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This page is going to be used to update all coaches and playing members activities that are ongoing with the FA


“The Importance of a Diverse coaching Workforce to Understand, Coach and Manage Individuals”

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Message form the Kent FA

Your June update for Bromley Green is landing with you a little sooner than normal as I am on annual leave next week (come on sunshine!)

As we wrap up one of the longest and most difficult seasons in living memory, it’s important to reflect on the tireless and passionate work that each and every one of you have committed through the infamous 2020/21 season. We often say we are grateful for your support, but this year we mean it more than ever.

It is also a time of opportunity at Kent FA and in the wider football world as we look forward to the Kent FA strategy being launched, as well as the long await UEFA EURO 2020 competition kicking off in just a few days’ time.

There are many important updates below, so please do take the time to share these across Bromley Green.

  • New Safeguarding, Emergency Aid and Coaching Courses – Important, please share
  • FA Charter Standard to England Football transition – For Information
  • Kent FA Affiliation Opening Date – For Information
  • Mental Health Youth Ambassador Applications OPEN – Please share with 16 to 24 year olds
  • UEFA EURO 2020 x Kent FA –  Please share with club members
  • Find Football on England Football – Please Action
  • England Talent Day – Please share with those who have cerebral palsy, hearing impairment or a visual impairment
  • FA CPD-Accredited Webinars Coming Up! – Please share with coaches

New Safeguarding, Emergency Aid and Coaching Courses – Important, please share

The FA have now completed the transition of the FA Safeguarding Children Workshop, FA Introduction to First Aid and FA Level 1 in Coaching Football away from county FA’s and into The FA centrally. There are some significant changes to the structure of Coach Education so please see the below table which summarises the new courses and take the time to ensure your club committee are aware of this.

FA Safeguarding ChildrenIndividuals that need the FA Safeguarding Children qualification for the first time£30Online Onlyhttps://thebootroom.thefa.com/learning/qualifications/fa-safeguarding-children-workshop
FA Safeguarding Children RecertificationIndividuals that need to renew their FA Safeguarding Children qualificationFreeOnline Onlyhttps://thebootroom.thefa.com/learning/qualifications/online-safeguarding-children-re-certification
Introduction To First Aid In FootballIndividuals that need to complete Emergency Aid training£30Online Onlyhttps://thebootroom.thefa.com/learning/qualifications/the-fa-level-1-introduction-to-first-aid-in-football
BT Playmaker By England FootballFirst step to becoming a qualified coach. Prerequisite for Introduction To Coaching FootballFreeOnline Onlyhttps://thebootroom.thefa.com/learning/qualifications/the-fa-playmaker
Introduction To Coaching Football (Launching 14th June)REPLACING the FA Level 1 in Coaching Football.£160Online Onlyhttps://thebootroom.thefa.com/learning/qualifications/fa-level-1-in-coaching-football

We appreciate that these are significant changes and that you will undoubtedly have questions. As these courses are no longer administered, delivered or managed by Kent FA, please visit https://help.thefa.com/support/home to see if your question can be answered there. Failing that, please contact education@thefa.com.

FA Charter Standard to England Football transition – For Information

Along with significant changes to FA Education, there have been equally major changes in the field of accreditation.

FA Charter Standard is in the process of being phased out and replaced by England Football Accreditation.

If you’re on social media, it is likely that you have seen something of the new brand launched by The FA earlier this month. Personally, I think this is a really positive step and brings The FA closer to the players on the grass than they have ever been before.

As part of the England Football launch, all clubs will be transitioned into being England Football Accredited clubs, rather than FA Charter Standard. However, this transition will happen slowly and over a long period of time, starting in June and lasting 12-18 months. There is nothing that you need to do right now, other than keep an eye out for any communication from ourselves or The FA as we start to map each club onto the new accredited pathway. I can assure you that we will be in contact with plenty of information when you need it, as well as holding events for you to better understand the new accreditation.

For now, I’d encourage you to take to the time to visit https://www.englandfootball.com/ and share it across your club.

