are on the main Home Page. Please note that next weekend we stage the BGFC Juniors Tournament and all help on Saturday and/or Sunday will be appreciated. There is no training next Sunday but we do hope as many of you as possible will support the tournament and help out if asked. Thank you. Well done to Graham, pictured here with Aaron Maul, who was our Player of the Tournament at Faversham.
Tuesday 24 May 2016: Birthday greetings go to Aaron Small
Sunday 22 May 2016: Training as normal at Waterside … also, Happy Birthday to Nick Cook today!
Another season to be proud of … Well done everyone! 
The latest photos of our final Juniors Tournament are on the Home Page. Also, read Rainham reports by Aaron, Phil and Nick on the Match Reports 2015-16 tab.
Short slideshow courtesy Dave Spencer

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Most of our U13s step up to U16 next season ... good luck and keep enjoying your football
Most of our U13s step up to U16s next season … good luck and keep enjoying your football
League runners-up but what a great effort ... well done everyone!
League runners-up but what a great effort … well done everyone!
Important message from Debby
Last Juniors tournament of the season this Sunday, 15th.   Can any player not available please let their Coach know asap.  Meet at the clubhouse 7.45am.   This tournament will finish slightly later than usual, as there are the end of season presentations following the games.
Sunday 8 May 2016: clubhouse open 8am to midday. Training as normal. Today’s special is Bacon, roll, tea/coffee for just £1.50! Everybody welcome.
Another great day out at Rainham (24 April 2016)
For all the photos, including Player of the Tournament, please go to the Home Page and for reports please click on Match Reports 2015-16.
2016.04.24 BG Valiants at Rainham
2016.04.24 BGV Squad photo
Juniors tournament on Sunday 24th April.   Please meet at the clubhouse at 7.45am.  Can all players please confirm that they will be attending with their coaches by Wednesday evening (either during training or by texting your coaches).
From today’s fun at Waterside
[More photos on the Home Page]

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For Pat’s report on the Adults Faversham tournament, please go to the Match Reports 2015-16 tab.
ALL BGV age groups now 6.30-7.30pm on Wednesday
Coming soon … news of one of our young BG Valiants who will climb Snowdon to raise funds! Go to the home page for feature
Rainham: summaries by the managers are on the Match Reports 2015-16 page
Sunday 20 March 2016: BGV Juniors at Rainham; please meet 7.45am in the clubhouse. Please keep noise to a minimum … thank you. BGV Adults at Pitchside 9.30am. All welcome to watch the U14s at home to Folkestone Invicta and/or the big games on SKY after lunch. Clubhouse open from approx 11.30am.
Friday FIFA Fun
2016.03.18 FIFA Valiants3
2016.03.18 FIFA Valiants1
2016.03.18 FIFA Valiants2
2016.03.18 FIFA Valiants8
Faversham Tournament 13 March: for a brief report, including a great victory over Maidstone, please go to the Match Reports 2015-16 page.
Please note
Junior tournament 20th March at Rainham.  Can everyone please confirm with their coaches (U11s – Nick/James, U13s – Phil, U16s – Aaron) if their player is not available on this date?
Funding for the minibuses has finally run out, so we will be arranging carsharing to/from the tournament.  Some parents have queried hiring and paying for a minibus between themselves for this or future tournaments.  I am willing to arrange this if enough parents can confirm that they wish to have a place – the cost per seat will be £7.50, but we need to fill a minibus (16 seats) for it to be this price.  I need to have confirmation by tomorrow night (07510 523658), Sunday 13th please if this is to be an option for March’s tournament.
Thanks Debby
Advance notice!
No training on Easter Sunday
Changes to training times/locations
Sunday training will remain at Pitchside, 9.30am, for all squads.  We will be moving back to Bromley Green for Sunday training from April 3rd (start time to be confirmed).
Wednesday training
Under 16s – Moving back to Bromley Green on Wednesdays, starting on Wednesday 16th March.  6-7pm.
Under 13s and Under 11s/younger ones – Staying at Pitchside on Wednesdays for now, 5.30-6.30pm.   Will move back to Bromley Green on Wednesday March 30th at the later time of 6.30-7.30pm.
Thanks Debby
Wednesday 2 March 2016

BGV amendments to Wednesday’s training schedule:
BGV U16s are at the club (NOT Pitchside) 6pm
BGV Adults at the club as usual
BGV U11s and U13s are at Pitchside as normal
Please note: no BG Valiants Little Ones this week

Coming soon!
Friday 18 March 2016
BGV FIFA night from 5pm
2016.02.21 Positive reports from the Rainham Tournament … for summaries by Phil and Aaron please click on the Match Reports 2015-2016 tab.
20 Feb: Birthday greetings today to Nathaniel Trevor! 
BGV adults – no training on Wednesday 17th February.   Next training session is Sunday 21st – this will be at Bromley Green, not Pitchside, from 10am. Debby.
Windy for the adults at Faversham today! Read Pat’s report on the Match Reports 2015-16 page.
Advance notice: Friday 12 February 2016
‘Behaviour Management’ session in the clubhouse 19:00-21:00. All managers, coaches and those involved in our youth set-up are encouraged to attend. [Facilitator Terry Perk].
Sunday’s photo-shoot and match has been postponed due to the pitches being too wet … sorry! Next training is Wednesday 3 February.
Training back to normal now at Pitchside and Waterside
FIFA Photos [7 January 2016]
2016.01.08 FIFA BGV 1
2016.01.08 FIFA BGV 3
2016.01.08 FIFA BGV 2
2016.01.08 FIFA BGV 4
FIFA Night booked for Friday 8 January 2016 from 5pm
Update from Debby
Fifa Night, Friday 8th.  Clubhouse opening at 5pm with the aim of this start time accommodating our younger players.  Adult players/older players come down for 7pm.  Food and snacks will be laid on.No training tonight (6th).  Training restarts for all at Pitchside on Sunday 10th.
7 Jan 2016: Birthday greetings today to Toby Furner!
Oliver Bell, Bill Brooks, Graham Luckhurst (paid) please note your hoodies are now available … 30 December at the club is next opening. Thanks Dave H.
23 December: Happy birthday today to Callum Field!
Pat and Debby would like to wish all the players and parents Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
Message from Debby
BGV last training before Christmas is 20th December.   Training restarts on Sunday 10th January 2016.
Hoody boy Pat
Hoody boy Pat

All those wanting the new Bromley Green hoody, please pop into the ground on Wednesday any time between 5pm and 10pm … special price of £15 for Fruit of the Loom tops with our club badge!

Sunday 29 November 2015: Well done everyone at Rainham today! For tournament summaries by the managers, please go to the Match Reports 2015-16 tab.
Important selection message
Junior tournament this Sunday, 29th.  Players going please meet at the clubhouse at 8am.
U11s – Callum, Ollie B, Ruben, Luke.
U13s – Ben, Amy, Nathaniel, Rey, Raven, Oliver.
U16s – Ashley, Toby, Owen, Thomas, Cameron.

League info: New facebook and twitter names

Facebook – kentdisabilityfootballleague

Twitter – @KDFL_Official

LinkedIn – kent disability football league

Instagram – Kentdisabilityfootballleague

Juniors tournament 29th November.  Players will be notified by their coaches to confirm their places in squads.  Please be at the clubhouse by 8am.
Adults please note that there is no training on Sunday 29th November.
Coaches meeting in the clubhouse after training on Wednesday 18 November
Community Carol Service: SWAN Centre, Sunday 13 December. Non-denominational, families welcome. Bromley Green coordinator is Sarah Evans [07909220573].
Name change: The Kent Disability League has changed its name to the Kent Disability Football League

Two important internal messages
Please note those teams training at Waterside are not to use the MUGA for organised activities as (a) we have not reserved it due to the regular flooding; and (b) adults are kicking about in there and I have had a complaint. The MUGA is for general use by children [aged 16 and under]. We have £5000 worth of lights that Ian Mace has refurbished during the past few days … so let’s use them. I know it is a pain putting them away at night but if everybody helps it does not take long. Thanks DH.

Once again, can we all remember that photos of children are not to be published for general viewing on social networks [unless of course it is your own child]. We have four young persons on our books that are not permitted to be photographed or videoed. Thank you.

BGV U16s: message from Debby 16.11.2015. Training on Wednesdays is now 5.30pm at Pitchside. 
Slideshow from Faversham 15 November 2015

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Report from the Abbey School is on the Match Reports 2015-16 tab
For photos of our four Players of the Month (Ruben, Amy, Thomas, Stewart), please go to the Home Page
Message from Debby 27 October 2015
BGV winter training – times and locations
U11s and U13s: all training from now on is at Pitchside, Stanhope. Wednesdays 5.30 – 6.30pm.   Sundays 9.30 – 10.30am.
U16s and Adults: Wednesday training is still at Bromley Green, 6.30 to 7.30pm. Sundays are now at Pitchside, 9.30 – 10.30am.
BGV Juniors unbeaten at Rainham!
For all the Valiants tournament summaries, please click on the Match Reports 2015-16 tab
Photos to follow …
Message to BG Valiants from Debby
Junior tournament on Sunday 25 October – everyone meet in the clubhouse at 8am please.
Adults training is still on, at Bromley Green, 10am prompt start.

BGV Adults

2015.10.18 1 Adults Valiants

Here is the match report from Sunday 18 October 2015
Bgv 0-2 Canterbury city first
Bgv 0-6 Charlton athletic Ac fc red
Bgv 1-6 Milton and fulston spiders
Bgv 1- 3 maidstone United raiders fc silver.

We only had 5 players playing 6 aside matches … so it was going to be tough but they all played really well with a positive attitude.
Jordan scored our first goal and Emily scored our second … it’s their first time scoring.
Harrison played well in goal he worked extra hard … grant covered lots of ground with some good attempts at goal … Emily made some good blocks and tackles…and Stewart was very energetic covering all positions he had a brilliant game…well done to everyone you put in 110 percent today proud of you all.

Man of match is Stewart Blake for his tremendous effort.
From phil Castle

New sponsor for Bromley Green Valiants confirmed
David, I've told you: "Mum doesn't feed me!" Poor Ashley!
David, I’ve told you: “Mum doesn’t feed me!” Poor Ashley!

We are delighted to announce confirmation of new sponsorship by Dave Spencer of construction and shop-fitting experts MONZA.

Our Valiants will benefit as part of the massive re-branding taking place across the whole club over the next two years.
All Green teams are moving over to modern Nike strips with the Valiants first in line alongside the Under 18s and a change adult kit sponsored by Key Auto Trade. No doubt about it, we will be the smartest club in the KDL!
Last season was a fantastic success and, with some terrific new players joining, we are buzzing. Well done all … keep up the good work!
Next action
This Sunday, 18 October 2015, the BG Valiants Adults take part in a tournament at The Abbey School, Faversham. Please all meet in the clubhouse by 8am. For all fixtures and upcoming events, please refer to the Fixtures/Events tab.
Slideshow of some recent images

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URGENT message from Debby to BG Valiants
Urgent-Clipart-RougeJunior tournament with KDL will be on Sunday 25th October.  Their registration deadline is the end of this week.  Anything received after this week will be too late for a player to register in time for October’s tournament.
I am still waiting for paperwork for Reggie, Timi and Ollie.  Can these either be scanned and emailed through to me, or posted (please contact me for address).   Thanks.
Message from Debby Claber: I will not be around on 11th.
A message from our Club Welfare Officer:
As most of us transition into training away from the club at other venues, it’s still imperative that we keep registers of the children attending our training sessions. As such can I ask managers to keep a list of attendance for each session please. This does not need to be sent to me each week, but provides us with a record should we need it.
Many thanks Terry
Can all parents please refrain from shouting out instructions to players during games? Not only is this unfair and potentially confusing for players, it also breaches FA Respect rules and leaves the club vulnerable to KDL fines as it breaches their rules too.  Any fines received by the club will be passed on to the parents involved.
Thanks Debby

Welcome to the Bromley Green Valiants Page

Deal summary from Emma 20 September 2015
Today we took our juniors and adults to Deal … the juniors (U11s, U13s and U16s) took part in a training session with Deal’s junior players with Pat Penfold and Paul from Deal they all really enjoyed it.

Whilst our adult players played a friendly game with Deal’s players we lost  3 – 2 with Graham scoring both our goals. And for once the sun was shining which made a nice change which made it an enjoyable experience for all.

Thanks Emma

Reminder from Debby re Sunday 20 September 2015
Reminder about Sunday’s Juniors training session, to be held with Deal.   Adult squad to have a friendly match against their Adults. Please can everyone meet at the clubhouse for 7.45am?  Minibuses are booked, and car-sharing volunteered for (thank you!)
The ground is at Castle Community College, Mill Road, CT14 9BD.

Short slideshow from Sunday’s tournament at Faversham

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Emma reports from the BGV Adults tournament at Abbey School, Faversham
We played 4 lost 3 drew 1.
It was was Emily, Tanya, Jordan, and Harrison’s first time playing for BGV in tournaments and they did really well,

The 1st game Grant scored our first goal and had some great saves from Harrison.

2nd and 3rd games everyone put lots of good effort in … Stewart did some great tackling with some more good saves from Harrison unfortunately with all their good effort it just wasn’t their day.

Last game Graham scored our last goal on his 5th attempt.
Everyone played well as a team … our player of the tournament went to Harrison as he coped so well even when he couldn’t save all the goals but he also made terrific saves … well done all!

