Where are they now?

Former Green players, officials and supporters are literally sprinkled across all parts of the globe. Many keep in touch, many have just retired locally, some have fascinating stories to tell. This section is being created and will grow as the information arrives. Do let us know where you are and what you are up to. This is also a page for all football lovers generally with connections in Kent. 

Ashford South Secondary School U13 team 1963-64

Mr J O'Callaghan, J Millen, B Couchman, J Cunningham, G Swinard, J Britton, S Hughes, A Pardoe; front J Hutton, M Rolfe, B Beaney, C Steele, D Homewood, J Watson

Photos from Tony Green of former Frogs Island teams

Impressive Bromley Green youngster Peter Missing is currently learning the ropes with the Saturday Thirds but he has a long way to go to match his grandfather! Tony Green has supplied these two photos, the bottom one being the Ashford & District Saturday League champions of 1970-71.

Thanks to Dee and Malcolm Collins with help from Paul and Laurie Prior in identifying these past legends from the Island. Back row: Charlie Alford, Peter Brundell, Colin Wallace, Ronnie Owen, Colin ‘Nobby’ Hopkins, Alan Humphries, Frankie Burns, Charlie Keats (in his regalia). Front row: Mick ‘Potter’ Hills, Tony Green, Jimmy Mayhew, Peter ‘Sid’ Godden, Paul Prior, Paddy Lyons.

Back row: John Mitchell, Alan Ades, Charlie Alford, Nobby Hopkins, Bobby White, Barry Sheather, Terry Knight, Tony Green, Squat Crouch; while in front Sid again, Keith Thomas, Johnny Milton, Lou Stone, and far right Billy Charlton. 

Tommy Stafford, Reg Underdown, Jack Stafford

A picture from c1948. The late but never forgotten Tommy Stafford with Reg Underdown and Jack Stafford. Tom and Reg were 12 years old at the time and Jack 14 years old. Reg and Jack returned to their roots after over half a century to share in the club’s 80th anniversary celebrations. Reg said “I have so many memories of Bromley Green FC. I still miss Tom now, I can’t believe he’s gone.”

Editor’s note: sadly Reg passed away in October 2011 just a week after visiting the ground to watch a match and have a beer. Reg was buried wearing his Bromley Green club tie at Great Chart with the funeral attended by Jack Stafford, Bob Mummery, John Kelly, Dave Homewood, Chris Dorsett, Stan Donald and Terry Perk.

Steve Johnsen, former Green goalscorer supreme, now living in Walton. The following is taken from his 35 birthday greeting on this website in October 2010. 

Johnsen: “The most natural finisher to wear a Green shirt”

“He had the ability to turn on a sixpence and tuck the ball home”

Johnsen in his U12 days: second from left, back row

The club sends birthday wishes to former striker Steve Johnsen who is 35 today. Johnsen came through the youth ranks, joining the Green pre-teen. Despite a series of injuries he racked up an incredible 81 goals from 137 senior   appearances when he progressed into the senior set-up before leaving the area. He remains in many people’s eyes the most natural finisher to wear a Green shirt, with the ability to turn on a sixpence and tuck the ball home. Dave Homewood recalls: “I first watched Steve at the age of 10 and he clearly possessed that little extra in and around the box. As he grew up, he suffered from knee and shin splint problems but was always able to rise to the big occasion. I recall starting him as a kid in a major cup final, everyone thought I was mad [well, nothing changes there] and Jonno was sensational, scoring twice and getting the man of the match accolade. We have had some top quality marksmen over the years including Marcus, Ruddy and Eddie but Steve was so gifted that, had he played past a young age, he would have topped all their feats. Right, that’s another pint you owe me Jonno…happy birthday!”


For many years Brian was the Sports Editor of the Kentish Express, following Ashford Town around and reporting on local sport generally. He was a regular visitor to Bromley Green awards nights and covered the local cup finals. He now does a great deal of work for charities such as taking coaching at the Rare Breeds Centre and running with his wife Daisy the Invicta Valiants Football Club (which plays in a league for those with special needs and disabilities). As I write, Brian is in the throes of setting up a monthly online Under 18 football magazine entitled Football Junior which has two publications, one in Kent and the other in Sussex. We wish Brian’s ventures well in his semi-retirement.  

14 thoughts on “Where are they now?

  1. well what can i say i have so memories of bromley green f/c and look forward to the presentation in june. how many teams did they have on the go .i was amazed when (late) tommy Stafford told me. i miss Tom still cant really believe it. i remember plying C/forward at ruckinge and got stuck in t5he mud (really) ah well cant wait to chin wag . t t f n


    1. We look forward to hearing some of your tales of the ‘good old days’ Reg. At one stage we had 10 teams but that included 5 youth sides which sadly we don’t have at the moment…but this could alter. The main thing is we have survived when many clubs have gone under. Tommy – a special person that we will never forget. The Ruckinge pitch has not improved Reg! Do email me any tales/stories and I will put them on ‘The Green Story so Far’ section. Regards


  2. Hi dave sorry late in replying but must say i really enjoyed my evening with the bromley green f/c i will keep in touch and will sort out more photos, i have just moved house and a bit chaotic at moment. i would like a club tie and info about matches etc let me know price etc please. i cant express my sadness about TOMMY we shared so much of our lives together. he will always be in my thoughts, please express my regards to all the plyers and officials and be sure i will be at a few matches (wearing my tie proudly ) best wishes for the coming season Reg Underdown


    1. Good to hear from you Reg … hope you are keeping well and we see you soon … will have a tie waiting for you! Do keep in touch. Dave


  3. Photo no 2
    champions prem div
    back row next toTony Green, may be Squat Crouch.
    Front row next to Billy Charlton is Lou Stone.
    Great photos, names supplied by St Simons and Juventus old boys


  4. Champions Prem Div. pic End of back row next to Alan Ades – John Mitchell.
    Holding the cup – looks like Johnny Milton.

    Will check the other pic details with Malcolm and get back to you.


      1. Hi – Names for both pictures – info from Malcolm, Paul and Laurie Prior (team effort!)
        First picture – Back Row – Charlie Alford, Peter Brundell,Colin Wallace,Ronnie Owen, Nobby Hopkins, Alan Humphries, FrankieBurns, Charlie Keats (In his regalia).
        Front row – Mick ‘Potter’ Hills Tony Green, Jimmy Mayhew, Sid Godden, Paul Prior, Paddy Lyons.
        Second Picture -Back Row – John Mitchell, Alan Ades, Charlie Alford, Nobby Hopkins, Bobby White, Barry Sheather, Terry Knight, Tony Green, Squat Crouch.
        Front row – Sid Godden, Keith Thomas, Johnny Milton, Lou Stone, Billy Charlton. Hope this helps – Dee Collins


  5. hi dave where did you find the school photo of us in the u13 team in 1963
    that was a brilliant side will have to show ciran&dylan thanks for the memories jimmy cunningham..


    1. In my own album Jim … not a bad line-up is it!? Now get back to training for the Vets Classic next month!


  6. Hi Dave Homewood and all you other 1963-4 South Secondary School soccer players,
    Barry Couchman here!
    How great is that, to see that picture!
    What great memories came flooding back when I saw our team on the internet while searching names I new.
    Live in Washington DC, USA since 1975 and have thought of you all on many occasions.
    Great job Dave on keeping this Bromley Green site running.
    I will diffinately continue to veiw this page in the future.
    Outside of Pardoe’s Knee that kept popping and O’Callaghan slipper, nothing but fond memories.
    HTTR (RGIII) Barry Couchman


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