2010 Awards night pics

Scroll down for new additions. The 80th anniversary presentation dinner was held at the Ashford International Hotel on Friday 25 June 2010, attended by 140 people. Paul E Carter and others have provided many photos, many of which are included in the Front Page lead articles. Here are some extras, randomly chosen.



Chris Dorsett presents Dave Smith with the Nicola Kingham Memorial award


Daddy leads the celebrations!
Helen is charmed by 'The Singer'!
Steve Wilson presents Craig Smith with his Sunday First Managers Player of the Season trophy
Kenny Hallett receives the Saturday Reserves Player of the Season award from Alan Webster
Time to relax
Ryan Holloway who is hoping for a season free from the injuries that have plagued him in recent years

Jacqui and Trent



Approval from Jacqui, Ian and Trent
Having a great time


Smiling faces


Spud and Skip

Patron and Chairman

Presentations to the Saturday First management team

Sunday Reserves enjoy the moment

Ian Mace presents Karen Greenfield with the Ernie Wedge Memorial Cup

Nicola and Sandra: part of the big 'Green Family'

Julie and newly-elected Vice President Steve
Vicky and Daryll Lindridge are always welcome at the Green
Alvin has his own way of thanking Jack Stafford for his Lifetime Service Award!
The party's over
Lauren is overwhelmed with her raffle prize!
Maxine takes the mike
Paul Allan and Katie Lee
Kirstie and Glenn
A wave from Merce
Maxine and Pat Law
Maxine and Ryan Norman
James Barham and Louise
Vanessa and Ivor
Lloyd B

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