Thanks Emma

Adults tournament 13th September, at the Abbey School, Faversham. Please all meet at the clubhouse for 8am.  Minibus travel has been arranged.
Juniors training as usual, 10am.
Next Sunday, 20th September, all Juniors training will be held at Deal, while the Adults play against Deal in a friendly game.  Can all parents/carers please talk to/contact their coaches to confirm travel arrangements?  Meeting at the clubhouse 7.45am.
Training for BGV as usual, Sunday 23rd and Wednesday 26th August.   There will be NO training on Sunday 30th August.
If you/your player will not be attending a session, please make sure that you have let the squad’s coach know –
U11s and U13s – Pat Penfold  07526 886895
U16s – Aaron Maul 07849 197365
Adults – Emma – 07508 463718.
Can everyone who has any outstanding paperwork re registrations please also make sure that it reaches me by tomorrow – either at training, or by email.   Anything outstanding beyond tomorrow’s date is unlikely to be dealt with and approved in time for you/your player to attend September’s tournaments.  The couple of remaining standing order queries also need responding to by tomorrow, in order for the registrations concerned to go through. Thanks Debby.
17 August 2015 Notice from Debby … please read
Can everyone please let coaches know if you won’t be at training? Expected numbers affect how we set up and how we train across all squads. Also, all parents/carers of 16 year olds and younger players, please stay with your player during training sessions and make sure they are not unattended.
Thanks Debby
BGV – training for Juniors and Adults is ON, Sunday 16th, starting at 10am.   Wednesday training restarts on the 19th, 6pm.
Thanks, Debby

2015.08.09 BGV Adults match report
2015.08.09 1Today we hosted a friendly tournament with Deal Town, Folkestone Invicta and Canterbury City.
We won 1, drew 1, lost 2.

All of our players played really well considering we have lost some players but have 3 new  players we welcomed Emily, Tanya and Jordan today playing in their first matches with bgv they have settled well into the team.
Graham (our captain today) had a brilliant game scoring 3 goals while our manager Phil stood in as goalie and made a great save in the first game against Deal.
Well done to everyone who took part today.Our Player of the Tournament is Graham [pictured] for his all round steady performance.
Emma Castle

Looking forward to Sunday 9 August 2015
BGV Adults – don’t forget Sunday 9th’s friendly tournament at Waterside. Meet in the clubhouse by 8.45am.  There are 4 clubs coming down (Anchorians, Deal, Canterbury and Folkestone).  Anyone who has not yet completed registrations, can you also please bring up-to-date proof, one passport photo and we can complete then. Thanks Debby.

BGV  – next training session is Sunday 16th August

KDL LogoExcitement is already building for next season as we look to continue the fantastic achievements of our players.

Our Bromley Green Valiants teams will compete in the following age groups: Adult, U16, U13, U11.

Let’s keep the silverware coming to Waterside! But most of all of course learn and have fun. To see the league constitution in full, please click on the link below

Kent Disability League Constitution 2015

Looking forward … here are the dates for 2015-2016

BG Valiants Juniors
To be held at Rainham
27th September 2015
25th October 2015
29th November 2015
21st February 2016
20th March 2016
24th April 2016
15th May 2016

BG Valiants Adults
To be held at The Abbey School, Faversham
13th September 2015
18th October 2015
15th November 2015
7th February 2016
13th March 2016
10th April 2016

Happy birthday to Owen Lewington! [Thursday 23 July]

Date change: message from Emma that the Adult games planned for 16 August will now take place on Sunday 9 August. Further details to follow on the Fixtures tab.

Important message from Debby:

register_nowI will be doing BGV and KDL registrations over the next couple of weeks – at Bromley Green on Wednesday 22nd (5.45 – 7.30pm), Sunday 26th (10am-12pm) and Wednesday 29th (5.45 – 7.30pm).
The BG registration form is on the Bromley Green website.
KDL registration form is on Kent Disability League’s website from tomorrow (22nd) evening.  I will have a few copies at the club tomorrow evening as well.   It can be filled in and printed out from the website – has to be printed out for signatures.  I’m happy to have them back via email once completed (  I need current proof of disability and one passport-sized photo with each registration form.  Thanks Debby

Please note: photos from the awards events can be viewed by using the dedicated tabs at the head of the Home Page

Phil Castle and Thomas Habgood receive their FA Coaching Certificates from Stan Donald
Phil Castle and Thomas Habgood receive their FA Coaching Certificates from Stan Donald

26 July 2015: BASKETBALL THIS SUNDAY (10am)

Kick rounders on Sunday 19 July 2015
‘Big Nick’ hammers the youngsters!

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8am update: Kick rounders is ON this morning

Sunday 19 July 2015: Kick rounders at 10am

BGV Coaches meeting this Wednesday [17 June 2015] at 7.15pm

Notice of cancellation: please note that, due to a glut of injuries, we will not be taking part in the tournament on 21 June.
Well done to all the BG Valiants who picked up awards at the Swan Centre on Sunday 14 June! Plenty of photos to follow as soon as I have time. Don’t forget, BGV Adults and U16s have their night on 11 July, again at the Swan Centre and again admission is FREE! Thanks and keep up the good work everybody. DH
14 June 2015 Under 11s report from Rob
KDL U11s r/u
KDL U11s r/u
Kent Disability League tournament 14/06/15
Our final tournament in Gillingham was played with a full squad.
We had some excellent results and a very high standard of play throughout our 4 matches.
Everyone made a fantastic contribution and our results meant that the Under 11 squad were runners up in the Under 11 league.
Well done to all the players, their hard work and enthusiasm has been rewarded!
For his great attacking and defensive play throughout, man of the match goes to Callum Field.
Thanks to all players and parents for a brilliant season. Rob.*
14 June 2015 Debby reports on mixed success at Rainham
The under 13s travelled to Rainham for the final tournament this season.   All players worked hard – Ben gave a heartfelt performance in goal, Ashley and Amy tried their best to win possession of the ball and supported their team-mates.  Owen added speed and consistent tackling, and both Nathaniel and Toby tried their best to boost our goal tally.  We ended the day having won 3 games and lost 3.
Unfortunately this meant that we ended the day as we started – joint second on points but losing out on the Runners up place on goal difference.
Man of the Match went to Thomas, as he was absolutely solid in defence, constantly being ready to receive and pass on the ball (and scoring a brilliant goal himself!).
Thanks to all players, for remaining positive and showing constant support and encouragement to your teammates throughout this season.
Junior tournament at Rainham this Sunday, 14th. Please confirm attendance and transport with your coaches by Wednesday.
Please also make sure ALL kit is returned to Pat after Sunday’s tournament when we return to the clubhouse in the afternoon. (Shorts, socks, tracksuit bottoms, tops).
Please also make sure that you gave details of standing order registration to start in July, to register for next season. Please read the letter from the Treasurer. Any queries please ask me or your coach.
Thanks Debby
31.05.2015: Juniors Rainham Report – 9 goals for Toby!
The rain at Rainham didn't dampen the spirits today!
The rain at Rainham didn’t dampen the spirits today!
We had a good day at Rainham today with 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses – Toby scored 9 goals and Owen and Nathaniel added to the total achieved.  Good team performance and Ashley Fedder was our Man of the Match.
Thanks also to Rhys and Mathew for their play in the Under 16s.
31.05.2015: Under 11s win all four matches at Rainham!
Well done to the Green's U11 Player of the Tournament today
Well done to the Green’s U11 Player of the Tournament today – Daniel Searle

Our under 11 squad played their penultimate KDL tournament at Rainham today

We had a great tournament with plenty of strong performances!
Every player scored, which was brilliant, matched by some elaborate impromptu goal celebrations from the team!
We won all 4 of our matches, with Timi and Daniel scoring once each, Ruben scoring twice, Callum scoring 4 times and Oliver Bell scoring 6 times with 2 hat-tricks.
Our other goal came from an own goal deflected from a great cross from Callum.
For his great displays in goal and commanding performances in defence and supporting the attacking play, man of the match goes to Daniel Searle.
Thanks to everyone for their help today! Rob.

24.05.2015: John Myers Cup home leg photos and report

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Everyone played well, we played 3 games:

In the first game.. we scored 6-0 with Marcus scoring 5 and charlie 1 and we also got grant out there after he’s been absent lately which was great to see.

In the second game..Marcus,Rhys,Mike and Graham all scored goals.. again great team effort,

In the final game.. A lot of ground covered with Mike and Marcus scoring.
with Ste in goal in all the games keeping a clean sheet..
Overall a great day.. great team effort winning the cup well done everyone and even the sun shone for us..

Thanks Emma

Well done to all players who came down to the amf – fab morning and brilliant play all round. Debby [photo slideshow below]

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17 May 2015 Congratulations!
17 May 2015 Congratulations!

Match One: Canterbury First
A really tough game we were on the back foot for most of the game, we had our chances, but were kept in it by a string of great saves for Dan.
FT: 1-0

Match two: Charlton white
Another tough game was even for most of it both teams had their chances but once again Dan kept us at 0-0. Until a great run from Marcus to the byline, cut back for Ste to finish made it 1-0.
Match three: Charlton Deaf
Proved to be our hardest game all day, their pace was too much for ua to handle we went behind after some sloppy defending. Later on a reaction stop from Dan wasn’t dealt with by the defence and resulted in an easy tap in.
FT: 2-0
However it turned out that Charlton Deaf played an ineligible player which in turn resulted in all their games being called off and replaced with 1-0 losses.
Man of the tournament goes to Dan for his amazing stops to keep us in our games, well done.
Was a great end to a fantastic season in the KDL so proud of the lads, was a pleasure to be a part of it, well done lads, well deserved and good luck next season.
Many thanks
Aaron Maul
Short slideshow of our historic achievement

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Don’t forget, the Bromley Green Valiants also have photos on the main Home Page

2015.05.03 BGV Juniors [1]A very big well done to the mixed junior squad who went through to Deal today. All displayed positive attitudes despite the constant rain and gave your best – some in new positions.

Congratulations to Amy, chosen as Player of the Match by Deal’s coach, Paul.

Looking forward to the return game, when we will endeavour again to match Deal’s hospitality and baking skills! Debby

4 May 2015 The BGV Juniors
4 May 2015 The BGV Juniors

4 May 2015: Tournament report from Aaron

Match one: FT 1-0

Was quite even to start with, we had to try and find our feet and struggled to start with. As the game came to a close we hit them on the break with Mike driving out of defence and with options either side of him went for goal himself from distance and put it in off the post. Great effort.

Match two: FT 4-0

This game we seemed for more settled and it was displayed in our performance with attack after attack. Marcus who had been unusually quite popped up and scored two tight angles efforts in quick succession. Our third goal came from our U16s loanee Rhys  who stroked his shot home from a fair distance and the fourth from Charlie who was laid off from a corner, hit it first time and it flew in. Great effort from everyone.

Match three: FT 1-0

This game felt like the second with wave upon wave of attacks from us, but this match seemed a little harder to just get a goal. Eventually though one of the last kicks of the game, Charlie hit a corner across the box and the Deal keeper hit it into his own net for an own goal as much as Charlie claimed it as his second.

2015.05.03 BGV Adults [1]All in all a great few games from the team, this time though we’ll try to finish the job when they come to Bromley Green.

A special note for Rhys who got the man of the tournament from myself and Pat for really stepping up to the adult game and looked to be in his element, well played mate.

Many thanks Aaron Maul.

4 May 2015 BGV Adults
4 May 2015 BGV Adults

26 April 2015: U11s report from manager Rob Searle at Rainham
Today our under 11 squad played in the KDL tournament at Rainham
We had a challenging tournament today, where match results did not reflect the amount of effort and hard work our players put in.

Daniel Searle played in goal today and made some good saves.
Timi Adeniji played well, covering a lot of the pitch today.
Callum Field worked hard and scored a fantastic goal! Unfortunately the goal he scored was for the opposition.
2015.04.26 Rey Rama U11s Valiants PoM 2Ruben Cook-Santana played well up front and scored 1 goal.
Rey Rama [photo] continued to impress throughout the tournament, making crucial tackles in defense as well as scoring 4 goals today.
Man of the match was Rey Rama for his hard work and excellent displays in both attack and defence!
Thank you to all the parents for the positive support to our team and the opposition today.

26.4.2015 update from Debby

2015.04.26 Toby U13s Valiants PoM 2A very good tournament today with the 6 players that we had.  Great performances from all 6!   Special mention to our goalie for being solid and to Owen for being outstanding with his tackling and scoring today. To Toby [photo], Player of the Match for his leadership and organisational skills on the pitch and for keeping calm when being pushed, shoved and kicked and not retaliating.  Well done to all – made your coach very proud.
Also praise for Rhys and Cleon in our under 16s – Rhys for scoring today (and happy birthday for tomorrow).
Don’t forget we are taking a Junior squad with the Adults on Sunday 3rd May.  Meeting at the clubhouse at 7.30am.  Players going – Amy, Rey, Reuben, Callum, Toby, Ben, Thomas.
Adults – check with Phil/Aaron.   Jack, Rhys and Cleon also going.
Training as usual at 10am for everyone else.
Thanks Debby
Info from Debby
Juniors tournament this Sunday – please confirm attendance and minibus spaces with your coaches by tomorrow (Thursday). Meet at clubhouse for 8am.
John Myers Cup games are on 3rd May (away) and 24th May (home). We are taking a mixed juniors squad to each.  (Deal have a smaller youth section than BGV).  Adults and juniors travelling to Deal please be at clubhouse 7.30am on the 3rd.
There WILL be a training session on 3rd May at BG for the players not travelling to Deal.
May 17th there is NO U11 training.
U13s and U16s have their bowling session booked for May 17th – everyone should have received info.
Junior Presentation is on June 14th at the Swan Centre 4pm to 6.30pm.

All BGV training after 12 April 2015 will be at Bromley Green. Wednesdays still at 6pm to 7pm. Sundays now a slightly later time, 10am to 11am.