You can also visit The FA In The Box YouTube Channel here which has lots of great content on: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCU5fNYzVSSBzzPS_flutLdQ or listen to the same The FA In The Box content on a podcast here: https://anchor.fm/grassroots-football

Kent FA Affiliation Opening – For Information

Due to the extraordinary season we’re finishing up which includes an extension to 30th June, the opening of the affiliation window has been pushed back.

Normally opening towards the end of May, affiliation will now open on Thursday 1st July 2021.

In the meantime, we suggest you focus on these three areas to ensure your affiliation is as seamless as possible:

  • Safeguarding requirements – checking & updating DBS’s across your club
  • Data cleansing – detaching players who have left etc
  • Player registration – ensuring all players have an email address attached to their record

This webpage has plenty of information to support you with these task: https://grassrootstechnology.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/48000452016

We will, as always, be in touch with plenty more information closer to the time, but for now, any initial queries should be directed to info@kentfa.com.

Mental Health Youth Ambassador Applications OPEN – Please share with 16 to 24 year olds

Our 16-24 programme is NOW LIVE! We are accepting applications from individuals who are aged 16-24 to join our brand new Mental Health Youth Ambassador programme. Applications close at 9am on Monday 7th June.

Please can you promote this opportunity within your clubs and encourage young people to apply. You can find out more here: https://www.kentfa.com/news/2021/may/12/kent-fa-launches-new-mental-health-youth-ambassador-programme

If you have any questions then please contact Toby.Elgar@KentFA.com.

UEFA EURO 2020 x Kent FA –  Please share with club members

With the long awaited UEFA EURO 2020 just around the corner, Kent FA will be running a series of events and competitions. We welcome engagement across these campaigns from your club. We will also have some graphics available for you to use encouraging those that have been inspired by the EUROs to get in touch with your club. (Please see the important item below to maximise impact of this).

Below are the campaigns and competitions that we will be running:

Find Football on England Football – Please Action

EnglandFootball.com has a brand new ‘Find Football’ function which has been incredibly popular. However, unfortunately, only 9% of clubs in Kent have published their details on the system. With the UEFA EUROs approaching, we expect more people than ever to be looking for football near them.

It takes just seconds to publish your details. Just visit www.clubs.thefa.com, sign in and tick the box in your club details.

Please do take the time to do this so future Kent players have an opportunity to get in touch with you.

Further information on how to do this can be found here: https://grassrootstechnology.thefa.com/support/solutions/articles/48001181883-club-officials-introduction-to-the-new-my-club-tab-on-the-club-portal

England Talent Day – Please share with those who have cerebral palsy, hearing impairment or a visual impairment

Kent FA are hosting an England Talent Day for players aged 7-16 with cerebral palsy, hearing impairments and visual impairments, on Friday 4 June 2021 at K Sports Cobdown, Station Rd, Ditton, Aylesford ME20 6AU from 11am to 2pm. We have had some great interest so far but there is still plenty of time for players to sign up, so please do not forget to share this within your clubs and teams with those players eligible!

This opportunity is not just for players who play within disability specific teams, its open to those who meet the eligibility criteria who play in the mainstream game too! How good would it be to have a player within your club who is also part of the England Para Football set-up who could one day go on to represent an England team?

Full details on the day including eligibility criteria can be found here: https://www.kentfa.com/news/2021/may/10/kent-fa-to-host-england-talent-day.

A direct link for players to sign up can be accessed here: https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=kCXJRcbM-UaA_5_I2e3eOZ-CFFDt00lEizBCCNNU5cBUM0VCWEY2OVpaTUNMSFJQS0FSVEk3N080Sy4u

FA CPD-Accredited Webinars Coming Up! – Please share with coaches

There are two upcoming webinars for your coaches. Both are FREE and are FA accredited hours.

  • Thursday 3rd June, 7pm: The benefits of small-sided games – Speakers: Ian Parkes & Rebecca Garlick
  • Wednesday 9th June, 7pm: Creating a positive matchday environment – Speakers: Vinny Halsall & Danny Fenner

Coaches can register for free here: https://www.coachesvoice.com/englandfootballlearning