From Debby 29.3.2015
Sunday saw another successful tournament for our U13s … who worked together with focus and determination during all 6 games. Thomas, Nathaniel and Toby displayed good interaction and reliable passing and tackling, to gain possession and push the ball forwards. Josh was solid in defence and also covered goal for one game – which gave Ben the opportunity to play a game up front, and score one of the day’s goals. Amy and Ashley both produced impressive amounts of energy throughout.  Player of the Match went to Owen Lewington, who managed to withstand several fierce tackles, playing on as if none had actually happened; he also did many brave and successful tackles himself.
U16s – Rhys put in a fast and promising performance in the U16s – narrowly missing out on scoring – and finishing the day, quite rightly, pleased with how he had played.
Please remember that there is no training on Easter Sunday, or the following Wednesday (April 8th).   Training will restart on 12th April.
12th April is also the Adults tournament – please confirm your attendance with Aaron and Phil.  Meet at the clubhouse at 8am.

From Rob 29.3.2015
On a drizzly morning, where everyone had an hour less of sleep, we played our under 11 squad in the KDL tournament at Rainham (very aptly named today!)

We had excellent displays throughout the squad today!
Daniel Searle had a couple of good games in goal and defense, scoring 3 goals, including one from a goal kick.
Timi Adeniji worked tirelessly today, helping out midfield and defense, as well as playing for Maidstone when they needed another player.
Callum Field displayed a growing confidence in midfield, scoring 1 goal and setting up a couple of others.
Ruben Cook-Santana was an ever-present threat to the opposition in attack, scoring 1 goal.
Rey Rama had an outstanding tournament, excellent in defense and a threat in attack, scoring 1 goal.
Oliver Bell had a game in goal, with the rest in midfield/ attack, scoring 2 goals. His overall commitment, hard work and attitude was excellent!
Well done our Ollie! Player of the Tournament today for the U11s
Well done our Ollie! Player of the Tournament today for the U11s

It was very difficult picking out one player as player of the match today, I could easily have had two!

In the end, the player of the match was decided by the player who was able to overcome some off-field difficulties at the tournament and display a positive attitude for the last two matches.
Player of the tournament goes to Oliver Bell.
Thank you parents for all your help and support today!

Message from Debby
Junior tournament at Rainham this Sunday, 29th March.  Please meet at the clubhouse at 8am.  (please also remember the clocks go forward on Saturday night).

There will be no training on Easter Sunday, or on the following Wednesday (8th April).  Training will restart as usual on 12th April.

Happy birthday today to Oliver Bell!

Under 11s at Battlezone

Treats time at Battlezone
Treats time at Battlezone

Our Under 11s enjoyed a change to the usual Sunday morning training session today, and spent a couple of hours chasing each other around Battlezone instead. Special thanks to Olu, Timi’s dad, who was kind enough to bring cakes and treats for the end of the session to share an impromptu birthday celebration for Timi with the rest of his squad.

Battlezone is on for the Under 11s who have confirmed with Rob. Booked a 2-hour session from 10 to 12 on Sunday 15th

Slideshow from the Abbey Tournament … courtesy of David Ramzan

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

8 March 2015: Great stuff at the Abbey School … photo on home page … well done everyone … storming away at the top of the table!

BG Valiants adults match report from Emma

We had another great performance on a warm sunny morning, everyone put in 110 % with great team spirit.
The scores are-
Bgv 1-0 anchrorian equal teams
Bgv 0-0 Canterbury city
Bgv 2-0 maidstone utd raiders
Bgv 1-0 thanet galaxy pan meteors.
Our player of the tournament is Graham Luckhurst for his great determination and enthusiasm throughout, he even got to score. Well done to everyone we are going from strength to strength.

1.3.2015: Please note today’s friendly is off as Anchorians are unable to raise a side … there is no training today

For next week’s friendly at Waterside … can everyone meet in the clubhouse by 9am please

22.2.2015 Under 11s manager Rob Searle reports from Rainham
Today Bromley Green Valiants Under 11 squad played at Rainham in the Kent Disability League.
Match results today were:
Bromley Green Valiants 0:3 Sheppey United Youth FC Cubs
Bromley Green Valiants 4:0 Gillingham FC SENtaurs
Bromley Green Valiants 1:1 Maidstone United Raiders FC Yellow
Bromley Green Valiants 1:0 Charlton Athletic AC FC Addicks

Timi: our star player today
Timi: our star player today

We had some brilliant performances from all the players today!
Olliver Bell played two games in goal and two games in midfield, scoring a hatrick against Gillingham.
Reynard Rama played very well in defence and scored one goal.
Callum Field was full of energy in midfield, scoring one goal.
Ruben Cook-Santana was a handful to the opposition when up front, scoring one goal and tracking back to help defend.
Daniel Searle had two games in goal and two games in defence, making some very good saves and interceptions.
Timi Adeniji had an outstanding tournament, supporting the defence, midfield and attacking play throughout.
Highlight of the day was the epic 1:1 draw against Maidstone United, which was end to end stuff which had both sets of parent, coaches and others watching saying how entertaining a match it was!
I had many coaches and opposition parents saying how well the Under 11s played today and they did me, themselves and the club proud with their hard work and great attitude.
Timi’s tireless display just edged out the superb effort from the other players and was the Player of the Tournament today.
Thanks to all the players and parents, I’m looking forward to our next tournament on 29 March 2015.
Rob Searle, Under 11 coach.

22.2.2015 Report from Debby at the Rainham tournament
2015.02.22 BG Valiants PoM Tom SmithWell done to the under 13s, on a very cold morning in Rainham.  Team played very well with Toby making the most of his opportunities.  Josh played well in goal and up front, managing a couple of good shots on target.  Ben was outstanding in goal – particularly in the last game of the day – and also worked hard during the games he spent out of goal.  Ashley and Amy concentrated on keeping our defence secure and trying to get possession of the ball for the team throughout all games. Player of the Tournament simply had to go to Tom [pictured] today, though, for his solid and consistent defending.  Big well done to everyone.
Under 16s … congratulations to Rhys, who took part in his first KDL tournament today, playing for the combined U16s squad at Rainham alongside Mathew.
**   reminder that there is no Junior training next Sunday.  Players come down to Bromley Green instead and support the Adults in their friendly game with Anchorians.  Kick off is 10am.   **
Thanks Debby


Junior squads tournament on Sunday 22nd February – meet in the clubhouse at 8am.  Adults training as usual at Pitchside, 9.15am start.
No Junior training on Sunday March 1st.   Instead, players can come to Bromley Green (not Pitchside), and support the BGV Adults in their game against Anchorians.  Kick off is at 10am  (please keep an eye on the website for any weather-related issues around this nearer the time but hopefully pitches will be dry and playable!)
Under 11s – can you please confirm with Rob by Sunday for numbers attending Battlezone on March 15th?
8.2.2015: Aaron reports from the Abbey School, Faversham
This tournament saw Charlton Athletic Deaf FC B (who were top and 3 points ahead of us), pull out. This resulted in them receiving 4 losses and so no points, putting us in pole position to gain a good lead should we win enough games.
Match one: Canterbury City First FC
This was going to be our hardest game of the day, and proved to be so. For most of the match we were under their dominace struggling to get the ball out of our half. But a bit of brilliant finishing from Marcus saw us snatch a vital win. 1-0 FT
Match Two: Maidstone United Raiders FC Silver
Another tough game, similar to the first match but slightly more even. Niether team could break through eachother. 0-0 FT, it is worth mentioning to key saves from Dan which were a result of some sloppy defending, top drawer stuff!
Match three: Thanet Galaxy FC
This game saw us dominate and have full control with all chances falling to us. Once again Marcus scoring 2 goals to end the match 2-0.
Match four: Deal All Stars
2015.02.08 [1a]Once again we dominated the match and came under no real threat from our opponents.
Marcus [pictured] opened the scoring by thundering a shot down the middle, and Grant linked up with Marcus well to slot a second home in the bottom right, great finish.
Full time 2-0 to the Bromley Green Valiants who by now were looking to go through the tournament unbeaten.
Match five: Charlton Athletic AC FC White
A very even game between the two side could have gone either way, but once again the team put in a resiliant performance all over the pitch and it was rewarded with Charlie taking one man on and crossing beautifully for Marcus to chest and power home. Great team goal. 1-0 FT

Many thanks

Aaron Maul
Message from Debby re 15 February 2015
To confirm with parents/families of the Under 11s that the Battlezone event on 15 February has been postponed.  New date will be broadcast asap.
Message from Debby re subs and 8 February 2015 Adults tournament
The Adults tournament is on the 8th February.  Please meet at the clubhouse at 8am.  Minibus is booked.
And just to clarify any potential confusion around training fees for the Junior players.  These are £2 per week. Payable on the Sunday, which then covers the following Wednesday.  If a player does not train on the Sunday, then the fees are payable on the Wednesday.
Once a month, when there is a tournament on the Sunday, fees of £2 will apply on the Wednesday only.  Players do not currently pay match/tournament fees on the Sunday when we have tournaments.
Thanks Debby

Re-arranged date for the Adults friendly with Anchorians: Sunday 1 March

Sorry but ALL games at home, including the friendly with Anchorians, have been called off due to the waterlogged pitches …we are all very fed up with not playing football and getting together for a laugh … but please don’t blame the groundsman as it is like a lake at the ground … roll on decent weather!

Message from Emma re next Sunday’s Adult friendly
BGV Adults v The Anchorians friendly home game on Sunday 18 January 2015 with a 10am kick off (fingers crossed weather permitting). Meet in the clubhouse by 9am please.

Please note the March Juniors Tournament at Rainham has been switched from 22 March to 29 March 2015. Same time at clubhouse: 8am.

Two extra tournaments!
BGV Juniors at Rainham on 14 June
Adults at Faversham on 21 June
Meet in the clubhouse at 8am for both

Message from Debby re training arrangements
Training for BGV restarts on Sunday, 4th January,  at 9.15am. Please let coaches know if not able to be there.

31.12.2014Happy 13th birthday today to Joshua H … have a great day mate!

23.12.2014 Happy birthday to Callum F who is 10 today

20.12.2014 Happy birthday to Kian G who is 13 today!

Training has now stopped for the festive period and resumes on Sunday 4 January 2015 at Pitchside 9.15am

Young Valiants are rewarded at Sponsored Penalty Ceremony

Amy and Callum were amongst the award winners at Thursday's ceremony ... well done!
18.12.2014 Amy and Callum were among the award winners at Thursday’s ceremony … well done!

Father Christmas [aka as Big Phil] came by reindeer to Waterside

2014.12.13 [9c]

Big kid Charlie and the ‘real’ Santa

Well done to the Valiant adults that wore their club ties on Saturday ... here the 'overage' Charlie attempts to secure a present from Santa!
Well done to the Valiant adults that wore their club ties on Saturday … here we spotted the ‘overage’ Charlie attempting to secure a present from Santa! See Michelle’s slideshow on the Home Page.

It’s party time for the younger players
Children’s Party on Saturday 4pm-6pm for U8s, U9s, U10s and U11s. A final reminder that people need to confirm and preferably pay £5 per child to Jane/Michelle/Natasha/Emma or myself … during training this week would be great, thank you Debby.

U11s report from Rainham by Rob Searle

30.11.2014 Congratulations to our PoM today Ruben
30.11.2014 Congratulations to our PoM today Ruben

The Under 11 squad played some tough matches at the juniors tournament at Gillingham.

Every member of the squad put in a fantastic amount of effort and showed great teamwork.

I was really pleased to see that aspects of play we have been working on in training were displayed during our matches!

Unfortunately our results didn’t reflect how well the whole team played on the day.

Despite results not going in our favour, the whole team kept a very positive attitude throughout the day!


Bromley Green Valiants 0:3 Sheppey United Youth FC Cubs

Bromley Green Valiants 1:1 Gillingham FC SENtaurs

Bromley Green Valiants 1:3 Maidstone United Raiders FC Yellow

Bromley Green Valiants 1:1 Charlton Athletic AC FC Addicks

Man of the match went to Ruben Cook-Sanatana for his 2 goals and much improved on-pitch attitude and hard work for the team.

Special mention for Daniel Searle, who played in goal for all of Gillingham FC SENtaurs matches this tournament too.

30.11.2014 U13s Amy

Valiant effort by Green U13s

The U13s battled hard today at the Juniors Tournament held at Rainham.

Toby played very well, with Josh and Nathaniel takng turns in goal. Ashley tried very hard in defence and up front.

Player of the tournament went to Amy [pictured left with Pat], who used an amazing amount of energy during the morning, providing valuable support to her team-mates.

30.11.2014 Juniors tournament TODAY!
Please meet in the clubhouse 8am

Christmas present perhaps?

Hats Bromley Green image

There are a few BGFC hats remaining at just £6 … first come, first served … please see D Homewood at the club

Summary of BG Valiants Adults friendly v Folkestone Invicta 23/11/2014
By Emma Castle
Despite a very cold, wet and muddy day we had a good turnout, although
coaches Pat & Aaron and manager Phil and Terry the welfare officer
joined in to make up the numbers.
BGV played a full 90 mins 11aside which most of them are not used to
playing. Marcus scored our very first goal and with Dan scoring the
last goal right at the end of the match, unfortunately we did not win
the game, But all of the lads did really well and enjoyed the game.
Well done to all that played.

Notices from Debby
Adults meet at the clubhouse on Sunday at 9.45am for the friendly against Folkestone Invicta.
Last training session in December will be Wednesday 17th.
Training restarts in January on Sunday 4th.
Junior tournament is on November 30th.
Bromley Green’s junior players’ Christmas Party is at Waterside on Saturday 13th December

19.11.2014 Reminder from Debby: the Club Welfare Officer will be in attendance tonight at the ground around and after training

From Emma: Bromley Green Valiants Adults match report at Abbey School,
Faversham, 16 November 2014.
Played 4 games, won 2, lost 1 and drew 1.
It was a great atmosphere amongst the lads today,and a fantastic team
effort they all played very well, Dan Carpenter was solid in goal so
today he is our man of the tournament [pictured below with Phil].

16.11.2014 BG Valiants Adults PoM Dan

Message from Brian Gray

The next round for the Adults is on Sunday 16th November at the Abbey School Faversham.

Registrations will be from 0930 and first games kicking off at 0945.  All games should finish by 1315.


Can we please read and understand the following:

In a 7 aside competition the minimum players you are permitted to play with is 5. If you borrow players then your score goes down at a 1 – 0 loss. Opposition is NOT required to field a reduced side to accommodate the short team.

Also if you have more than 1 team within the competition then you are NOT to move players about between teams. This again is a breach of the rules.
If we find that teams are moving players then ALL scores will be adjusted to a 1 – 0 loss for that days games.

Halloween great fun!
Thanks to Rob, Charlie and the few parents who supported the fantastic Halloween Party … free food, drink and prizes … everyone enjoyed themselves which is the important thing. More photos on the Home Page.

Halloween 29.10.2014 [13]

Advance notice from Debby Claber re BGV U13s and U11s
There is no training for U13s on Wednesday 29th October
U11s have the Hallowe’en Party at Bromley Green instead of their usual training, contact Rob Searle if you have any queries.
Thanks, Debby

halloween poster 2

Note from Debby to BG Valiants Juniors
BGV – change of Sunday training location and time.

Sunday training for the Junior squads is moving to Pitchside, Stanhope, from this Sunday, 26th October, for winter training.
The sessions will be starting at 9.15am and running for one hour.

19.10.2014 Slideshow from Sunday’s tournament and friendly

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Action from today's friendly with Anchorians
Action from today’s friendly with Anchorians
The BGV Adults who had a great time today
The BGV Adults who had a great time today
Under 13s
Under 13s in terrific form today
19.10.2014: Debby reports on the Under 13s
19.10.2014 BG Valiants U13s Ben Humphries with Charlie Fletcher
We had a mixed bag at today’s tournament, with 3 good wins and 3 losses.  In general, a good day, with happy players.  Excellent work from our new signing, Thomas, with solid defence and a debut goal.  Toby and Nathaniel were their usual determined, attacking selves, and Amy and Owen kept on with some determined play and lots of energy.  Thanks to Josh and Ashley too, both trying hard in defence, and Ben Humphries was outstanding today in goal – playing bravely, and with some stunning saves.
Man of the Match
Ben Humphries [pictured above with Charlie Fletcher]

19.10.2014: U11s Report from Rob

Our second round of tournament matches  saw us taking up a big squad!
The team played some excellent football and showed that they are really coming together as a good squad of players.
Our results today were: played 6, won 1, drew 4 & lost 1.
BGV 0 – 0 Sheppey United Youth FC cubs
BGV 0 – 0 Charlton Athletic AC FC Addicks
BGV 2 – 2 Maidstone United Raiders FC
BGV 1 – 2 Sheppey United Youth FC cubs
BGV 1 – 0 Charlton Athletic AC FC Addicks
BGV 1 – 1 Maidstone United Raiders FC

19.10.2014 BG Valiants PoM Daniel Searle

Jake Edwards scored all 5 goals and had fantastic overall play, with good passing and support to his teammates.
Tristan Tiley had a couple of games in goal and tried his best throughout.
Ollie Bell had some cracking saves to make in the rest of the games.
Daniel Searle had a fantastic performance throughout the tournament in defence.
All the other players had a great time and I’d like to thank them all for their effort and doing all that was asked of them today.
Man of the match: Daniel Searle [pictured above with manager Rob Searle]

Fixtures for Sunday 19.10.2014

10.00       V     Sheppey United Youth FC Cubs
10.24       V     Charlton Athletic AC FC Addicks
10.48       V     Maidstone United Raiders FC Yellows
11.12       V     Sheppey United Youth FC Cubs
11.36       V     Charlton AC FC Addicks
10.00       V     Sheppey United Youth Lions
10.24       V     Maidstone United Raiders FC Blue
10.48       V     Sheppey United Youth Tigers
11.12       V     Sheppey United Youth Lions
11.36       V     Maidstone United Raiders FC Blue
U16s (BCD)
10.00       V     Maidstone United Raiders FC Purple
10.45       V     Charlton Athletic Deaf FC U16
11.30       V     Gillingham FC SENtaurs A
11.45       V     Swanscombe Tigers FC U16
Message from Debby concerning Sunday 19 October 2014
Sunday 19th October – Juniors tournament at Rainham.  Please meet at the clubhouse for kit/completing teamsheets etc at 8am.  Everyone who has confirmed attendance has seats on the minibuses.
Adults – please get to the clubhouse for 12.15pm.  The minibus will take you up to Anchorians, leaving by 12.45pm  (Charlie and Phil will be taken there direct from Junior tournament).  The game/s will start at 2pm.  At the moment, we are still waiting to hear if they have more than one team, but it looks like they are expecting to have the one team, and to play 3 or 4 games of approx 15 minutes.  Emma/Phil/Aaron will keep you informed.
Thanks Debby

15.10.2014 Message from Pat: Valiants Under 11s training tonight is on the MUGA … please bring suitable footwear

12.10.2014: Great show at Faversham by the BG Valiants Adults
Game One: Deal All Stars
Played well carried our form from the last tournament. Marcus scored in the first 20 seconds and charlie finished the game with a second.
Game Two: Canterbury A
Was always going to be our hardest game and this was confirmed as the game went on both keepers had their work cut out and Grant pulled off his fair share of saves.
Man of the match: Grant
Game Three: Charlton White
Another good game had all but one of the chances, Charlie stepped into goal to allow grant to play outfield and made a crucial save from the one shot they had. It was only a matter of time and three goals came from Mike and Marcus who got two.
Man if the match: Mike
Game Four: Anchorians
They could only field 4 players so we fielded 5 to make the game more even, it then turned into a goal fest with marcus bagging himself 4, Charlie getting one and Graham getting his first goal in Bromley Green colours.
Its also worth metioning we conceded our first goal of the season. But won 6-1 which is great of course.
Game Five: Chalton Deaf
Another frustrating game drawing 0-0 but still played well.
Still unbeaten this season plowing any team we come up against, taking 20 points 24 well done lads.
Man of the tournament: Marcus for his goal imput and quality.

Many thanks
Aaron Maul

Great show by the BG Valiants at Sunday’s Tournament 

Slideshow from Sunday at Rainham

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Action from Rainham ... more photos to follow ...
Action from Rainham … more photos from the U11s and U13s to follow …

28.9.2014 From Rob: Bromley Green Valliants Under 11 squad played their first round of matches in the Kent Disability League today and had a good day overall.

Match results were:

BGV 0 : 3 Sheppey United youth FC cubs
BGV 5 : 0 Charlton Athletic AC FC Addicks
BGV 6 : 0 Maidstone United Raiders FC Yellow
BGV 0 : 2 Sheppey United youth FC cubs
BGV 4 : 0 Charlton athletic AC FC Addicks
BGV 4 : 0 Maidstone United Raiders FC Yellow.
We had 4 new players to tournament play today and every player tried their best throughout the day.
Oliver Bell played very well in goal for us and made many cracking saves! This was his first tournament in goal for the under 11s and a new position he was playing in.
Goal scorers today were Jake Edwards, with 17 goals and Daniel Searle & Callum Field with a goal each.
Man of the tournament went to Jake Edwards for his amazing display, not only scoring 17 goals, but with his overall contribution to the team!
Thank you to all the players and parents for the fantastic support and effort today, I look forward to our next tournament in October.
Rob Searle, Under 11 coach.
28.9.2014 From Debby: We had a beautiful sunny day at Rainham and a great start to the new season, winning 4 and losing 2 games.  Lovely, solid performances from Josh and Amy (in her first game at this level) at the back.  Kian was reliable in goal and made one of his “special appearances” on the pitch as well, where he scored for us.  Nathaniel settled into the new environment quickly, scoring several goals across the morning, and completing a hat-trick in one game., playing well with Toby, who joined in with a hat-trick of his own, and stayed determined throughout.
Man of the Match is Owen for his vast improvement in play on last season, defending and tackling much more confidently and covering ground more ably (and scoring a goal when he played up front too!).   Well done and thanks to everyone.
BGV     2 – 1   Sheppey Utd Lions
BGV     8 – 1   Maidstone Utd Raiders Blue
BGV     2 – 4   Sheppey Utd Tigers
BGV     1 – 0   Sheppey Utd Lions
BGV     4 – 2   Maidstone Utd Raiders Blue
BGV     0 – 2   Sheppey Utd Tigers

Statement issued 25 September 2014

Sometimes we get it right!

Debby and myself have laboured [and waffled if we are honest] to ensure we qualify for a further £7000 from Children in Need and they have today accepted our reports and accounting for the previous year [to end August 2014].

Considering the unusual circumstances that we all found ourselves in during the marriage between the parent football club and the Valiants, there were bound to be teething problems. But the good will of everybody, plus this latest endorsement from CIN, has left us in a strong position not just financially but, perhaps even more importantly, also emotionally.

This means, with the budget year now amended to May 2014, we can move forward confident in the knowledge that each and every one of our valued members will enjoy not only the camaraderie and traditions of our great club but also the continued generous support towards transport, pitch hire and so forth.

The virtually seamless social integration between all parties concerned in the coming together has been quite remarkable.

I can only state how proud we should all feel at the achievements to date. We all want to see our members with a smile on their face and for them to feel that they ‘belong’; and a pop into the clubhouse illustrates they all feel safe and wanted.

My thanks, and indeed congratulations, to all those who have worked tirelessly from day one to ensure our plans for success become reality. Win, lose or draw, you can’t buy what we have!

Kind regards
Dave Homewood
[Honorary Patron BGFC]

Daniel … a real Bromley Green star!

Well done to our Daniel! We are very proud of you.
Well done to our Daniel! We are very proud of you.

Daniel cycled around Fowlmead Country Park during the summer, to raise funds for BGV.  His friend and fellow BGV player, Ollie Bell, joined him on his own fundraising ride for ASD Ashford.  Last night at the clubhouse, following training, players, parents and coaches congratulated Daniel and celebrated his achievement in raising £511.50 for Valiants.  Thank you so much, Daniel, and very well done to you!

Training arrangements update
Pat will do Wednesdays.  Phil and Rob are finding it hard to get there on time with work, and given that Rob is rushing for 2 under 11s on that day, it seems a bit labour intensive.  So, with parents’ permission, Pat will do a mixed training session.
Then Phil and Aaron will cover the Adults on Sundays with a 2 hour session.  Rob, Nick (and possibly Aaron if needed for numbers/ages) will cover the junior section.
Pat now won’t be training on Sundays.

Green win all their games at season’s first tournament!

14.9.2014 BG Valiants Adults at Abbey School

14.9.2014 Report from Aaron Maul
Match One: Anchorian Equal Teams Fc B
The game started with Equal Teams having only 5 players, with this we took a player off to make it fairer for them.
Having the extra player meant that we completely dominated the game from kick off and Grant had next to nothing to do in goal.
Marcus went on to score 4! With Mike and Stewart also getting one each. They had a player turn up late on which made it for even numbers but it was too late for them.
There was a spell where we fell asleep though complacency at the back and they managed to get a shot on goal which went well wide. All in all great game, especially good for goal difference.
Final score: 6-0
Man of the match: Marcus for being clinical in front of goal.
Match Two: Charlton Athletic AC FC White
The game began with both teams being bogged down and frustrated in midfield for most of the game.
Despite being frustrated in the final third we were constantly the better team and had the better possession and chance creation. With this Mike made the breakthrough with a nice finish.
After this they did have a spell where they were on top keeping us in our third forcing a corner which in the end lead to nothing. Dispite controlling the game on the whole and having really creative team play; our passes sometimes lacked conviction however, this is just a drop in the ocean when looking at our performance as a whole. With this in mind the scoreline did not reflect how the game went.
Final Score: 1-0
Man of the match: Mike for showing great play in aspects of his game.
Match Three: Deal All Stars FC
Once again began the game with confidence. Passing was a little shakey and defemding was a little scrappy from both teams, that being said ours proved the most effective as we held them in thier half for most of the game and forcing them to play long balls and desperate clearances.
In particular Graham had a good game throughout making some sharp close controlled runs. Mike and Matt had a solid game as a unit playing in unison together with Matt proving he has the ability and strength to move up to the adult league.
After all our pressure they finally cracked and Marcus was patient with his finish as he put the ball straight though their keeper.
After the goal we relaxed even more and played with confidence and ease to see out the win.
Final score: 1-0
Man of the match: Matt for stepping up to the occasion and putting a solid defensive perfomace.
All in all a fantastic tournament, a transformed team from last season with each and every player puttin in great performances with fluant and crisp team play… and no arguing! A note to Marcus for having a brilliant league debut. Well done lads let’s keep it up.
Man of the tournament: Mike
Many thanks
Aaron Maul

Adults tournament tomorrow (14 September), meet at the clubhouse at 8am please.  Minibus booked for you.  Playing on Astro at the Abbey School, Faversham.

Adult tournaments….held at the Abbey School, Faversham.
14th September, 12th October, 16th November, 8th February 2015, 8th March, 12th April, 17th May.
Junior tournaments….held at Rainham.
28th September, 19th October, 30th November, 22nd February 2015, 22nd March, 26th April, 31st May.
Meet at the clubhouse at 8am to get kit etc for all.
Quick reminder to all that training fees – £2 per week – are starting from tomorrow 31 August 2014.
Please also make sure that you have completed all registration/KDL registration etc.  See you tomorrow. Thanks Debby
17.8.2014 Tournament a great success
Matt is the Player of the Tournament at Waterside on Sunday
Matt is the Player of the Tournament at Waterside on Sunday
BGV’s first friendly Adult tournament was played on Sunday, at Waterside.  With 5 visiting squads, from Anchorian Equal Teams, Canterbury and Folkestone, plus our own team, it was a good opportunity for teams to have a pre-season tournament and for players/parents and carers to socialise at the same time.
All squads played each other before the top 4 went through into the semis.  BGV were unlucky to miss out on a place due to goal difference.  Both semis went through to extra time with one being settled by penalties before Folkestone went on to become the tournament winners, with Canterbury as runners up.  Player of the Tournament went to Matt from Anchorian Equal Teams, who had worked hard in goal in every game and consistently stayed good humoured and encouraged his team-mates throughout.
All teams found the event useful as a pre-season try-out and we intend to make this an annual event for BGV.
Thanks to everyone who spent their time making it a successful day – and especially to Josh Twyman who stepped in as referee at short notice and to Emma for helping out both in the clubhouse and with the scoring.
Thanks Debby
14.8.2014: Thanks to everyone who joined in with the sponsored penalties last night.
Please note that there will NOT be any Junior training on Sunday 17th, due to shortage of both players and coaches.
The Adults friendly tournament is ON this Sunday.  Can players please arrive at the Clubhouse at 8.30am.
All spectators and any offers of help very welcome.

Update from Debby: There is now no Adult training this Sunday (10th)

7.8.2014: Message from Debby
The sponsored penalties will now be held on Wednesday 13th August during training.
Adult squad training is on as usual, at Bromley Green, on Sunday 10th August. There will be NO training for any of the Junior squads on this date. If players are going to be missing a training session, please let the team’s Coach, or Pat, know before the session. We still have some outstanding Registrations for the coming season.  Can these please be completed and returned to me by next Wednesday at the latest, so that we know what numbers/teams we have for the coming season with Kent Disability League and can register teams and players in time.
Following on from this, everyone needs to complete a separate KDL registration form.  I have emailed these out.  Can these also be completed and returned to me by 13th August so that I can arrange a date to get these approved by the KDL.

Adults – I will be at the clubhouse during and after training on 13th August with registration forms and the KDL forms.  Anyone who hasn’t yet done these,  can they make sure that they find me and we can complete the forms then?  Registration fees are £25 for the season for BG.  We also need one passport size photo for the KDL form.
And a reminder that there will be a meeting for the full Adults squad, after training at Bromley Green on Sunday 31st August.  All to attend.
Thank you, Debby
Sponsored Penalties

Penalty-ShootOut-football-game-v1.0.3-APK-705x344Sponsored Penalties … have you got loads of sponsors? We are taking them at Wednesday’s [6 August] training session. Everyone get involved please … there is a prize for those raising the most money!

Thanks to all players who turned out for Paintballing and Pitch and Putt – the last of our Sunday summer activities.  Regular training starts again on 27th (but please remember that the 3rd August has no training for any of the squads).
I am still taking Registrations.  This year, KDL are asking players to complete their own Registration form as well, which will need one passport-size photo.  I have forms with me. Thanks Debby.
Adult squad – squad meeting is arranged for 31st August after training, as near to 10.30am start as possible please. All players to attend. Debby
For Sunday: Reminder that golf is on for juniors and paintballing for adult players. 9.30 meet at Great Chart site.
Advance notice that training for ALL is cancelled on Sunday 3rd August due to the rescheduling of Bromley Green’s tournament.
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From Debby:
Can all parents/carers please stay on for a Parents’ meeting after training tomorrow night (Wednesday)?
I will have BG registration forms with me, for those that need them.
Kent Disability League have also introduced new Registration forms this season, which I should have by next Wednesday (23rd).   As with club registrations, can these please be completed and returned to me by August 3rd.  I suspect that these will contain a space for a photo, so warning parents now that at least one photo will likely be needed.
This Sunday has Pitch and Putt for the Juniors and Paintballing for the Adult squad, both at Great Chart.  Meeting there at 9.30am.  Anyone needing transport please let me know.
This is the last of our “summer activities”, as regular training will start up again from July 27th.

Debby reports on two enjoyable weekends spent with Deal

[More photos on the website Home Page]

Juniors go for goal against Deal
Juniors go for goal against Deal
Green Adults on the attack
Green Adults on the attack
The last two weekends have seen the Adult squad play two legs, away and then home, for the John Myers trophy, against Deal All Stars.  Both weekends had a mixed Juniors squad accompany them, to play against Deal’s juniors.
The first, away leg got off to a good start for the Adults, winning 2 games and drawing a third.  However it is fair to say that loss of focus and resulting frustrations affected the otherwise good play that was demonstrated by the squad.   Unfortunately, this loss of focus was even more evident in the return leg and ultimately BGV lost 3-2 overall.
There was some strong teamwork demonstrated on both days, however, with Marcus Dalby getting Man of the Match at Deal, and Grant Penfold being awarded the Man of the Match back at Bromley Green yesterday.
Our Juniors had a slightly more positive experience on both days,quickly demonstrating that they were clearly the stronger squad against Deal’s Juniors.  Deal performed better on their home ground, although our players had the better overall results.  After 3 games in the first leg, we played a further 3, mixing both teams (and yes, the emphasis overall was on fun!).
Yesterday’s games again saw some player- lending from our squad, to help even play up.  Even with this, the BGV side didn’t lose a single game of the 6 played.    The Man of the Match awards went to Jesse Trevor (at Deal) and Jake Edwards back at Bromley Green.
Deal provided a warm welcome to us, and their home-made cupcakes set our parents a high standard to match for the following return leg.  Thank you to the many parents and players who responded to this by providing some fabulous home-baked cakes yesterday, in our very own “bake-off”.
Last week at Castle Community College
Last week at Castle Community College
Action from Deal
Action from Deal
Amy in the thick of the action
Amy in the thick of the action

13 July 2014 Please meet 9am for 10 am kick off at home

The John Myers Cup … two-legged competition
Sunday July 6th is the away leg of the John Myers Cup.  Please meet at the Clubhouse for 7.30am.  We are also taking a mixed squad of Juniors; players have been advised.
Can everyone please confirm with me by Wednesday’s training if you will be driving up or looking for space on the Minibuses.
The return game will be held on Sunday July 13th (9am meet for 10am kick off).
I am also planning on booking the golf session for Sunday July 20th for the Juniors and Paintball on the same date for the Adults … again, can people let me know if you will be attending, so that I can confirm numbers and prices?
Thanks Debby
Venue: Castle Community College, Mill Road, Deal   CT14 9BD.

Smart line-up!

Senior awards night at Homelands 27.6.2014
Senior awards night at Homelands 27.6.2014

Support Daniel in his fundraising!

Daniel Searle is fundraising for BGV.  He will be cycling the two-mile cycle track at Fowlmead Country Park, Deal, on July 12th with his friend and fellow ‘Valiant’, Oliver Bell.
This football club is the centre of his world – he has finally found somewhere he can relax and truly be himself and, most importantly, be accepted for the lovely little oddball he is!
He will be carrying a sponsor form wherever he goes, so please, PLEASE frisk him and give a donation!
15.6.2014 Message from Debby
Thank you to everyone who turned up today and joined in with the cricket – and thanks to all who wished Pat a very Happy Birthday.
We will not be having any activities on Sunday June 22nd, to give everyone a chance to recover from the excitement of the previous evening’s Presentation at the Swan Centre.
Can everyone please complete ticket purchases for this with me by Wednesday at the latest, as there are no plans to sell tickets on the door and would like to confirm numbers asap for catering.  Tickets are £5 per head.
Summer activities will resume on June 29th, with Basketball.
Thanks Debby
Just to confirm that we are meeting up on Sunday morning at 10am for the first of our summer activities.  Tomorrow’s session centres around Kick-rounders.
Can everyone please note that during the morning, we will be joining with Bromley Green before their Memorial match kicks off, to pay our respects to Sunday First Team Manager, Paul Grindley.  

Important reminder! BG Valiants summer sessions begin this coming Sunday, 8 June, at Waterside 10am

John Myers Cup dates announced
6 July 2014 – away leg at Deal
13 July 2014 – home at BG on the 9-a-side pitch, near the bungalows, furthest from the Muga
We will be taking the full Adult squad, who compete for the John Myers Cup.  Also taking a mixed-age Junior squad, as they have a mixed Junior section age 6-13 so give the chance for some of our Juniors to play a friendly.

Lots of fun in the BG Valiants inter-club game

The two sides that did battle on Sunday!
The two sides that did battle on Sunday! See the slideshows below.

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Sunday is an 11am kick off at Waterside

KDL Junior tournament dates for next season
28th September
19th October
30th November
22nd February 2015
22nd March
26th April
31st May
14th June
21st June 2015 – CSIS Adults tournament.
The venue for all is at, Rainham as before.
18.5.2014 Aaron Maul reports on today’s Valiants games
Game one: vs Maidstone
Extremely tight game both teams having a very equal number of chances – the best of ours coming through persistence from Charlie. Stewart had a great game playing all over the middle of the pitch.
Final score: 0-0
Game two: vs Canterbury City
We knew this would be our hardest game and it turned out just that way. They pressed on us all game and we held out well but in the end got caught out when pressing too high. Their goal was scored from a way out straight into the top left corner.  Possibly should have closed him down faster but it was a great goal no the less.
Final score: 0-1
Game three: vs RMB United
Best game of the day, everyone played brilliantly. Our first goal come from Mike of all people, about ten yards from goal he thumped it straight down the middle. We continued to create chance after chance with Charlie scoring the second goal from a short corner; despite calls from Gary he shot low, keeper got a touch but had no chance. Then a third goal come from Grant who I decided to play up front to poach any mistakes which he did for his third goal.
All in all great game, they had literally no shots on or off target, Dom who played in goal for one game had nothing to do!
Final result: 3-0
Game four: vs 1066 A
Another game that we were all over them and probably should have won but the game was destined to be a 0-0 and consequently was as we just could not put chance, after chance, away.
Final result: 0-0
Player of the tournament is a tough one to choose as always. But it is going to have to be Grant for the work he did offensively today.

Many thanks

Aaron Maul

Message from Debby

Adults tournament on May 18th.   Minibus is booked.  Please meet at clubhouse at 8am.
May 25th is our last training session of this season.
After training on 25th May, there will be food in the Clubhouse for all.  There will be a testimonial game for Ian Palmer (who left as a BGV Coach during this season) which is Adult squad vs Coaches/Assistants, kick-off around 11am.  We are looking for linesmen/managers and other helpers from our Junior players and all please stay and enjoy the event (and watch the Coaches suffer!!).  We are also using the opportunity for our players to socialise and get to know their team-mates for the coming season.
There will be no training/activities on June 1st but do come and support Pat who will be playing for Bromley Green Vets against New Romney Vets in a charity match.  Summer camp activities will start on June 8th and run on Sunday mornings through to the end of July.  We have had lots of suggestions for different activities that the players want to try but welcome any further ideas!
Thank you

Message from Debby
Reminder that coaches are meeting after training

Well done Twisty!

Ollie 'Twisty' Bell receiving his KDL medal from Rob
Ollie ‘Twisty’ Bell receiving his KDL medal from Rob

30.4.2014 Happy 13th birthday today to Luke Boulding

Our future: the BG Valiants have had a great time this season

The U11s and U13s at Rainham
The U11s and U13s at Rainham

[27.4.2014] U13s: a season of which we can be proud

The Bromley Green lads warming up before their terrific tournament performance on Sunday
The Bromley Green lads warming up before their terrific tournament performance on Sunday
Our Under 13s had another positive and successful tournament, enjoyed by all players – who worked incredibly well as a team, with some lovely passing consistently pushing the ball forward and allowing many shots at goal. As the final scores demonstrate, several of these were successful, across all six games played during the event.  Those in defence were also rock-solid throughout, conceding only the one goal and withstanding many attempted shots.
Kian was his usual capable self in goal.  However, he came onto the pitch for the final game, providing many good passes forward, working well with Kaiden, and even scoring himself!  Josh proved himself to be solid and determined in goal in this final game, having previously been energetic and valuable in defence.    Ashley also had a change from his usual position for part of the day, moving forwards to midfield and even producing a shot at goal, which sadly didn’t produce a goal.  Jack returned after a series of injuries and obviously wanted to make up for the games that he has missed previously, scoring 5.  Kaiden and Luke kept the oppositions’ goalkeepers under pressure; Toby worked hard and was completely focused on gaining possession and withstanding many tackles during all games.
Kian won't drop this one! The runners-up trophy ... well done everybody ... the club is so proud of you all
Kian won’t drop this one! The runners-up trophy … well done everybody … the club is so proud of you all

Special praise goes to Cleon in his first tournament for BGV.  Cleon played enthusiastically throughout, demonstrating a great awareness of where his team-mates were and how best to support them, while responding well to being challenged by his opponents and producing a lovely debut goal during the second game.

BGV5 – 0 Swanscombe
BGV6 – 0 Gillingham
BGV0 – 0 Sheppey and Sheerness Tigers
BGV 4 – 0 Swanscombe
BGV1 – 2 Gillingham
BGV 2 – 0 Sheppey and Sheerness Tigers
Player of the Match goes to Cleon
27.4.2014 BG Valiants U13s[2] PoM Cleon JamesThis was the final tournament during the Kent Disability League’s season.  The Under 13s have steadily improved their teamwork month by month, and worked fantastically well, keen to support each other and give their best.    It is worth pointing out that they are a young team, in their first season playing at Under 13s level.  This makes their finishing in second place in their League an achievement that they should all be proud of.
Under 11s at Rainham: Rob Searle reports
It was my first tournament coaching the BGV under 11 team and what a day we had!
We took up 4 players and were able to borrow some from Gillingham to give us a full team.
All players put in lots of effort and worked really hard during each match, showing great spirit and respect to the opposition.
Unfortunately the results did not reflect how well the under 11 squad played!
We played 4 matches, winning 1 and losing 3:
BGV 0 – 6 Sheppey & Sheerness Utd.
BGV 1 – 4 Gillingham
Charlton 4 – 0 BGV
Maidstone 3 – 4 BGV.
Ben Humphries had a couple of games in goal, making many fine saves! The other matches he played in midfield, setting up some great goals for our loan players.
Timi Adeniji was our midfield general for every match, making good contributions to our attacking and defensive play.
Daniel Searle was our rock in defence for 3 matches with his usual no nonsense approach. He played the last match in goal, helping BGV  to eventually win the match and saving lots of shots on goal.
Amy Castle played everywhere this tournament with spells in goal, defence, midfield ad attack, she literally ran her socks off for the team!
Player of the tournament went to Amy Castle [pictured below with Rob] for her high work rate and the huge improvement in her play, not only from the last tournament but improving with each match during the day too.
Amy who had a great tournament
Amy who had a great tournament

Reminders from Debby [dated 25.4.2014]

[1] The Tournament is on, transport is booked, and meet at the Clubhouse at 8am as usual re kit and team sheets.
[2] The Adults have their friendly with Folkestone Invicta at BG on Sunday 27th too – meet at the clubhouse with Aaron at 9.30am
[3] And can we just remind everyone that training from now is back at Bromley Green FC, 9.30am on Sundays (and Wednesdays as usual 6-7pm).
Message from Debby re Easter training
Training is ON for all on Easter Sunday.  As always, please give your Coach as much notice as possible if you will not be attending.
We also need confirmation from all Junior players whether or not they will be attending the Tournament at Rainham on 27th April.  Can players/carers/parents please let your Coach know at Sunday’s training (20th).

Clarification of presentation nights
Juniors Saturday 21 June 2014 in the Swan Centre Community Hall
Seniors [U16 and Adults] Saturday 28 June 2014 at Homelands
Further details in due course

Another successful day for the BG Valiants Adults
Aaron Maul reports from the Gallagher Stadium

Match One: BGV vs Maidstone Silver 

An unlucky game for us, we were all over them. Maidstone only managed one shot which was poor. Our finishing was just off, we could have ended up 4 or 5 up if we were more clinical.
However a promising start to the tournament.
Final result: 0-0
MOTM: Grant for his tireless work rate.
Match Two: BGV vs Real Gima
Similar story as the first game except this time our finishing was better. Overall domination from the kick off, with Dom slotting a shot in from long range. We continued to press and inevitably got a second through Stuart skinning a defender and placing the ball in the corner of the net from a tight angle.
Dan only had two saves to make, both from his defenders.
Final score: 2-0
MOTM: Stuart for his brilliant offensive play.
Match Three: BGV vs Equal Teams A
This was set out to be the hardest of our games, with Equal teams dominating in the rest of their games. And so the game proved to be a stalemate, nothing to split the two sides.
To be fair to Equal teams they probably had the better chances, none the less a good game.
Final Result: 0-0
MOTM: Aaron for some solid defensive challenges.
Match Four: BGV vs Folkstone B
Tough game, we couldn’t seem to get any traction and as a result conceded a sloppy goal. Credit to the lads, they didn’t let their heads drop and pushed on; they were rewarded with an equaliser from Stewart who finished a one on one after being put through by a long throw from Dom. He went close to a second too but it wasn’t to be.
Final score: 1-1
MOTM: Stewart for his brilliantly composed finish
Match Five: BGV vs Canterbury City
Our final game in truth turned out to be the biggest challenge, going down a goal quite quickly. There were opportunities to comeback as we did against Folkestone but we just couldn’t get through, credit to Canterbury.
P.s a dodgy reffing decision with Stewart breaking free only to see him being elbowed in the face turned away. However, there was no doubt that Canterbury deserved their win. In all a frustrating game.
Final result: 0-1
MOTM: Charlie for a much improved game with good work defensively and offensively with good passing throughout.
A promising tournament which sets us up really well for the next season ahead of us where we can hopefully make more of an impact.
Player of the tournament: Stewart for his brilliant team work and spirit in all games… plus two nice goals.

Sunday 13 April 2014: BG Valiants Adults reminder … 8am meet today

9 April 2014 Promoting one of our sponsors!

9.4.2014 BG Valiants at training with the stac-a-truc banner
9.4.2014 BG Valiants at training with the stac-a-truc banner
... group with coaches
… group with coaches

Some dates from Debby
+ Wednesday Juniors Bowling is on Saturday 5th April.  Please confirm attendance with Pat, so we can advise of booking time etc

+ Adults/Coaches/Parents Bowling evening is on Friday 25th April
+ Adults tournament is on at Gallagher Stadium, 13th April.  Please be at the clubhouse for 8am.  Minibus has been arranged.
+ Juniors tournament is on at Rainham on 27th April.  Please be at the clubhouse for 8am.  Minibus has been arranged.
+ Training on Sundays will be moving back to Bromley Green from the 4th May
+ Juniors Presentation evening will be on 21st June
+ Adults Presentation evening will be on 28th June
+ BGV tournament date – 17th August at Bromley Green FC

Valiants Under 11s
From Nick Smelt, Under 11s Coach, re last Sunday’s tournament, with a photo of the players below.  Player of the Match [below] was Ben … well done!
Ben ... U11s Player of the Match
Ben … U11s Player of the Match
Our Man of the Match was Ben for his superb attitude throughout the day, with some stellar defending when called upon, as well as showing some excellent reflexes when taking up the gloves in goal. Amy was fantastic on her debut (I think!) for the club, with some great tackles and accurate passes in the centre of midfield. Ollie played in both attack and defence when asked, which resulted in him giving some of his best ever performances. Together with our loan players from Swanscombe and Maidstone, the Bromley Green Valiants Under 11s gave their all and even managed to win their final fixture against Gillingham with a convincing score line – 5-1! Well done to all – a much improved performance with 100% effort by every player in every game.
The BG Valiants U11s with Nick Smelt
The BG Valiants U11s with Nick Smelt

Simon Boulding reports on an enjoyable U16s tournament

The U16s who had a great day out
The U16s who had a great day out
Harry receives his Player of the Match award from Simon
Harry receives his Player of the Match award from Simon

Player of the match was Harry Godfrey for constant chasing the ball (though needs more training on taking penalties – ha ha). Also mention of Matthew Boulding efforts when in goal as well as solid defending, Connor Angell for being top goal scorer and also goal keeping, and Matthew Baker control of the mid field and leadership.

All 4 players played their socks off and all also played for Swanscombe to help them when they only had 3 players.

Was great to manager the combined Gillingham Valiants and great credit to both BGV and Gillingham players for great maturity, unity and friendship which was great to see. All players enjoyed the day and played with the attitude of playing football fairly and having fun.

Debby reports on the U13s successful Sunday [23.3.2014]

U13s squad who were unbeaten
U13s squad who were unbeaten
Owen is our Player of the Match
Owen is our Player of the Match
The Under 13s had probably their most successful tournament of the season so far.  All of the squad demonstrated especially strong teamwork, looking for their fellow players during play to pass and support them, as well as marking the opposition continuously.  Kaiden and Toby worked well together, getting the ball forward with some excellent assists from Toby allowing Kaiden to take many shots at goal and producing 8 goals across the 6 games.  Toby managed 6 goals himself.  Luke and Owen were the other scorers of the day with 3 and 1 goal respectively.
The squad were equally strong in defence – as demonstrated by the small number of opposition goals –  with Kian and Josh solid in goal and at the back, alongside Ashley.  Owen and Luke covered the back of the pitch well, with several successful runs up front when needed.
Man of the Match went to Owen for his increased confidence on the pitch, readiness to tackle/gain possession and his focus and teamwork throughout the day.
The Under 13s results:
BGV    3 – 0    Swanscombe
BGV    3 – 3    Gillingham
BGV    4 – 0    Sheppey and Sheerness Tigers
BGV    3 – 0    Swanscombe
BGV    2 – 1    Gillingham
BGV    3 – 1    Sheppey and Sheerness Tigers

Congratulations to Bromley Green coaches
Well done to Rob Searle and Aaron Maul who have achieved their Level 1 coaching awards

From Debby: Juniors tournament is on next weekend, 23rd March.  Please meet at the clubhouse at 8am.  Minibuses will leave at 8.30am prompt.  Please confirm your availability and transport required with your Coaches by Friday 21st.  For anyone driving independently, the postcode is ME8 7RJ.

9.3.2014 Report from the Gallagher by Debby Claber

9.3.2014 BG Valiants Adults PoM Strewart Blake
Our Adult squad returned to Maidstone on Sunday for the penultimate tournament this season with new signing Dan proving to be a star in goal.  Dan’s agility and determination was an asset to the team throughout and pulled the defence together solidly.  Stewart [above receiving his Man of the Match award] was the scorer of the day – the first being a “surprise” header – and Grant was unlucky not to have scored on at least 4 occasions.   This was another tournament where our squad remained focused and pulled well together in the face of some extremely strong and determined opposition.  Stewart’s second goal was a good team goal – Mike passing to Grant, who ran down the byline, giving Stewart the tap-in.  The day ended with us climbing to 4th in the league.

From Debby re 9 March 2014
Tomorrow’s tournament for the Adult squad is on.  Players please meet Head Coach Pat at the Clubhouse for 8am, as he will be covering for Aaron.
Debby reports on the Junior Tournament at Rainham
Sunday 23rd February saw the junior BGV squads travelling up to Rainham for the first tournament of 2014.
Our Under 11s squad might have been lacking in player numbers but the players remained enthusiastic and determined.  As with our previous tournament player-sharing between teams meant that everyone could enjoy a full tournament (and some BGV members also went out “on loan”  to other clubs who were facing similar difficulties re player numbers).  The results are commendable and Ben, Daniel and Timi concentrated on enjoying their games, with Coach Nick Smelt leading them on his first tournament as lead Coach.
BGV  1 – 3 Sheppey and Sheerness United
BGV  1 – 6 Gillingham
BGV  1 – 2 Charlton
BGV  2 – 2 Maidstone
Man of the Match – Daniel Searle.
The Under 13s was the only full squad but still joined in with the player loaning to help out other clubs.  Special mention to Owen, Josh and Ashley, who were keen to get on the pitch in “extra” games and who gave their best.  An opening goal from Toby during the first game was added to by Kaiden and Luke (2) during the second.  Luke remained determined to get the ball forward (and preferably in the goal) throughout the day, and Kaiden yet again demonstrated his determination to score, with consistent runs forward and several unlucky near misses.   Kian and Josh alternated in goal/defence (and Kian produced one of his bravest saves to date during the third game).
BGV  1 – 0 Swanscombe
BGV  1 – 3 Gillingham
BGV  2 – 2 Sheppey and Sheerness Tigers
BGV  0 – 1 Swanscombe
BGV  1 – 0 Gillingham
BGV  1 – 1 Sheppey and Sheerness Tigers
Man of the Match – Kaiden Ward.
The Under 16s was also lacking player numbers, but player sharing with Maidstone and Gillingham again meant that players got their full complement of games.   Mathew and Matthew both played a game in goal and both made great saves to keep the opposition scores down.  Special notice goes to Matthew Boulding who got a hand injury whilst in goal but battled through the pain until the final whistle before getting medical attention.
Connor scored some great goals and supported the team in defending duties.  All 3 of our players had some great shots at goal, and Mathew and Matthew were unlucky not to score.
To sum up the experience, Simon Boulding (Coach) – “Overall as Coach, I was very proud of all our Under 16 players, who worked hard and had to work with so many different loan-players, but didn’t once get disheartened and were very welcoming of their fellow loan-players, which shows great maturity and friendship”.
BGV  1 – 3  Maidstone White
BGV  0 – 6 Maidstone Purple
BGV 1 – 2  Charlton
BGV  3 – 0 Gillingham
Man of the Match – Connor Angell.
Reminder from Debby re Sunday 23 February 2014
The Juniors tournament is on next Sunday, 23rd.   Players to meet at the Clubhouse for 8am, please, to change, complete registration sheets etc.  Minibuses will leave at 8.30am.  Can anyone wanting extra seats please let me/their Coach know asap?
I’d also like to just clarify that tournament dates were issued at the start of the season, are on the BGV page, as well as the fixtures page on here for reference.  Teams’ Coaches should also make sure with players/parents/carers that their players’ availability is confirmed the week before.  Anyone not attending, please let your Coach know asap.
The remaining KDL tournaments this season are:
Adults – 9th March, 13th April
Juniors – 23rd February, 23rd March, 27th April and the “World Cup event” on 18th May.
Thanks Debby

12.2.2014 Valiants training is OFF tonight

9.2.2014: Slideshow from the Gallagher Stadium … report and more photos below

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??????????????????????New team manager Aaron Maul reports on the BG Adult Valiants tournament at the Gallagher Stadium, Maidstone 0n Sunday

“A great first tournament for me to attend, it was a pleasure … hopefully we can score more goals next time!”

Match One: Maidstone Silver
This match saw us struggling to gain any traction with some sloppy mistakes. Despite this, there could be no complaints of the defending our team showed with Aaron and Jai showing good defensive work. The final score was 0-0 a generally frustrating game.
MOTM: Aaron for his solid defensive work.
Match two: Real Gima
Dom keeps his feet on the ground!
Dom, the long throw specialist, keeps his feet on the ground!

This game is where we played far better challenging the opposition goal a number of times with Stuart and Mike coming closest. Once again defensively everyone played their part with the small change of tactics and some very good cover work from Dom, who also took a halfway line strike only to see it go just wide. 0-0 again but with far more improvements in all areas of play, just couldn’t apply the finish.

MOTM: Dom due to him showing far more effort defensively.
Match three: Equal Teams A
Stuart Blake 9.2.2014We saw the first goals of our tournament in this game, going behind while it was still early in the game with what was quite frankly an amazing strike from the opposition’s star player; straight into the top corner, undefendable.  However, credit to the lads they didn’t drop their heads and almost instantly responded with a corner from Dom turned in by Stuart [left] with, unconventionally, his backside (very stylish).
Grant is beaten this timeBoth teams showed promise to take the lead and unfortunately we went behind with a second goal for their player, taking the opportunity from some shifty defending to apply his second finish. Game ended 2-1 our first and only loss, very good game. Our picture shows Grant conceding the second goal.
MOTM: Grant for his work between the post making some vital stops and good distribution.
Match four: Folkestone B
This game was similar to the first couple a frustrating 0-0 with us threatening plenty of times and preventing opposition from even making any chances. We played our best counter attacking football, with Stuart acting as a very effective playmaker setting up plenty of chances. Jai took a far freer role playing as a midfielder really playing his best game. Credit for Charlie for going in goal so that Grant can have a game or two on pitch.
MOTM: Stuart for his work at the heart of our counter attacks.
Final match: Canterbury City
This match was reduced to 7 minutes because of some backlog of games. It could have gone anyway, both teams showing fatigue and many sloppy mistakes. However the game ended for the fourth time, 0-0.
MOTM: Jai had a great game making tackles everywhere on the pitch showing great energy despite it being the fifth game.
A great first tournament for me to attend, it was a pleasure. Everyone played very well so when I was asked to choose a player of the tournament it was difficult. But in the end I chose Dom for his great defensive and assist work, but every player could have deserved it.
Thank you everyone I look forward to our next tournament, (Hopefully we can score more goals next time) ;). Well done everyone!

Message from Debby: the Adults tournament is still ON tomorrow (Sunday) … please meet in the clubhouse at 8am

5 February 2014: coaches meeting in the clubhouse after training

1 February 2014: Happy 8th birthday to Maddie today

Wednesday 29 January: Please note that due to illness, training tonight is OFF

The Adults friendly scheduled for Sunday 12 January is OFF

Happy 12th birthday to Toby Furner on Tuesday 7 January 2014!

Important message from Debby dated Saturday 4 January 2014

Happy New Year to everyone! Training is ON this Sunday (5th) … please let your coach know if you are not attending.
Can the Adults please confirm with Pat their availability for the friendly at Hythe by Sunday 5th so that we can sort out numbers/transport?
Thank you, Debby

Happy birthday to the best goalie in the world!

Bromley Green Valiants keeper Kian ... have a great day
Bromley Green Valiants keeper Kian … have a great day

passed driving testThe club sends congratulations to Stuart Blake who has passed his driving test

Well done Stuart!

Slideshow with Ben and Ian Palmer with the Adults squad
Below we have images of Ben Humphries receiving his (joint) Man of the Match trophy, Under 11s, for the tournament on 24th November.
The second picture shows Adults coach, Ian Palmer, with his Adults squad, following his final coaching session for BGV.  Ian has been with these players since they originally joined the club as Junior players (as Invicta Valiants).  He took several of them up into Adult football when they became too old to play Junior football, forming the club’s first Adult squad.  This also included his son, Dom, until recently.  Ian has been a much respected coach and friend to the players for many years and it is an understatement to say that he is going to be missed.  On a brighter note, we plan on keeping him to his promise to turn up to future tournaments when possible – and we will be taking him for a meal to say a ‘proper’ Thank You next month. Debby

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Slideshow with Josh and Jai

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Note from Debby re training over Christmas period
Training will be ON on 15th December at Pitchside.  There will be no training sessions across the Christmas holidays – training restarts at Pitchside on 5th January 2014.

Images from Saturday’s Junior Valiants Party at Christ Church

Players and parents/siblings who turned up had a good time, with party games, crafting and music.  Many thanks go to Dave Humphries who provided the music system, and to Kasey who (along with Rob) did all of the organising. Thanks to everyone who supported the event.

Christmas Parties this weekend – reminder from Debby
Juniors party for players/siblings/families on Saturday 1pm to 3pm at Christchurch Hall on Beaver Road.
Adults party for players/coaches etc on Sunday, 3pm at the clubhouse.
Bromley Green hats now available from Dave Homewood
Few left ... I will not be re-ordering prior to Christmas ... so first come, first served ... DH
Few left … I will not be re-ordering prior to Christmas … so first come, first served … DH

Reviewing the action from 24 November 2013

From Debby
Under 11s€€
The under 11s performed well as a team in their first tournament together, including a comprehensive 5-0 victory over Basildon, featuring a great team-built goal from Ollie! Despite only having 4 players at the start of the day, the boys quickly welcomed our ‘loanees’ from Gillingham, with our borrowed players even scoring a few goals. Timi continued to dominate in the midfield, with Daniel controlling things at the back. Ben, too, had a fantastic tournament, which included a string of impressive saves during his two matches in goal.
Men of the Match – Ben Humphries and Ollie Bell

The other results of the day were:
Sheppey & Sheerness 1-1 BGV
Maidstone 1-1 BGV
Gillingham 2-0 BGV
Charlton Athletic 1-0 BGV
Basildon 0-5 BGV

From Nick
Under 13s
Our team had a challenging tournament and performed well throughout. Particularly impressive was Josh, in goal for the first time at tournament level.  He remained focused and produced solid and brave saves against some determined opponents.  Kaiden continued his pattern of pushing forward and shooting determinedly at goal, with support from Toby in midfield, and Ashley and Owen at the back.
Owen also deserves a ‘special mention’ as it was his first tournament and he didn’t let this faze him.  He remained resolute in defence, overcoming many determined tackles and pushing the ball forwards for the team.
Man of the Match – Josh Handley

BGV   0 – 1   Swanscombe
BGV   6 – 4   Gillingham
BGV   1 – 2   Sheppey and Sheerness Tigers
BGV   2 – 4   Swanscombe
BGV   2 – 3   Gillingham
BGV   2 – 3   Sheppey and Sheerness Tigers

Under 16s
Following the theme set by our other 2 teams, the Under 16s also shared players from Gillingham during the tournament, in order to make up player numbers.  We also reciprocated this by having Matthew Boulding playing for Gillingham (and scoring for them, too) and Mathew Baker also joined them for a game.  The final game of the day, against Gillingham, was played as a 4-a-side and was probably the best and most enjoyable game played during the day, partly due to the rapport built up between the two teams’ players and supporters during the tournament.  Our players coped well despite them having to use the 7-a-side pitch and cover the extra ground and thankfully the final game was played on a 5-a-side pitch.
Man of the Match –  Mathew Baker

BGV   1 – 4   Maidstone White
BGV   0 – 8   Maidstone Purple
BGV   1 – 7   Charlton
BGV   3 – 3   Gillingham

Bowling night a great success by Debby Claber

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Friday night in Ashford saw a group of BGV parents, players and siblings descending on the bowling alley in town.  It was a great night, eagerly looked forward to (particularly by the Wards!) and smiles and laughter over-rode any concerns over strikes, spares and the gutters.
Thanks to Kasey, who put so much time into getting everyone organised and arranging the booking.
We are going to arrange another get-together for the BGV families in the New Year.  If anyone has any ideas for an activity/location, please pass these to Rob, as parent-rep, or me.
Note from Debby re Sunday

Junior tournament is on tomorrow (24th).   Can all players please be at the clubhouse for 8am, where we will allocate kit etc. Car-sharing has also been allocated and everyone should have been advised of who had spaces/needed spaces etc.

Debby reports on the Adults tournament
BGV Adults had a good time at Sunday’s tournament, performing well in 5 evenly-matched games.  It was great to see the team maintaining good team-play and a positive attitude throughout – and this included interesting goal celebrations from Joe (ignoring the fact that he had achieved an own goal!)
Grant managed to get some great shots at goal, unfortunately hitting the post too often.  Stewart had an amazing tournament, managing to overcome continued tackles and placing himself wherever he was needed most, with Mike (and his new boots) determined to take every opportunity to push the ball forward.
Dom and Charlie worked hard, the latter back for his first tournament after injury at the end of last season.
Joe dominated in goal and Jai defended steadily and consistently, earning himself the Man of the Match for November’s tournament.
I have also added on a picture of Mike Gainsford getting his (overdue) Man of the Match trophy from September’s tournament…
Results – Canterbury City 1 – 0 BGV
                Folkestone B 2 – 0 BGV
             Equal Teams A      0 – 1 BGV
                Real Gima             1 – 0 BGV
                Maidstone Silver   0 – 0 BGV
Mike receives his September award from Pat
Mike receives his September award from Pat
The Adults tournament is on tomorrow [17th] at the Gallagher Stadium, Maidstone.  Players to meet at the clubhouse for 8.00am, please.

BG Valiants reminder! Kasey needs the money by next Friday for the Players Bowling on 22 November please. Costs are £4.50 per child and £5.50 per adults.

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Note from Debby
Training is on for all tomorrow (Sunday), Pitchside at 9.30am.

Wednesdays will continue at Bromley Green, using the MUGA , 6 – 7pm.

Report from Debby Claber re 27 October

The Under 13s had a successful and enjoyable time at Sunday’s tournament, playing 6 games.
Special mention must go to Ashley Fedder, who volunteered to play for Gillingham, enabling them to field a team for the day.  His team-mates were keen to support him between BGV games too, which was good to see!
Credit also to right-footed Jack McKenna, who scored 2 great left-footed goals!
The day started well with some near misses from “Captain” Jack and Toby in the first game against Sheppey and Sheerness 1 and Jack eventually scoring the first goal.  Several more unlucky shots failed to find the back of the net, but a second goal from Toby – and an extremely brave save from Kian – kept the opening game as a win for BGV.
A slight dip followed in the second match of the day, where we went 4 goals down but fought back, with Kian “Mr Gibbs” performing well under pressure in goal and Toby getting one past their keeper.  Josh “The Wall” was solid and determined in defence throughout the day, and coped with continued pressure particularly well.
A 5 – 2 win in the third game of the day boosted spirits again, with goals from Kaiden, Toby and Jack.   Fourth game – against Gillingham (and Ashley) was greeted enthusiastically by all players, featured more brave goalkeeping from Kian and ended in a 3-3 draw.
Fifth game was a goalless draw against Maidstone, where Kian kept us in the game with some fantastic ‘keeping.  Final match of the day produced a 2-1 win, with goals from Toby and Kaiden.
Man of the Match – Kian Gibbs.
The Under 16s had a more challenging day, having to get used to both the larger pitch and the 7-a-side format (which ended up as 6 a side due to player numbers throughout!)
First game of the day was against Maidstone 2, who fielded an extremely strong team.  A fast game featured some brave goalkeeping from Alex, and Matthew Boulding produced a goal, with an excellent assist from Joe.
Second game, against Maidstone 1 was more evenly played, with some good inter-play from Dominic and Alex and Joe defending strongly.  An excellent pass from Harry to Connor resulted in a BGV goal in a game that we were unlucky not to have a better result from.
Playing against Charlton put BGV back under more pressure from a very quick team.  The result does not give credit to the good performance by BGV in a hard-played game.  Connor produced both goals.
Final match for the Under 16s was against Gillingham.  BGV showed good passing by all in a close-played game, with some brave saves from Harry in goal.  Connor also displayed some good solo play and there was still more sound defending from Dominic, Alex and Joe.
Man of the Match – Connor Angell.
Under 13s
Sheppey and Sheerness1   0 – 2 BGV
Sheppey and Sheerness 1   4 – 1 BGV
Swanscombe  2 – 5  BGV
Gillingham 3 – 3 BGV
Maidstone 0 – 0 BGV
Basildon  1 – 2 BGV
Under 16s
BGV 1 – 6 Maidstone2
BGV 1 – 2 Maidstone1
BGV 2 – 6 Charlton
BGV 1 – 3 Gillingham
Arrangements for 27 October 2013
Next Sunday’s (27th) tournament will be going ahead for the Under 13s and Under 16s teams.  Can players/parents please confirm attendance with their coaches no later than Saturday afternoon?  Please be at the clubhouse by 8am to collect/change into kit.  Coach will leave by 8.30am.
Training for the Adults and the Under 11s will be at Pitchside, 9.30am.  Dave Ramzan, Nick and Aaron will be taking the Under 11s.
Thanks, Debby
Message from Debby re filming and training on Sunday morning
Tomorrow’s re-editing filming is scheduled to go ahead.  We are hoping that some teams will be able to share tomorrow’s time in the Muga if needed.  However this could well mean that training for individual teams is somewhat patchy, around the sharing of the space, and the weather.  It would be helpful if everyone could arrive in the clubhouse by 9.15 to change into BGV kit.
Can everyone also allow for tomorrow’s session possibly running past 10.30am?
Thanks, Debby

Here is Debby’s summary of yesterday’s Adults tournament
BGV’s Adult squad put up an impressive display at yesterday’s tournament, made all the more notable because player shortage meant playing as a team of 5 against 7 opponents in every game.

Of the 5 games, they won 2, drew 2 and lost just the 1!
Grant Penfold scored both goals of the day.
Man of the Match was Joe Kelso.
BGV 0  –  2  Maidstone Silver
BGV 1  –  0  Real Gima
BGV 0  –  0  Equal Teams A
BGV 1  –  0  Folkestone B
BGV 0  –  0  Canterbury City
Saturday night note from Debby…
Evening Dave,
Can I ask you just to pop a sentence on the BGV page, confirming that the Adults tournament is on tomorrow (13th).  Can players please meet at Bromley Green’s clubhouse at 8am?

Message from Debby: Training on Sunday 13/10 will take place at Pitchside, 9.30am start

BG Valiants welcome new coaches to training at Waterside


BG Valiants film re-editing is on Sunday 20 October from 9.30-10.30am … using both the field and the MUGA

[7.10.2013] Following an enjoyable trip up to Rainham for the Kent Disability League’s Junior grading tournament for BGV’s Under 13s and Under 15s – results and match reports already detailed – we held our Man of the Match presentations following yesterday’s training.
Photos show Toby Furner (Under 13s) receiving his award from Head Coach, Pat, and Matthew Boulding (Under 15s)
Very well done to both players

Message from Debby Claber to BG Valiants:  training on Sunday 6 October will be at Bromley Green FC at the normal time of 9.30 to 10.30am.

Ashley with his Chief Scouts Silver Award ... we are always pleased to let readers know about the terrific achievements of our players; just let Dave Homewood know the details
Ashley with his Chief Scouts Silver Award … we are always pleased to let readers know about the terrific achievements of our players; just let Dave Homewood know the details

Great news from BG Valiants coach Simon Boulding
Matthew and Luke Boulding when Invicta Valiants 2013Both Matthew Boulding (U18) and Luke Boulding (U13) [left] were successful in recent trials for the Partial Sighted Tottenham Hotspur Foundation Centre of Excellence at Leyton Orient, and have both enrolled for the forthcoming season. This is a regional set up bringing together players from all the home countries. A big achievement for both players being severely sight impaired. This will give them the opportunity to train with similar 12-16 year olds with a variety of visual impairment, allowing them the opportunity to play football on a level playing field, whereas they struggle with the less physical disability players in a pan disability set up. The football is indoors and based on Futsal format, which is more suited for VI players as the ball has a bell to assist knowing where it is.
Matthew has also been selected for another season with Kent FA development coaching scheme for disabled players.

BG Valiants Under 15s looking for a keeper
Bromley Green Valiants Under 15s need a goalkeeper for their tournaments which are held on Sundays … the next one is in four weeks time and there are four tournaments remaining this season. Anyone inside, or indeed outside the club looking to join, that may be interested is asked to contact Simon Boulding direct for details:

Match details of the Rainham Tournament (29.9.2013)
By Debby Claber
Under 13s  
The Under 13s played 4 games, winning 2, drawing 1 and losing 1.  All were pretty evenly matched, ability-wise which kept it interesting for players and parents.  The team worked well together and enjoyed the whole event, maintaining positive attitudes throughout, which was good to see! Kaiden was consistent with his attacks on goal, producing all but 2 of the 9 goals scored by BGV during the event, and being well supported by the rest of the squad.
Sheppey and Sheerness United 2-1 BGV
Basildon 1-2 BGV
Charlton 0-3 BGV
Maidstone 3-3 BGV
Man of the Match: Toby Furner.

Under 15s
The Under 15s had 3 games, winning 2 and with a loss against Maidstone.
1. BGV 8-2 Swanscombe Tigers
BGV’s Harry Godfrey powered 6 past Swanscombe, with Matthew Boulding providing the other 2 goals. A game with plenty of power shots at goal by both, and a couple of close calls from Mathew Baker maintained the pressure on Swanscombe throughout. The result possibly doesn’t reflect the hard work and strength of the opposition’s goalkeeper.
2. BGV 3-6 Maidstone
Maidstone started strong, with a goal in the first minute. BGV made some great attempts at goal but sadly goals remained elusive. BGV came back well during the game, with Mathew Baker, Matthew Boulding and Harry Godfrey all managing to score.
3. BGV 5-4 Gillingham
This game was 6 a side, with BGV borrowing Alex from Gillingham, who scored BGV’s first goal of the game! There were good big hits at goal by both Matthew Boulding and Harry throughout, with Joe working hard in goal for the entire game. Alex Fearne played some huge defensive kicks to help keep the ball forward. In addition to Alex from Gillingham’s goal, Harry Godfrey achieved a hat-trick and Matthew Boulding scored the 4th for BGV.
Man of the Match: Matthew Boulding

Tournament date: Sunday 29 September 2013
Images from today’s Junior Tournament at Rainham
With David Ramzan
I have attached images from the junior tournament today and I
understand that match details will be forwarded by Debby.
In one picture [005], you will notice one of the Gillingham players is wearing a
yellow vest, which gives an example of how I would like to believe
disability football should be played.
The U15s tournament was for an ability grading day, to assess if the new
U15s was working to the abilities of the players, as the BGV U15s only
had 4 players the league admin allowed us to play a player who was only
just 16 after the age banding date, and came along just to watch as he
already played last week in the adult league, who went in goal today, as we
thought this would be fairer than playing on the pitch and gave all U15s a
chance to play outfield, as none are keepers. When Gillingham played
against BGV U15s, they had 8 players in their team, so they suggested they
let BGV have one of theirs, in the yellow vest, and play 6v6, then they had
a rolling sub using their extra man, which means more players get more game
I don’t know what the score was, but more importantly they had a good
match, and the BGV loanee scored a goal for us, which his Gillingham
team-mates had a good laugh about.
Image details below:
001. U13s BGV v Charlton
003. U15s BGV v Maidstone
004. U13s BGV v Maidstone
005. U15s BGV v Gillingham
007. U13s BGV v Charlton
008. U13s BGV v Charlton
009. U15s BGV v Gillingham
010. U15s BGV v Maidstone
011. U13s BGV v Maidstone
012. U13s BGV v Maidstone
013. U13s BGV v Charlton

Mathew Baker double delight! Please go to the Home Page for details of Mathew’s fantastic news.

Hello, I have just had an email from Graham who is to be doing the filming/re-editing.
Graham has had to cancel Sunday’s filming/re-editing.  This will be re-arranged and will still take place at Bromley Green’s ground, despite training being about to switch to Pitchside next month.
Can all coaches still bring their team’s kits down, despite it not being used.  Then we can try to work out exactly who needs which items, and hopefully some size-swapping can  be done, so more players can get size-appropriate items!!  Also, all players who have returned Registration forms and subs can be checked to make sure that they do have kits (minus tops, to be kept by the club, as previously stated).
Rob – can you contact the Junior’s parents etc please, to give them the heads up that their children won’t have to change clothes prior to training, and will need to bring their own kits?
I will let everyone know alternate filming dates after I get some further clarification from Graham about when he can/can’t get to us.

On Wednesday we have the SOGB meeting (7pm) … coaches meeting afterwards if at all possible please [note there will not now be a coaches meeting next Sunday after training as it is inconvenient for several]

Bromley Green Valiants need more coaches!
Any parent or current member of the club who would like to volunteer will be well supported by the club in gaining the necessary qualifications. New faces are also welcome with reliability and commitment to the cause essential. In the first instance, please contact Debby Claber for further details on 07510523658.

You win some, draw some and lose some!
A mixed bag of results for the Adults but everyone enjoyed the matches at The Gallagher.
The Adults won 1-0 against Canterbury City with a goal by Mike Gainsford; lost 1-0 against Folkestone B and Equal Teams A, and drew 0-0 against Maidstone Silver. Well done to the team! Photo on the main Home Page.

Please note that midweek training sessions will be held at Bromley Green on Wednesdays, starting at 6pm. All welcome.

Message from Debby dated 15.9.2013
Can I ask that we have a bit of time after training next week?
Mainly around the lack of coaches across BGV at the moment, which is being highlighted further at the moment as commitments clash for several of the coaches and we simply do not have cover?
It would also be a good chance for coaches to give feedback about the time and training at the new location so far and any issues/queries to be made?

Two quickies: [1] the adults are off to the Gallagher Stadium on Sunday [details of all meeting times for the season can be found under the Fixtures tab]; [2] next Wednesday (18 September) Jason Cornwell from the SOGB team will be visiting us for a 7pm start … all coaches and Exec members are welcome.

9.9.2013 Happy birthday Daniel!

10 today!
10 today!

Thanks to everyone who made it a special day on Sunday 1 September … photos below … please scroll down for Debby’s observations and David’s confirmation of training arrangements

Good skills
Good skills
Toby could be seeing red for this tackle!
Toby could be seeing red for this tackle!
My ball!
My ball!
Practice, practice, practice!
Practice, practice, practice!
Plenty of technique practice
Plenty of technique practice
Keeper Kian in training action on Sunday at the Open Day
Keeper Kian in training action on Sunday at the Open Day
Elaine, Ron and MP Damian Green pictured with the group on Sunday
Elaine, Ron and MP Damian Green pictured with the group on Sunday
Great fun for the Valiants on Sunday at their Open Day ... more news and photos to follow on the BG Valiants page
Great fun for the Valiants on Sunday at their Open Day

Debby’s update from the Open Day

We did get a couple of new faces along (mainly recruited via a Facebook Autism support group that is based in Ashford). Hopefully word-of-mouth can continue with them (I am part of it and will keep hassling the group/group’s co-ordinator).

All feedback that we received from parents and players was positive – both for the day itself and about starting training at Bromley Green next week.

The cake stall raised £47.96 for the teams (I will be at the club on Thursday with cheque). [Editor’s note: we sold a few more cakes for 20p in the clubhouse later and the money will go into the ring-fenced BG Valiants account].

Training proper starts on Sunday 8 September at 9.30am at Bromley Green.

Tournaments this month are:
[also available on the Fixtures tab]
Adults (at Gallagher stadium, Maidstone) on 15 September. Minibus leaves at 8.30am from Bromley Green. Can players please get there for 8am to allow time to get changed (and use clubhouse!)

Juniors (at Rainham) on 29 September. Coach leaves 8.30am from the ground. There will be space on the coach for each player plus one Carer/Parent per player. Players to get to Bromley Green for 8am (again, allowing time for parents to get tea/coffee/bacon roll and players to get changed). If anyone needs an extra seat on the coach, please can they contact Rob Searle or myself, and we will confirm if there are any spare places on the coach the day before the tournament.

Pat and Josh will be doing midweek training sessions at Bromley Green for any players that are interested in coming along. These will be on Wednesdays from 5pm to 6pm, starting on Wednesday 11 September.

From David Ramzan re training

Bromley Green Valiants Sunday training at Bromley Green FC’s ground from 9.30 – 10.30am Sun, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th Sept (unless tournaments are on, check fixtures for age groups).

Then at Pitchside, Stanhope Road from 6th Oct onwards, for winter training on artificial pitch.

Coaches meeting: Wednesday 28 August 2013 at 7pm in the clubhouse

Well done Kaiden!

21.8.2013 Kaiden receives his sponsored penalty award from Pat
21.8.2013 Kaiden receives his sponsored penalty award from Pat

An informal coaching session on Wednesday 21 August proved a great hit with the players that were able to attend … and thanks go to Pat, Debby and the parents for making it an enjoyable evening. Kaiden was rewarded for his sponsored penalty achievements and was presented with his trophy by Pat.

The BG Valiants and BG Girls were both featured in the souvenir programme issued for the Bromley Green v Herne Bay match at Homelands on 27 July 2013. There are just a few remaining if anyone wants to buy one (£1) as a keepsake. Please see Dave Homewood.

The double page spread with the BG Girls and BG Valiants in the souvenir programme
The double page spread with the BG Girls and BG Valiants in the souvenir programme

Fixture dates for 2013-2014
At Play Football, Rainham [Junior teams]
29th September, 27th October, 24th November, 23rd February, 23rd March, 27th April, 18th May (World Cup event, teams to adopt countries etc etc…)

At Gallagher Stadium, Maidstone [Adults]
15th September, 13th October, 17th November, 9th February, 9th March, 13th April

All Sundays: register at 9.30am, KO at 10am

Valiants Open Day Flyer lr

14 July 2013 These kits are a bit big!
14 July 2013 These kits are a bit big for the U11s!

BROMLEY GREEN VALIANTS (formerly Invicta Valiants)


INVICTA VALIANTS FC was formed by a parent of a boy who was visually impaired, loved football and desperately wanted to join a football club like the rest of his school friends. No other junior clubs in the area at that time were running junior special needs teams, so after taking a series of coaching courses run by the Football Association Invicta Valiants football club was formed.

The first fun football session took place on 5th September 2004, which was attended by just six players, ten years on and there are now over 40 players with special needs and disabilities registered with the club.

The club took part in many and varied football initiatives, running football projects with ‘Kick it Out’, ‘Give Us Back Our Game’, The Children’s Football Alliance’ and the ‘Olympics-Paralympics’, receiving many awards for their work in the community. Invicta Valiants were the first junior disability football club to tour Europe, playing in Spain, then later in France, and then organised a successful sports and football project at the Donata Disability School in Zambia.

In 2013 the opportunity came along to join with Bromley Green Football Club, to become the successful Ashford-based football club’s disability division, changing the club name to Bromley Green Valiants.

Bromley Green Valiants encourage participation by all pan disability/special needs children and young adults, boys and girls, to join in and play fun and competitive football, whatever their ability.

Coaching Sessions
Bromley Green Valiants hold fun football coaching once a week during the football season on Sunday mornings; date, time and venues will be published on

Sessions are one hour long and involve football skills based on FA coaching practices, fun football exercises and small-sided mini games. The emphasis is on players having fun and enjoying themselves.

Matches and Tournaments
Bromley Green Valiants play in the Kent County FA pan disability league and at tournaments and matches played at various venues in London and the southeast area. Bromley Green Valiants give players the opportunity to be part of a team and compete against other teams of equal ability.

The FA and Special Olympics disability player pathway gives all Bromley Green Valiants players the opportunity to play county and international football from grass roots to national disability squads.

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Some photos from the awards day [14 July 2013]

14 July 2013 Valiants awards day U13s[26]

14 July 2013 Valiants awards day U16s[27]

14 July 2013 Valiants awards day U16s[28]

14 July 2013 Valiants awards day[20]

14 July 2013 Valiants awards day[19]

14 July 2013 Valiants awards day[18]

14 July 2013 Valiants awards day[17]